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just my thought about random things........
I am happy again since I finally found someone who likes me and that can except me for me. I have figured out how too have fun in life and that most guys will like you if you flirt, act cute and just be yourself around them it really works trust me I had like 5 guys chasing me AHHHH!!!! gonk But hey what can I say Im a sexy girl lol (I wish) well Im cute at least. But yah I got new clothes today one has a chicken on it and it says hot chick and the other says So??? Kiss me....... and it has a picture of a pair of lips on it lol its funny. Well Im off to bed for now since its late where I live. Bye Bye for now Lots of Love heart .

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commentCommented on: Fri Sep 01, 2006 @ 08:13pm
I've never had boy troubles until now. 17 years without them and then suddenly everyone popes up hitting on me and it's weird. And unlike you I can't use the excuse that I'm cute becouse I'm not! I'm an ugly thing and proud of it!

I got new clothing too! well there really just t-shirts ^_^ one says "I'll start acting nicer if you start acting smarter", another is "I didn't say it was your fault I said I was going to blame you", and the last one says "everyone loves a Canadian girl" and of course they do, Lol

I'm spamming you now!
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commentCommented on: Sun Mar 04, 2007 @ 10:52pm
definately sexy wink heart wink whee i loved that purple shirt you wore at work a few weeks ago wink

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