ok today i slept for sure so heres the feed

Yesterday I went fishing in this topic(I forgot the name but who cares)so in side was a group of people that were playing war while fishing after that they just took peace and alot left after that soon it was only Brabbit159,midnightfairy26 and I we were still fish and played in peace until this retard came in(i forgot his name but it was a man). I remember some of his quotes

"Santa Claus is a hunk,""A hunk of s**t"-the retard that ruinnd the moment

Yeah that fag said that. so any ways after that Brabbit159,midnightfairy26 and I went to play rally it was fun real fun until it got boring when people started to leave so we fished again. after a few catches I fell asleep and I had to say goodbye to them.
I had awoken the next few hours and went to fish again this time i met lovely_kity and her sister. We went fishing and I made freinds with them. She gave me a welcome to gaia gift the gift was one of the thing on my wish list yay *happy dance*. After that I hanged out with my freind cluleslesxpcd94. We went fishing and played rally but we didnt get to much friendship after that because during fishingi was watching Ah megami-sama or ah my godess and when we went to play rally my Mom and Dad told me that I had to eat dinner. So after i ate i sent a pm to clueles that i would see her today and after that i played rally to my selfand met this guy named Necrolyite i had this sence that he was flirting with me. he was asking questions that i felt uncomfortable answering so i left and fell a sleep.