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Just a little story
This is just a little story i started on for fun. tell me if you likey.

"Humiliation, Humiliation, Humiliation." I quietly muttered under my breath. I can't believe that jerk would do such a cruel thing.

"You know it's weird to talk to yourself." Jake said. A.k.a the cruel jerk.

"Well, I think this is an exception." I muttered through my clenched teeth. He laughed and hopped down from his perch on the counter. He was like a Eagle, and I was the prey. Why don't I fight back you ask? Because, to put it simply...he's my boss.

I can't risk getting fired. I need to save up for my car. I'm only 15...but still. The sooner I can drive, the sooner I can leave this forsaken town. And get away from Jake. Icky, it's even hard to say his name. Let alone work for him.

"If you keep zoning out like that, I'm gonna have to fire you." Jake chuckled. His voice made me jump slightly, causing him to laugh even harder.

"It's not like there's even anyone to entertain." I spat. He was already humiliating me, so why did he have to make me angry too?

How was he humiliating me you ask? I am currently wearing a joker hat, caring a lame joker "wand", and had a heart painted on my face. I was supposed to be the one who greeted people as they entered the casino. Who the heck needs to be greeted as they enter a casino?!? Earlier, when I "politely" mouthed this to Jake Jerk. He simply said, 'It'll make them feel more at home.' HA! Who has an angry teenager greet them when they get home?!? And besides the fact that I look like my closet exploded. I was wearing a tie...with a red heart on it. A FRICKEN RED HEART!! Now, normally I GUESS this wouldn't be such a bad thing. But, Jake gave it to me and said. 'You get the red heart tie, because you make my heart feel full of joy whenever I see you,' then he laughed. I gagged.

"You're zoning out again Sarah..." He said in a singsong voice. I glared at him, holding back my tongue and the words I wanted to say. Now normally I would have thought that Jake was hott. His ice-blue eyes were clearly visible even though his hair hung in his face. Jakes hair was always messy, but in a cute way. AND he was in shape, but not in a disgusting "Oh look at my guns" kind of way. Now how did I know THAT?! Well I found out at the company pool party. He has a six-pack that would make any girl smile.

Finally, I was done with work for the day. I could finally go home and relax. Today, suprisingly wasn't as bad as most. I mean, I did have to wear that humiliating costume...but... Jake was actually kinda nice-ish. I thinks he's going soft. Haha. I wish.


"I hate him, I hate him, I hate him!" What kind of brother forgets to pick up their little sister from work?!? Never mind, today is definately as bad as all the others. I have to walk home. Three miles. In the rain. I am gonna get that freak back. I'm not quite sure how. But he's going down!

I was already a mile from the casino. Soaking wet, cold, and totally pissed. But then, I heard a small honk from behind me. I turned quickly. It was already dark outside, and I really didn't like the looks of the car behind me. The car was rusting, and it had paint flaking off. And a young man's head was sticking out the window. Great, I sooo do not want to be raped...

"Sarah?" The young man asked. I was suprised that they knew my name.... Wait, SHAWN? I stepped towards the car and took a good look at the driver. "Want a ride?" He asked smiling. Grinning I ran around to the other side of the car and hopped in.
"Sarah," Shawn said.
"You're getting my car wet..." I laughed and looked away...
"Thanks, Shawn." I said quietly.

Now, this boy was cute! He worked at the casino too. I do believe that he works at the cash register.... Shawn looked at me and smiled. "No problem.."
Some people may think it's weird. A bunch of highschool kids working at a casino. Yeah, I guess it would normally be. But this casino was paid for by Mr. Gregory, Jake's snobby step-dad. It was supposed to be for "kids".

What kind of loser makes a casino for kids?!? I guess, it's "okay" since we don't bet real money. It's kinda just for fun. How lame is that? Most people don't even play the games. Just hang out and get a pop or somthing.

You ever get that feeling, that someones staring at you? It always makes you nervous, because you can feel their eyes burning a hole in your head. Well, that feeling is twice as bad when you're sleeping. It's as if their stare burns through your sub-conscience thoughts and wakes you up. That, or you can hear them breathing really loud in your ear. Who knows? "I can't sleep when someones staring at me! Now go away!" I moaned. "Hmm, let me 'ink bout 'is fer a shec." Mr. Iliketoannoymysisterwithchunksofpancakesinmymouth said. " Neeope!" He yelled.
"I hate you! You're so immature!"
"Wok op!"
"It's the weekend go away!"
"I made 'ancaks!"
"Yes, i can hear, and smell that. Go to work or something!"
"I 'ot fir'd," he said, and finally swallowed his mouth full of food.
"ugh, fine i'll be down stairs in a sec"
"Um, how do I know you just won't go back to sleep."
"Leave. Or. DIE!"
My brother quickly got off my bed and retreated downstairs, before i could throw my pillows at him. I hate older siblings, especially when they are as immature as David.

Finally I hoisted myself out of my cushiony castle and walked downstairs. I didn't even bother putting real clothes on. It's my house after all, I SHOULD be able to walk around wearing only a big t-shirt. David will just have to deal with it. Besides my dad was at work so he couldn't tell me to put pants on.

I walked into the kitchen rubbing my eyes, so I couldn't tell who was snickering at me at first. Since when did my brothers voice sound like THAT!?

"Ah!" I quickly shuffled behind the counter, and folded my arms across my chest. Now the intruder couldn't see my exposed legs or anything else! "Wh-Why're you in MY house?!"

The intruder simply smirked, took a bite of MY breakfast and said, "Your brother let me in." David. Is. So. Dead!

"Yes, I noticed that. But WHY are you here!?" I asked, annoyed now. He looked at me quickly and smiled. "These are good pancakes, who made them?"

Hm... noticed how Jerky Jake avoided the question? What a loser. He does have a cute smile though. Wait?! I didn't just think that!
Yes you did.
No, I didn't.
You think he's cute...
He's a JERK!
Just because he's a jerk, doesn't mean he can't be cute...

"Eh Hem" Jake coughed.
"What?!" I snapped at him.
"Well, I don't know. You kinda just zoned out AGAIN....are you on drugs?" He smirked at me, like the little cutey turd that he is. I scoffed at him and grabbed for MY breakfast.

One problem, Jake's faster than me. Well, at least when it's 9:00 a.m. in the morning. So, because he is currently faster than me....he was able to pull away the plate quicker than I could grab it. Now, if someone pulls away something that you literally practically dive for...it's rather hard to keep your balance.

I LOVE Transformers. I used to watch the t.v. show with David all the time. When the movie came out I was totally freakin out. It was just an added bonus that one of the main characters was semi-cute. 'Why does this have to do with anything?' You ask. Well... you'll soon find out.

I blushed beat red and looked up at Jake. I was currently sprawled across the counter top, with my butt in the air. At first, he just looked kinda shocked. But then that smirk that I am so accustomed to came. I pulled myself off the counter and sprinted towards the stairs. "Wha...?" David asked when I pushed him out of the way. I ignored him, he was to be dealt with later.

Hmm, three top ways to kill David. One, make him swallow a bee. He's allergic to bees. Two, lock him in a room full of bees. Three, fill his shampoo bottles with honey. Yes I know, rather "uncreative" but....I'm not really in the mood for creative. I'm in the mood for pants. I shall never EVER go downstairs without pants again.

Hmm, maybe Jake was gone by now. It has been 20 minutes... I guess there's really no other way to tell. Okay, okay. There are plenty of other ways to tell. But seeing as SOMEONE ate my pancakes, I'm rather hungry.

Now that I was fully clothed I could safely go downstairs. I couldn't hear any voices in the kitchen. So, I peeked my head around the door to the Living Room. And there Jake stood, back up against the wall on the other side of the room. I quickly jerked my head away. I hope he didn't see me, cause I'm sure that I blushed again.

"Sarah, you can't hide." He laughed. "I totally saw you." Ugh, this boy must have Superpowers... Hmm, maybe he could help me kill David. "Sarah," Jake said again. He sounded really close. I peeked back around the door and gasped. Jakes lips were about two centimeters from mine. Hm, he smells nice. Kinda like cake. Speaking of cake... I'm still hungry.

"Sarah," Jake laughed. He was now a fairly "okay" distance from my face. Man, I really need to stop zoning out like that. "I came to your-"
"Why are you in my house?" I asked oblivious to the fact that he was speaking.
He gently smacked my forehead. "As I was saying..." He began again. Ignoring the fact that I was calling him rather strange names. "I came to your house to give you this." He pulled a wrinkly envelope from his back pocket.
"What is it, Left Buttcheak?"
"Left Buttcheak?" He asked, rather confused.
"Yes, Left Buttcheak. Didn't you hear any of my other insults?"
"Uh, not really"
Sighing I listed them off on my fingers. "Well, Left Buttcheak, Turd Face, Gas Bucket, Butt Nugget, JaketheRake-"
"JaketheRake?" He chuckled, interupting me.
"Yes, you rake all the fun out of EVERYTHING!"
"Don't you mean TAKE"
"No, that doesn't make ANY sense, DUH!"
"You're immature!"
"Yes, well you're a jerk!"

And so the insulting began. It must have lasted a few minutes. Because we were running out of things to call each other. Well, at least he was. I kept them coming. No matter how dumb they were. "You smell like CAKE!!" ...That was the last one I said. I should've stopped at Guggaroo, I mean even THAT makes more sense.

Jake recoiled quickly. "Wait, What?!" He smirked, "Did you say that I smelled like cake?"
"No!" Wait, did I?
"Yes, yes you did."
"No, I didn't" Oh. My. Golly. Gosh. I did!!
Jake smiled and leaned forward. "It's vanilla, but any idiot could get those mixed up." Ugh, Jerk! But, now that I think about it... It does smell like vanilla, isn't vanilla a kinda girly scent? He began to set the forgotten envelope on the coffee table. But then he stopped, and leaned towards my ear. "By the way. Cute undies. Optimus Prime, right?" He set the envelope down, and left.

Oh my gosh. He saw my underwear!
Well, at least he said they were cute.
He was JOKING!
Now, theres no way to be sure about that.

I quickly glanced at the envelope and ran upstairs. I'd rather not know what's in that... I'll just read it before work tomorrow. The moment I walked into my bedroom door I slid to the floor. You know the feeling when you just want to die? Well, I know at least three people who do....

David's Reason: Well, it would explain why he let Jake in...
My Reason: A cute boy saw my undies...
Jake's Reason: Well, he's probably just gonna die of laughter...

Speaking of David, has anyone seen any bee's flying around? Hmm, maybe I will use that list I created earlier... I quickly hopped up and grabbed the new and improved list off of my desk. "I'll put it some where that I KNOW David will find it...."


The rest of the day I just sat upstairs. I was currently trying to find ways that I could get expelled from school. Jake would tell EVERYONE about my Transformers underwear. I didn't want to be stuck in a school where everyone made fun of me...
Amir, and Hanni would understand my absence.


"Sarah, did you tape this note to the front of the television?" David asked waving a piece of paper in front of my face. I lifted my head from my rather stale cereal and grunted some inaudible words. "What? I didn't catch that" David said, with a smile tugging at the ends of his lips.

"I said, NO!" I grunted, chugging down the rest of my milk.
."You did too, pig!" He laughed.
"If you knew that I was the culprit then why did you ask?!"
"Oh, I just love to torment you."
"1. Force feed him bees
2. Lock him in a room full of bees
3. Fill his shampoo bottles with honey
4..now this one really confuses me..."
"4. Have Jake kill him with his super-powers," David cocked an eyebrow and made a funny face. "I don't even want to know..."

Uh! David just ruined my bed-time snack. And yes, I do indeed still call it that. I even currently have my baby blanket wrapped around my hips. My mommy made it for me. Well, before she died. I tossed my bowl into the sink and slumped upstairs.

"Honey, what's wrong?" I looked up to see the slightly red face of my father. He must've went to the gym after work... "David's an idiot!" I muttered before pushing past him.

"DAVID! STOP BEING SUCH AN IDIOT!" My father yelled. Man, do I want to hug that man right now. Hmm, I think I shall. I dived down the stairs and tackled my father. "Uh, you are very welcome?" He chuckled.

"I wuv you!" I laughed and skipped back up the stairs

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U KNOW ITS PRETTY SWEET! and hey...u changed ur sig. *points*

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heart tab [thanks a bunch] and yes. i did change my sig. like a month ago..lol

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