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Singing Lessons: Chapter One
Inspired by Aladdin && A onexone roleplay made my me and Kaidorei. Modernized with a whole new plotline. Aladdin just met a hard reality. 8D

Chapter One: Just a Street Rat?

Oh I come from a land
from a faraway place
Where the caravan camels roam
Where they cut off your ear
If they don't like your face
It's barbaric, but hey--it's home!

When the wind's at your back
And the sun's from the west
and the sand in the glass is right
Come on down,
Stop on by
Hop a carpet and fly
to another Arabian night!

Arabian nights
Like Arabian days
More often than not
are hotter than hot
in a lot of good ways

Arabian nights
'Neath Arabian moons
a fool off his guard
could fall and fall hard
Out there on the dunes.

CLICK. The television switched off, the movie Aladdin cut off just as the opening song finished playing. An unbelievably bored sigh heaved from a parting between the two perfect lips of Ryuhei Shokaku. His prized red hair resembling flailing embers visible from his position on the soft mattress he was lying on. The remote was still in his hand, the electronic device of no further use to him now that he had turned off the television. Now, the silence penetrated the air like a knife, and this feisty male longed for something new, unusual, and on top of all that fun and enjoyable to happen! However, for the past few days (or had it been longer?) his life had been unspeakably dull. This was a sin in itself! Ryuhei was the single most desired male in the city—NO! The WORLD! Why was he so bored? The human race should’ve been at his beck and call, showering him with ways to fill up his free time.

Dropping the remote from his grasp, the redhead rolled his way off of the bed, no shirt covering his perfectly muscled stomach. It was a given that any girl would swoon at the sight of his shirtless body…however if he planned on going outdoors, it would be the best to get fully dressed. What exactly DID Ryuhei plan on doing, you ask? Well, this frivolous male always had one thing, and one thing only, swimming around his hormone filled and rather one-track mind: SEX. Why, he planned on going out into the city and scoring some ladies. Sure, there had been countless others in the past (and I mean COUNTLESS), and still some from very recently that he could call on to fulfill his desires…but today, Ryuhei was feeling on the top of his game. He wanted to score someone tough…someone important…someone NEW. Something flashed in his eyes with anticipation. Steal some girl’s heart…his specialty. The ladies always fell for him, and whatever prize he decided to take home today wouldn’t be any different. Of course, as he pulled on a comfortable black muscle shirt and headed towards the door to his room, he was given a painful reminder of the obstacle he would have to face in order to go out:

His mother. There she was, sitting in front of her vanity, brushing her hair. She just HAD to have a room exactly across from his, and what was more that she kept her door wide open so that she could monitor her son at all times. She treated him like a petty thief, and SHE was the cop who did everything she could to stop him from going outside. The woman knew full well of his antics, and unless it benefited her in some way, she HATED to think that he was going out and parading about the city with yet another girl that he picked up along the way. Obviously, he wasn’t going to get away that easily.

Luckily, the clever, testosterone abundant male was ALWAYS one step ahead of his uptight hyena of a mother. As he quietly shut his door again, he instantly started plotting. Sweeping his dazzling emerald eyes about the messy room, which the young man would often hermit himself inside of to escape the clutches of his mother, he quickly came to a simple conclusion. Making sure that his black boots were on tight enough, his hair was as perfect as ever, and he looked as damn sexy as always, Ryuhei dashed over to the window, flung open the glass sheets, and gazed outside. Why…all he had to do was—


It was a good thing that his room had been on the first floor, or else that jump could’ve ended up a lot messier than it was. That, and his hair could’ve somehow been skewed by the vile wind that came with the downward rushing of wind. Anyway, now that he was in the clear…it was time to go girl hunting. He needed to find someone who stood out, someone who fit the WHOLE picture. Ryuhei was after a beauty who had attitude but wasn’t a complete b*tch at the same time, and who wasn’t a stereotypical giggly girl, but not a tomboy at the same time…someone he’d never seen before but was a perfect match for him. Someone…like the girl walking across the street!

She was perfect, absolutely perfect! He was sure that he had never seen her around before, but somehow she looked familiar at the same time. He just couldn’t put his finger on it, and the fact that the beautiful blonde with hair that swept around her like a fan as she walked, was wearing dark blue jeans that fit her figure well, and a white tank top that practically made Ryu drool at the mouth, thanks to the view it gave, was wearing a pair of sunglasses. She definitely had a nice set of curves, and that was something that Ryuhei loved. Now his sights were set, and all he had to do was calculate how to make his move. For the time being, he’d just be a wolf in hiding. He needed to actually observe some of her personality traits so he didn’t completely say the wrong thing as soon as he opened his mouth. Not like she’d be able to resist him. No girl could EVER resist his charm.

Little did he know how tough that this certain individual was going to be to woo. This was Botan, and the reason that she seemed so oddly familiar to Ryuhei was because she was the latest singing sensation! Popular, beautiful, famous, and also in high demand, the blonde was actually trying to slip out from the clutches of her manager unnoticed. She was already at the top of the charts when it came to best selling new albums, but her manager had decided that if she started up in a relationship with another popular singer, it would make her even more noticeable and popular. However, Botan was not pleased with this idea, and she had snuck away. She wasn’t supposed to go out in public, especially alone, but it didn’t really matter because she had never done so before, and so nobody would really know who she was. At least, that’s what she hoped.

Suddenly, Ryuhei’s chance came! His moment to shine was at hand as a man walking by the object of his attention took a snag at her purse. SCORE! This was the perfect opportunity! So normally, most people wouldn’t have been happy and nearly jumping for joy at the sight of a burglar trying to steal someone’s purse, but this was Ryuhei Shokaku! He was a dirty, scheming little monster who only did things if they benefited him, and didn’t give a care if a little boy was dying next to him and would survive and be happy for the rest of his life if Ryu gave him something small, like a penny or something. Just the thought of being kind to someone out of pure selflessness sent shivers up and down his spine. Anyway, back to Botan and the burglar.

The blonde hadn’t seen it coming, and turned as he was starting to run. Before Botan could even let out a sound of alarm, there was a flash of red, and the burglar was doubled over in pain on the ground. Botan stood there, looking at Ryuhei with an odd look on her face. There he was, in all his perfect masculinity, holding the purse in triumph, with one boot securely placed on top of the thief. He looked like some hunter gloating over his prize, and quite frankly, Botan thought he looked over dramatic and stupid. Of course, from Ryuhei’s point of view, she was hypnotized by his manliness, and already falling for him.

Now, needless to say, the moment was starting to get rather awkward. Ryuhei basking in his glory while Botan mused about how moronic he was really wasn’t getting them anywhere. So, being the brilliant charmer that he was, the redhead decided that now was his time to show the blonde his true colors. Of course, by “true” colors he wasn’t exactly going to show how obnoxious and egotistical and self-centered he was, nope, he was basically going to continue his charade a little longer. Well, at least until he got bored. Clearing his throat, Ryuhei spoke to the beauty in front of him:

“I’ve saved the gorgeous mademoiselle in distress,” He started, that charming gleam in his eyes as well as a winning smile adorning his flawless white teeth. With a playful wink, Ryuhei finished with, “And now, you owe me. Why don’t we…” Okay, he was about to hit a roadblock, here. Most girls didn’t go for the blatant suggestions of having sex, especially if it was someone they just met five seconds ago. Even if Ryuhei WAS the sexiest man in all existence, he had a feeling he’d just get slapped. So, he attempted a quick revision with, “…go out for coffee? Just you and me, Baby Doll?”

Ryuhei couldn’t see, but Botan was glaring at the redhead through her sunglasses. What, he was asking her on a date? And what was the whole ‘you owe me’ bit? “Well I’m glad to know that you heroically saved my purse out of the pure goodness of your heart.” She started with obvious sarcasm, her eyes rolling behind the dark lenses. Now, she probably would’ve have been nearly as steamed over the whole thing if he hadn’t called her Baby Doll. Original. NOT FUNNY. So now it was that time for her to outright reject him like she had with all of those other pricks that had tried to get close to her before. The blonde opened her mouth to say something, but before she even uttered a syllable, there came a cry of:

“THIEF! STOP HIM!” Oh crap. There were some pretty tough men who were in those FBI getups, complete with business suits and sunglasses and little ear phone things pointing towards Ryuhei and Botan and starting to charge. Obviously, they couldn’t see the real criminal who Ryuhei was kindly breaking the spine of with his boot. The redhead and Botan both simultaneously cursed. Botan grabbed his arm and started running. “Come on! We need to lose them!” She cried, sounding somewhat on edge.

This both puzzled and highly annoyed Ryuhei. She was jerking on HIS arm! His beautiful, muscled arm that she shouldn’t be touching unless they were sharing feelings together IN BED. That, and she was being totally random; One second she was being all sarcastic and annoyed at him, and the next she was helping him escape from the men that probably wanted to wrongly arrest him. As they sped down the street and turned a corner into an alley, going flat against the wall and staying silent as the men passed by them, Botan sighed in relief. “Thank god we lost them…” She muttered. Now, with that Ryuhei was even MORE confused. What, why was she so concerned about losing those guys? Was she really some convict on the run? What if she was a COLD BLOODED KILLER! Then again…that kind of gave her even more sex appeal, in a way. I mean, if she really was one he could blackmail her into being her slave so that she wouldn’t get arrested…

As Ryuhei fantasized, Botan stretched and pulled off her sunglasses, revealing her beautiful sapphire eyes. She looked over at the redhead next to her, not completely sure what to do now. He seemed to be in some kind of odd daze, and the blonde wasn’t too sure if that was a good thing or not. Clearing her throat, she was about to start some kind of attempt at conversation, but he looked over at her and grinned. Right, back on track, he was trying to get this girl in his pants, wasn’t he? He didn’t even know her name yet, but she had taken off her sunglasses. In a way, that was a form of her opening up to him, wasn’t it? It was like she was taking off a layer, becoming more close to him and all that touchy-feely crap. Bottom line, it meant that he had a better chance of scoring with her already! Oh yeah, he was totally the master.

Dropping the purse that he was still holding, the narcissist moved in closer to her in a suggestive way, slyly taking the opportunity to pin her against the wall. His emerald orbs met her sapphire ones, and he smirked. “Now, about that payment you owe me…” It was needless to say that he was being completely serious about this, but Botan just laughed, crossing her arms in front of her.

“I don’t owe you anything.” She reminded him, and his brow furrowed.

“Since when?” He demanded to know. She hadn’t had sex with him yet, that much he was sure of.

“I just saved your ass from those guys, or have you forgotten?”

Oh…sh*t. He had forgotten. And now he looked like a complete idiot. Quickly now, he needed to regain his glory. Show no weakness! He WAS a desirable sex god! Why wasn’t she giving into his charms yet? He wasn’t terribly sure, but suddenly he found himself being pried off the wall, and it wasn’t by the lovely blonde. “What the HELL!” He started to scream, however stopped and a look of terror crossed his face as he saw that they were surrounded by those FBI guys. Man, they were good, he hadn’t even heard them coming. Of course, he was cursing on the inside. I mean, what, he was about to go to jail or something! “Hey…it’s all a um…you’ve got the wrong idea!” He started, but they didn’t really seem to be paying much attention to him.

“Let him GO, guys!” Botan ordered, a rather pissed off look adorning her face. The men looked at her, and shook their heads. “I’m afraid that we can’t, Miss Botan. This man was seen burgling you, attempting to kidnap you, and sexually assaulting you. Take him away, boys.”

“WAIT!” The two teens exclaimed simultaneously, both thinking completely different thoughts. Botan was about to explain that it really was all a misunderstanding, and that she had been trying to run away, but Ryuhei interrupted his potential rescue. Now, you’d think that the redhead would be spilling his guts and pleading for them to let him go right now…but instead he looked at Botan, finally realizing who she was. “You’re BOTAN. THE Botan! I remember where I recognized you from! You were on that television show last night! The. Music award thing!” The blonde rolled her eyes at him and crossed her arms.

Well, she guessed it didn’t matter anyway, they were still going to throw him in jail and call his parents, and they were still going to drag her back to talk to her manager. And as they were both dragged off, Ryuhei’s mind was abuzz with thoughts. He had almost scored a FAMOUS SINGER! A HOT famous singer, to boot! Now he really DID want to have her. This whole being thrown in jail thing, it was a set back, a very minor one. His mom would come and get him, and then he could go out and try to score Botan again. Of course, it failed to hit him that his mom was going to drop probably fifty or more bombs on him when she found out he had been in jail and then probably bar down his window AND attach one of those shock collars on him to make sure that he couldn’t leave again, but it would come to him eventually. Right now, he was trying to figure out how he could get Botan to notice him more.

Sure, he was a desirable sex god with a perfect boy, perfect hair, perfect EVERYTHING, but she was rich and famous and all that good stuff! He needed to be on her level if he wanted a better chance. That’s when the idea rammed into his brain like a thousand bricks being dropped off the tallest building in the world: HE needed to become a singer, too! How hard could it be? With looks like his, he could convince any agency to let him audition, and if his voice was good enough, he’d make it! There had been times when he’d gone out and done karaoke with some of those girls he picked up, and they’d told him that he had a great voice…but then again they had all been drunk. Anyway, the point was that he was going to become a singer, and then become rich and famous, and THEN he could go and score hot rich chicks! And a certain hot rich SINGER chick by the name of…wait, what WAS her name? Ryuhei had always been bad at names, and even though she had been famous, he already forgot her name. He DID remember that he had called her Baby Doll when he was flirting…so he’d just call her Baby Doll. Yeah, he’d be able to remember that, for sure.

By now, with thoughts spinning through the brilliant genius that made up Ryuhei’s mind, the carefree male had been escorted to the local police station and placed into a cell behind cold, steel bars. However, as he sat alone on his small, gray cot, his fire red hair standing out like a lone star in the sky, he was basically oblivious to his surroundings or even where he was. Hey, he was too busy fantasizing. Well, he was until the ear splitting and terrifying scream came from a vicious, siren like creature clawing at him from the doors to his cage:


Oh, wait, that wasn’t a devil siren creature, it was just his mom. OH sh*t, HIS MOM! That was even WORSE than some deformed and vicious monster! The iron barred door was flung open, and his mom was upon him, squeezing him in a tight hug, her thickly painted nails pricking against the skin of his neck, making a shiver pass through his spine.

“Oh, my one-and-only BELOVED son!” She cried in an over dramatic manner, her words pouring out of her mouth with a fake coat of a loving mother hiding the malicious intent behind them. As she loudly annunciated every word carefully, wearing the façade of a worried and model parent, Ryu knew that as soon as they were out of view from the public, she’d rip his insides out with her manicured claws. As he tried to avoid breaking out in a cold sweat (no, no, no. Ryuhei Shokaku did NOT sweat, ever. It was gross and made him look like a pig. The only time he was allowed to sweat was if he was doing something to show of his sexy muscles to the ladies, or had been at it in bed for a long time), his mother dragged him out while practically cutting of his oxygen circulation as she gave him a painfully tight hug.

The split second they had gotten out of the police station, the malicious woman relinquished her hold on her son, instead grabbing at his nearest eat with her talon like fingertips, dragging him along to her car and screaming at him as he cursed with all his might.

“My GOD, Ryu!” She hissed, “Do you KNOW what getting thrown into jail will do to MY image!” Of course, the vain woman thought mostly about how his troublesome errors would affect her, not her son. “And I had to PAY MONEY to bail you out I hope you know! MY money! And then of course I had to spend hours finding the perfect things to wear JUST to come out and get you. What if someone who knew who I was saw me going into the jail and getting you?” The woman droned on, and soon Ryu really wasn’t paying attention, just wishing that she’d stop trying to rip his earlobe off of his head. Huffing and puffing, she complained about his behavior, throwing him into the car, slamming the door shut after her and ranting still as she went to the driver’s side of the car, opened it, slammed it shut, started up the car, and then slammed down on the acceleration pedal.

“MOM!” Ryuhei finally interrupted loudly, his emerald hues cringing as she shrieked back.


Silence for a moment. This was mostly due to the fact that at the precise moment that the woman had screamed, she had pulled a sharp turn. The adolescent next to her was quite literally afraid for his life, and was completely surprised that she hadn’t managed to flip the car over with that woman.

“I want…to sing.”

Silence again. With a screech the breaks were slammed upon, and Ryuhei had so brace himself against the door to not slam against the dashboard. Then, laughter. Loud, hearty laughter coming from his she-devil of a mother. The woman held her sides and her feet hit against the floor of the automobile in her hilarity, greatly resembling a fish having a seizure. “Oh…oh…oh GAAAWD THAT’S A GOOD ONE!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!” However, as her laughter gradually subsided into slight giggles, she peered over at her son, who looked rather angry at her reaction. “Don’t tell me…you were SERIOUS?” He nodded. She gave a wide grin, about to start laughing again when she realized something:

Singers were often famous people. Usually, their fame rose when they both looked good and sounded good. Her son was damn attractive. When people were famous that meant they were rich! Putting two and two together, she was able to realize that if Ryuhei became a successful singer, SHE’D get rich, too! “We’re getting you an agent NOW.” She announced, accelerating the car without warning once more.

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    whoo, just finished reading this ^_^;; I had started it WEEKS ago but then in the middle I stopped and forgot about it <.< >.>but I'm done it now 3nodding
    Ryuhei's mom is just plain scary O__o and Ryu himself is...lovenly hateable ^_^; ahaha nice work Icy, your writing a story from the "bad guy's" point of view. it works.

    comment OhKey_WeeHow · Community Member · Thu Aug 02, 2007 @ 01:29am
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