Our family's cat Max passed away last night. Tejin, myself our mother and step father burried him this morning. Max has been with us a long time, since he was a kitten born to a feral cat colony that lived around our old home and we took in his litter. We gave away all his siblings to friends and relatives, Max was the only one we kept, although his sister Chloe was returned to us some years ago and still lives with us.

Max's origional name was Curious, because he was the most active and inquisitive of his litter, and got into all sorts of trouble. When we gave away his siblings, they were re-named by their new families, so we decided to re-name Curious, give him a more respectable name. I sat him on my lap and started saying names, and each time I said one he would shake his head slightly until I came to Max, at which point he nodded slightly. I still wonder if he really did understand us and pick that name.

Max was always a very large and athletic cat. He was bigger than his siblings, and caught many birds, and many other prey, including a snake and a rodent of some sort. He often behaved more like a dog, begging for attention and even once caught one of those small party frisbees that I had thrown after chasing it before it hit the ground in his mouth, very peculiar behavior and skill for a cat.

Max was primarily white toned, with patterns of grey and brown tints in tiger stripe formations. While short furred, he had more fur than any other cat I've ever seen. You could brush him for hours and fill up five paper shopping bags stuffed full of his fur as tight as you could pack them without something to weigh the fur down, and he'd still have as much fur comming off with each stroke as in the beggining, and he shed everywhere year round leaving bits of white fur everywhere in our home.

Tejin probably said it best in recognition of Max, despite being a neutered cat, 'He had the most sex.' Max was often seen humping a feral female cat we got spayed that we call Brownie who lives in the forests behind our home.

Max was always a very smart cat. His meows often sounded like words indicating what he wanted, such as 'out' when he wanted to be let out to pee or poop, or 'eat' when he wanted fresh cat food or water, or 'me' when he wanted to get pet, a trick he learned from the also deceased a while ago cat Spagetti, who was about as old as Tejin. He was very good at showing off to guests in order to get petting and attention, and getting into interesting places without getting stuck so that he couldn't get out himself. He could even perform tricks on command like some dogs, including sit and stand, although never stay. He was one of our few cats who liked some of the cat treats we occasionally got. Max could even open the door to my old room, now Tejin's room as I've moved out (I'm only home for a couple weeks of summer), which for the longest time due to being slightly stuck and needing a special wiggle of the knob, only I could open, not even mom or our step father could open it on their first try, yet Max could by reaching up with his paws and gripping it with both and wiggling it back and forth just the right way while walking backwards on his hind legs, so that he could get into my room and sleep at the foot of my bed or on top of my heating vent, or up on my pillow behind my head.

Max even got along well with our dog Sarah, who most of our other cats hate or are afraid of.

We will miss you Max. Rest in peace.