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Reno's Ramblings
When I'm bored or lazy I'll usually write stuff here! Just uh... don't tell my boss. D:
Ok! Livejournal's finally back up, so I can go grab my story from there in which I posted about a week ago on there. And I shall warn you, it's long! xp So sit back, relax, and enjoy reading it! biggrin

Ok, so during the month of April, there was a Choir Festival in Turlock that our high school's choir classes went to, along with the Delta Sierra Choir. Now, during my Junior year, I was in Choristers, and then there was the Chorliers, the other Choir class. Yes, they were the advanced group. So, let me explain a little something here first, last year, I had started taking a liking to one of the guys in Chorliers, named Julian. Well this February, I found out some shocking news about him: He's gay. When I found that out I was very sad, of course. I felt heartbroken, yet once again. *sigh*

Well, anyway! Even though that happened, him and I are still friends. smile

Ok, onto the Choir Festival! So here's how that went:

Ok, so, I had plans to sit next to Julian on the bus on the way to the festival, right? Well, unfortunately, he was already sitting next to one of his friends. *sigh* So I sat next to Brittany, and we sat across from them. Hehehe. XD And Donna was sitting behind us, but she was mostly talking to the two guys behind her. So, meh, I was stuck talking to Brittany. Ok ok I know she's my friend, but..she can get a little annoying sometimes. *dodges MLP fakies being thrown at her*

Soo, anyway! ^^; I turn around to talk to Donna for a bit, and then I notice the two guys behind her, and I notice that one of them is kinda cute... ^^; Heh heh, but I don't talk to him til later. XD Ahem..so ya, then Donna shouts some random thing...ook... o.O Oh, she sees something on the back of a truck passing us. XD

Well, anyway! So, we go into the school where it's being held at, and we go in and sit down and watch as some of the other schools' choirs sang. I sit next to Brittany as we write down stuff about the other choirs. Then it's time for us to go and rehearse, so we head to the backstage area. So we rehearse in there, and I must say, our pianist was cute. ^^ Our regular pianist couldn't go, so we had to make due with another one for that day. So anyway, then after we rehearse, we get ready to go on. Man, I felt soo nervous! So then we go on, and I don't feel as nervous. I think we did pretty good, even though we were missing half our Altos, and we only had one guy(the one I mentioned earlier, yes two went with us, but one of them wasn't going to sing, oh, and the Chorliers weren't singing, either, but some of them were already going). So then, after that, a lady talked to us about our singing, and she told us what we needed to work on, and what parts we were good in. So then after that we go back into the theatre and watch the choirs that were after us. I sat next to Donna, and Julian was sitting near us. And also that guy was sitting near us, too. ^^;; And it seemed I started finding him even cuter each time I looked at him. Well, then after the festival, we headed back towards the bus. I found Julian and hugged him, he said we did really good. *smiles* He's so sweet! ^^

So then we get on the bus, this time, I sit next to Donna. XD Brittany sits in front of us, and she ends up falling asleep...ook. o.O So ya we really don't talk to her. Heh, and behind us are the two guys. So ya, we're all talking and stuff. Eeek, and then I realize that the cute one's even cuter! >.< Ahem, but ya. I start to like him even more after talking to him. And yes, I was aware of the fact that he's two years younger than me, but does that matter much? Well, anyway, we finally get back to the school, and my mom is there to pick me up, so we head home, well, my friend Angie needed a ride, so we took her home.

Well, that was the story of the Choir Festival. And that was how Francisco and I met. Now, there's more to the story. So, here's what happened after the festival:

Well, that night, I felt happy. For some reason, I couldn't stop thinking about him, the guy I made friends with. At the time, I didn't know his name, well, Donna had a nickname for him, which was San Fran. XD And then the next day, Mr. Weikle tells me, "Francisco says hi." Hmm? Ohh, so that was his name! ^^ Heeheehee, and then Mr. Weikle says, "I think he likes you." Whaaat??? o.o;; I wasn't sure of what to say, and Donna said, "Ya, I think so, too." Hmm, interesting. That sorta made me feel happy. Well, ok, so at that time, I was trying not to fall for him, since there was a certain number of other guys I liked, so I decided not to "add to my list". XD So, ya, then the next day, Mr. Weikle says that Francisco says hi...again. *blinks* Hmmm, and then later on, he gives me a letter from him! O.O So, I sit down in the room, and read it. And in it, he says that he only likes me as a friend. *sigh* I felt sort of sad when I read that. And while I was trying not to fall for him, my feelings eventually took over me, and I wrote a letter in reply to his, tellng him how I felt. And I told Mr. Weikle to give it to him. Then, he gives me one from him. And in it...he says he DOES like me more than a friend!!! O_O And in it he asked me out. ^^; I couldn't stop smiling after I read it. So I wrote another letter, telling him that I'd love to go out with him. And then it was official. ^_^

Soo, that's how him and I got together! smile I feel so happy each time I read it over and over again....I feel so lucky that my life has finally turned around. mrgreen I can finally forget Omar and my depression last year and move on. And it feels great!

Reno Sinclair of Turks
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