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Some really old stuff
These are just old snip-its of stuff. Enjoy.
LeMoN...my friend and I made ((WARNING!!!: UNRATED!!!!))
She kissed his neck and licked his cheek speaking sarcasticaly. "Heh."
He shivered and playfully squeezed her bum and bit her neck softly. She felt his teeth on her skin and shivered some as he smiled and bit her a little more. He gyrated some and rubbed against her. She sits on his chest as he playfully moved back and forth making her giggle. She giggles and rolled off of him as he smiles and licks her.
He spoke in a saddened tone,"Aww why didja do that?" he smirked.
"Hehe, you liked that?", she said with a sexy, teasing tone.
He smirked again, "Having a gorgeous woman like you on my chest is heavenly.", he said kissing her neck. She bit his collarbone smiling. He smiled back some and licked her lips gently as he started kissing her deeply. She moved her head letting him kiss her neck.
"Mmm...", she said chuckling some. He softly kissed her moving up and down on her neck. She yawned and nibbled at his ear. He smiled as she yawned and licked up her throat and kissed her deeply. She kissed him again as she rubs his neck. He smiled and groaned a little.
"Aww, your neck stiff?", she said asking couriously. He softly kissed her hand and nodded some rolling his shoulders.
"Mmmhmm", he said feeling stiff.
"Aww...well loosen up soon...", she said with a slight chuckle. She rubbed his neck and smiled. He relaxed his shoulders and kissed her hand softly holding it.
"God your touch is heavenly.", he said with a smirk.
"Well it's nice when tiny needles dig and rip the pain away..." he looked at her gently.
"You serious?", he said in a courious tone. She showed him her bloody hand with thin, almost not visiable, needles. He shivered some and is a little freaked.
"Ok I'm both turned on and totally freaked out now.", he said looking at her deviously.
She shrugged, "Heh, well you don't feel the needles." He smirks a little and turned again relaxing more.
"Mm true and it feels godly", he says with a warm smile and relaxing his muscles. She hugged him from behind and licked his neck. He shivered and smiled gently pulling her onto his lap and kissed her softly on her lips. He smirked as her soft lips touched his. She kissed him back chuckling some. He softly kissed her back and licked her inner cheek. She bit his tongue some and growled a little. He growled back playfully. She sucked on his tongue to bring him close and kissed him again. He groaned and kissed her deeply.
She chuckled again talking softly to him, "You sure like to make noise." He smiled and licked her hand as she rubbed his waist. He bit his lip a bit and leaned some kissing her neck as she rubbed him. She started to nibble at his neck as she rubbed him more. He smiled biting his lip and shivered as he softly rubbed his hand on her hip. She licked him behind the ear and it's rim. He shivered and smirked growling gently as she moved and laid down in the bed yawning.
"I'm a bit sleepy.", she said in a suductive tone. He playfully got over top of her and kissed her neck gently softly talking back. "Heh aww."
She kissed his throat. He softly massaged her sides kissing her gently. She moved her head letting him kiss her neck instead as she yawned. He gently nipped at her neck smiling. She chuckles and closes her eyes as he softly let his tongue run along her cheek. She put her arms around his neck and held him to her loosely half awake. He smiled and nuzzled his head against her rolling some he placed her onto his chest so he didnt hurt her while she slept and softly layed with her. she slept ontop of him for a few brief moments between kisses. He playfully purred and dozed off holding her gently. She awoke with the sunlight on her back. "We were up all night again."
He slept dead to the world as she kissed his neck teasing his skin. He growled a little in pleasure and smiled he still is asleep. she stoped for a moment and chuckled. He stirred some and woke up. "Hey sweetie", he said kissing her.
She kissed him back. "Morning."
He softly licked her ear as she chuckled slightly. She licked his throat as he smirked and licked her lips kissing her softly. He said playfully smacking her bum. She queeked some and bit his neck softly. He smirked and groaned to the bite shivering a little, "Mmm not fair thats my weak spot."
She kissed it. "Aww sorry..."
"No its ok its the spot that basically makes me all yours i cant do really anything when bitten there its orgasmic for some reason." He realised he said too much and would regret telling her probably later. She bit it softly and let her tongue lap slowly at it then kissed it. Then she softly sucked on it and let her hot breath tickle the spot.
"Well this is nice...", she said with a smirk.
He groaned in sheer pleasure trying to hold back from grasping her private areas as she provoked his arousal. "Mmm so evil."
She put his hands on her back. He smiled biting his lip to prevent him from touching her inapropriately. She brushed her fangs against his neck as her tail tied his hands toether so he can't move his hands. "Shhh..."
He groaned wanting more as she teased him. "Mmm this is not fair"
She giggled and talked sweetly, "I guss it's ony fair if you have fun too..."
She let go of his hands and she untied her robe showing her bikini.
He smiled and kissed her neck softly and spoke, "Mmm can I touch?
She bent down to his ear and wispered in a soft yet suductive voice, "As much as you want."
She licked the rim of his ear. He bit his lip some softly licking her neck wanting her badly.
"Mmm why must you tease me so saphire.", he said whimpering totally lost for her wanting to caress every curve on her as he ran his fingertips up her sides softly drawing out goosebumps on her. She chuckled and breathed softly on his neck, "Your funny...I'm the best tease you'll ever find..."
She licked his neck and softly kissed his throat and lips, letting her tail tighten it's grip around his waist. He shivered his groin fully erect from her touching and teasing he gently bit her neck and softly pulled her some grinding against her losing control of himself. She looked him in the eyes as the selection of hair covering her left eye moved brushing against his cheek. She kept her scared, left eye closed as she looked at him with her right eye. He softly smiled biting her lip gently as his warm breath ran along her tongue. He placed his arms around her not ready for her to get off of him wanting her more and more, his mouth salivating for just a taste of whats underneath. She bit his tongue and sucked on it pulling him close and kissed him deeply. Her tail traced his skin as she could feel the temperature in the room change some. He softly groaned as he kissed her with lust and passion for her as he gently ran his hands along her backside more running his fingertips so that her skin began to shiver and become covered in goosebumps. Her soft human-like skin became hard black scales as the needle-like spines sprouted along her spine standing straight up in the air. He bit his lip a little ready to be hurt if anything sprang out of her into his flesh as he kissed her deeply and softly he squeezed her backside smirking a little. She kissed his chest to loosen him up some as he smiled softly and gently kissed her unable to help himself. He softly slid his hand into her bikini bottom running his fingertips along her backside. She chuckled again and bit his chin as he kissed her deeply letting his tongue run along hers. He groped her backside gently squeezing her bum softly as she moved her head and nibbled his neck an licking it playfuly. He growled gently at her as he slowly grinded his erection against her inner thigh and smiled. Her spines peeked slightly as she arched her back some. He softly kissed her and slid his hand onto her backside.
"Mmm think you want to sweetie?", he asked kissing her gently. Her leg trembled a bit. He softly kissed her lips running his fingertips along her skin to her bikini top. He slowly untied the straps letting the top fall and he smiled.
"Mmm, your so gorgeous sweetie.", he said with a smile. Her tail kept the top on. "..." She looked away.
"No...I can't...", she said looking a bit down. He softly kissed her neck turning her cheek back to look upon him.
"Sweetie if you arent ready I will not force you...when the time is right I guess", he said a bit dissapointed mostly because of the love he felt for her going unnoticed not really the sleeping with one another part. She looked at him and kissed him deeply. "I'm sorry..."
He kissed her back lovingly and smiled. "Dont worry my sweet friend.", he said letting her tail drop as he tied her bikini for her back up adjusting it for her breasts he softly caressed them trying to help. She didn't mind, just kissed his neck and smiled. He gently kissed her lips never had he imagined he'd be putting her clothes on for her but it didnt bother him really. He mostly wanted some way to show her how dearly he cared about her. He smiled and licked her neck as he finished fixing her top for her. She moved his hands to her ribs and let him carass her ribs. He smiled running his fingertips along her ribs feeling her body with care and some love.
"Mmm that feel good?", he asked smiling.
She kissed him and spoke softly, "Yes..."
She looked him in the eyes then looked away letting her hair cover her face.
"I'm sorry...", she said in a saddened tone.
He softly smiled using his hand he brushed her hair back not caring about her scarred dragon eye, but wanting to see her smile and her face for a while. He kissed her lips softly. "Im not upset with you.", he said kissing her. A small tear appeared in the cornor of her left purple dragon eye, being too afraid to give love a second chance, she began to tear up. She hugged him tightly not wanting him to see her cry. She felt weak to this strange emotion, trembled as she held him.

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commentCommented on: Fri Aug 10, 2007 @ 09:25pm
omg it's Greed and Saphire

commentCommented on: Fri Aug 10, 2007 @ 09:59pm
it could be

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The Original Nosferatu
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commentCommented on: Sun Dec 30, 2007 @ 05:02am
10 out of 10.

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