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**Attitude quiz
You are someone that longs for Peace. You think happiness is not only important, but peace is just as important. You want to live a life of eternal bliss, and you tend to keep problems to yourself. You should try to be open, and talk to others about it. Sometimes, you get pretty annoyed because of the ignorance of others. You are a 70% cheerful person, and try to smile often! Peace is important, but having your problem solved is just as important! Have more confidence...

**What makes him notice you?
You're a friendly, talkative girl who always has a lot to say, and that gets your crush's attention! You're high-energy and having lots of interesting opinions, so he wants to strike up a convo with you and find out more!

**Are you shy?
Your a little shy or shy when it comes to certain things. You may get nervous when it comes to meeting new people, but that’s ok. When presenting projects, you just need to be more confident and speak more loudly. When it comes to your crush, you may blush a little, and come off quiet and uninterested, so talk more, but remember to listen to. So be more confident!

**How good of a friend are you?
You occasionally slip a secret or make a bad decision, but you generally always make up. You contain all the basic, wholesome qualities that people love in friends.

**What type of music are you most like?
You are always the life of the party and are having fun. Most of your clothes are more dark instead of bright. With your rocker attitiude you have a lot of friends.