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So I had a random thought...
This is an obligatory disclaimer.
WARNING: The contents of this journal entry are not in any way shape or form an opinion about modding. It is merely me voicing thoughts about my own personal life.

Thank you.

...that I need to go out and buy a scrapbook or a photo album.

I started looking through my photos over the past few years. Every snapshot bringing a wave of nostalgia and memories rushing back to me as I remember the events that led to the image I saw on my computer.

Back during Fanime 2006, Chaos and I have one really cute picture together (that is, he's not wearing a dress or a wig and looking scarily like a catboy). He's wearing a Vash the Stampede cosplay, I think i was wearing a labcoat that day. It was hot outside, and I believe we had had Kava take the picture for us while the rest of the Gaia gathering was milling around behind us.

That was such a nice weekend. I got to see whitebunnierabbit and Blades of Blood again like in 2005, and even got to treat my friend from Singapore to an experience he had never been to before; an anime con.

I still have pictures from that weekend. even of a certain admin reading a yaoi manga to another certain admin...

I also remember not being able to say goodbye properly to everyone because I had to catch my flight. .-.;;

Blitz on ahead to SakuraCon 2007 this year. HUGE and at the Seattle Convention Center, what truly made it special was that Chaos was able to come up with some friends of his to attend the convention with me. Another wonderfully stress-free weekend, aside from a weirdness that went on at the hotel.

I have another picture there of just the two of us. People say I look bored, but hell, I was tired! And sad too...

Finally, Fanime 2007. Ohhh... Gaia has changed so much from what I remembered it to be, and so I just tended to drift around the con center, this year having fun with Kaji and [Sakura] along with Chaos. We had dinner, a few lunches, chased after a Hiro lookalike (from the series on NBC, Heroes), pillow fights, went to the 2nd night that Pirates of the Caribbean: World's End was out in theaters, and generally had a wonderful time despite the corporate-ness of the Gaia booth and display.

Got to meet Wolfie and ShyRomance (my Gaian mom and dad!), Sandokiri, and so many other mods I had never met before at least.

Here we had another cute picture taken, and a few users taking pictures of us too(!). Unfortunately I have no clue who took the one I really really like, of Chaos in his black shirt and pants, while I'm in a pair of shorts and a tank top, but there's another one with the two of us.

What I really should do, then, is go find a photo album out there somewhere and start getting these pictures printed at Costco or something, then put them in the book, along with other "convention memories". Some, such as cosplayers, I know I can do without, but when friends can come and go as fast as the next MMORPG or website, being able to preserve them becomes more and more critical.

None of us can be on Gaia forever. None of us will probably BE on Gaia forever. But at least I still hold memories dear to me.

And if you wanted to see those pictures and haven't already, PM me. I'm not linking it here for the whole world to see. XP

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    PM me pics! gonk

    comment Harbinger of Pandamonium · Community Member · Wed Jul 25, 2007 @ 03:05am
    whee heart goodtimes

    comment Carandra · Community Member · Mon Aug 06, 2007 @ 06:36pm
    Ya know.. The more I think about it, the more I think the only actual picture(s) I've seen of Chaos is of him in a dress... xd

    comment Red Einlanzer · Community Member · Mon Aug 13, 2007 @ 09:06pm
    hi girl i love the pics there very pretty

    comment synyster bat country · Community Member · Tue Sep 11, 2007 @ 10:23pm
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