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Lady Larks Journal
I have started writing a book so it will go here. Also I will put a lot of my gaia pets on here as well
This is a story I'm writing. I do not as of yet have a title for it,but if anyone has any suggestions they would most appreciated. Oh and None of these characters have anything to do with my guild XD I used the same name for my rp character and we used the same bad guy picture. oh and I based most of these off of people I actually know^^ have fun trying to figure it out if your one of them^^ of course I will be in there,I am Meru in it. and if your part offends you in the story..then oh well I wrote how I see you. and the story is more past tense soooo knights,dragons,etc,you get the point^^ I hope you like it and I love feed back and constructive criticism 4laugh


A thin man hurried through the halls of a magnificent holding deep in the mountains in a region known as Tanalarin. Not many People wandered in these regions, for there were beasts that most could only imagine. Dark wizards were also known to wander these parts. Katore had been in this castle like structure many a time. He had served under Sinearth, once a great that everyone feared. But word had come that he had been defeated, and now he had been called upon to serve this....new comer. Katore grimaced as he thought of the cur who had taken the place of his great master. Katore figured it was some fat, pompous lord who had gotten lucky,had been the one who defeated Sinearth. Katore slowly walked up to a door that was guarded by a man with a sheathed sword at his side. The guard eyes the mans rags with disdain. "I have business with the new lord," Katore mumbled looking down at his feet. With one last disgusted look at Katore the guard opened the door. Katore slowly waled into the room. A young man of 19 looked up at him. Katore blinked in surprise, this was Sinearth's son The boy had blonde hair, and eyes as blue as the sky but as cold as ice. Katore tried to remember the boy's name....Garath. "Your names Katore right?? You spied for my father if I remember correctly, Garath eyed him smoothly. Katore bristled at his inquisition. "I've not come to you to talk about any of this, I've come to see the one who will take your fathers place," Katore glared. Garath laughed slightly. Katore didn't like the way the boy was smiling at him, like he was a weak pathetic insect that needed to be smashed. "Well you see....I am the one who has taken my fathers place," Garath stood up and walked closer to Katore. "I implore you to tell me if you have found the key or not." Katore backed away from Garath, He had never been this scared of Sinearth. "Yes my lord, she is in a small village, a young noble lady of about 16 years in age. She has long flowing blonde hair, I can lead you straight to the village," Katore said bowing his head. Garath smiled, "Good, I will send someone to go meet her at once."


A beautiful girl stood a little away from the edge of a shallow river. Her blonde hair swished around her frame in the slight breeze. Allaire moved her elaborate skirts a little farther away from the river, afraid of ruining them. She was staring at her friend disapprovingly. Meru was in the water trying to get Allaire to join her. "That isn't very ladylike," Allaire said aghast. Meru looked up at her and laughed. "Oh afraid to get a little wet," Meru said flicking water at Allaire. Allaire stumbled backward and gave Meru a piercing glare which only made her laugh harder. Meru was very different then Allaire. She was plainer, then her noble friend. She had brown hair that dropped past her shoulders, and large blue eyes. Allaire looked above the trees . "If we don't get back soon my mother will scold me," Allaire commented as Meru stepped out of the river. Meru looked up at the sky, knowing she to would be in trouble and be sent up to bed without supper if she was late coming home again. "I guess your right, shall we go then?" Meru and Allaire started heading toward the village. They never went to far into the woods so it didn't take long till they saw the gates of the village. Kalonta was a small village consisting mostly of farmers and ranchers, with a few nobles including Allaire. As they headed for the village square they could see something going on. "I didn't know we were going to have any visitors," Meru said as she looked over the group curiously. "Most of them look like soldiers," Allaire commented nervously. Meru looked over to see her mother waving them over. "Whats going on?" Allaire said quietly. Meru's mom was looking the group over worriedly. "They say they came here looking for something, but they look violent so don't start a fight with them, do you understand me?" she looked pointedly at Meru. Before Meru could reply a man covered in rags walked out from behind the soldiers. "Are you sure this is the correct village," a tall soldier asked eying the man. Katore nodded his head, "yes, I'm sure of it." He glanced over at Meru and Allaire and grinned, "In fact, theres the girl."

Lady Lark
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Lady Lark
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    commentCommented on: Fri Jul 20, 2007 @ 09:21pm
    Liz likes it so far. 3nodding The dialogue needs to be seperated from the story, though, like this:

    Explaination of scenery, person finds another person.

    "I am person 1, I need to see person 2."

    "I am person 3, I will let you in to see person 2."

    Person 1 walks into place with person 2.

    Somethin' like that. xD

    commentCommented on: Fri Nov 16, 2007 @ 07:22pm
    I like it. domokun
    You devenitly need to write more. 3nodding
    And you should look at mine. whee
    Ive got just the prologe and it's in my journal. cool
    Show it around with everyone you know. ninja
    But don't steal my ideas. stressed
    LOL rofl

    Community Member
    User Comments: [2] [add]
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