A lot has happened since... uh.... March. <Sorry!>

1. Black Belt Training has begun. Two weeks till the test!
2. My Birthday
3. I went to California
4. The Running of the Brides
5. More recently, E3
6. I learned to snap!
7. I gots Pok'emon Diamond!
8. Elite Beat Agents
9. Wii Play - Firing Range Platinum Medal cool
10. Dispatch: Zimbabwe dramallama surprised blaugh heart exclaim
11. I spent all my 250 mycokerewards points on a sweepstakes to win the 1956 Replica Coke Vending Machine
12. I made a list of the summer so far.
13. The Wiggles and Thomas the Tank Engine (Or Train, i'unno) take over Six Flags.
14. I made friends with a June bug, in July.
15. School Ended.
16. I've been helping with KARATE SUMMER CAMP
17. Movies seen: Transformers, Harry Potter, I don't remember anything else.
18. CKI, Connecticut Kempo Invitational
19. Just one more to fill...
20. There!