You guys may not think this is fair but A few weeks ago I went through my friends and deleted those who hadent been on in two months... The only problem ish... It got rid of almost all my friends sweatdrop So If you notice you are not on my friends list and you still want to be friends PM me or post here ... whatever suits you. I will be doing this every month or so.... so make sure you get online! ;P

* I will no longer accept random friend requests..... (most of them quit!) So for gawds sake, TALK TO MEH first.... (it gets annoying)*

{ Next clean up date is on 9/14/07. The limit will be starting on the day 7/30. In case I get on late , I still have the time you were last online : D }

For those who never read my journal..... TOUGH LUCK! Oh and if you have something you will be doing for 2 MONTHS just tell me , Or you could make yourself invincible for that time due too groundings, stress , school, relationships, and serious injurys ;P IT WILL NOT COUNT AGAINST YOU IN THOSE SITUATIONS

~*ReD out!*~

P.S.S cheesy potatoes with chocolate icecream :3 (yum!)