I'm still abit grumpy I went to alot of job interviews and got alot of job rejections HURRAY! :/ anyway Yeah boyfriend found a nice effeminate androgynous guy to go away and be bi-sexual sex with. Didn't take him long Infact he was so fast, I would say he were cheating if I had any kind of proof I would be pissed.

I'm still struggling to get over him. My recovery is stunted somewhat by him monopolizing all my relationships exterior to him I'm just left on my own for weeks on end. "Oh we would have invited you but he would have been there." Wonderful They all show sympathy but only to the extent required not to be a b*tch by law.

Bah sod it... Sympathy is irrelevant in all practical affairs it doesn't help me resolve this sh*t any faster. Just a token prize lusted by the green eyed monster that I'm turning into.

Anyway it stopped raining and we had 3 days of sunshine and 20'C temps. (68'F) So I went and exploring alone with my mum's digi-cam that I borrowed while she was out at work. I investigated a disused farm and took photos.

there were 3 buildings and an irrigation dock.
Building 1: Largest building Eviscerated by fire northside
Building 2: Smallest Single compartment has an external annex of corrugated iron
Building 3: Southside 2 Compartments contains Freezer moderate/heavy decay

So here is the photos.
of site;
Manual plough
Building 3
Wooden Wreckage
Building 1 Ruined
Watercress Irrigation Field

Ruins of building 1
Water tank
Cement Mixer
I think the fire started here

Building 2 interior.
A Diesel Powered Plough This instrested me
Dead body in wheelbarrow... No not really
Unused boots
I empathize with this wall Oozing foul things
Stack of Vynal

Note: The Vynal Read (We sold our soul for Rock and Roll ~ black sabbath) (Michael Jackson ~ Thriller) (The best hits of *Illegible*)

Full length mirror with writing in dust (was written before I came)
External Annex Build2

Building 3 This was the most interesting building I thought.
Newspaper from buildings last occupant
Silent hill Esq
Trapdoor leading into house foundations
Compartment 1
Freezer Temperature Gauge
Freezer operation station
I like the rotten appearance of this
ivy tree has crushed the Ceiling of compartment 2 and replaced it
Freezer interior

Other than that the only things to note about the trip are... I was chased out of building 2 by bats after my flash went off and I do have a picture of Building 3's foundation but it was awkward and my arm caught the flash and (As my skin is ghost white) reflected it with brilliant hallotation and stuffed up the shot.

Oh yeah and some Con artists tried there luck on me... I was moping in town sitting on a bench along looking as morbid as a dead elephant after getting another rejection from an employer, And they asked "Hey do you want to be in big brother?" It made me laugh... and I walked off chuckling at them.

Was it the fact that I was alone and had clearly been so for some time I was withdrawn and the way I sit on benches with my legs crossed or just my whole aura of unapproachability that made them think I was the perfect contestant for big brother... And ya know thats sounds like a thing that would appeal to ME of all people.