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The food libraries.
For stuff I just feel like posting, okay? Nothin' you can do about it!
Generally, people are pretty condescending.
So yeah... have you ever noticed that too many people say "get a life"? For instance, I had been chatting in the chatterbox ( surprised ) about making leather armor.
Somebody tells me to get a life.

So you tell me, why is holding an interest in medieval and dark-age culture synonymous with having no life? Many people feel that if they don't agree with what you are saying, then you have no life.

Also, What is the big deal with online relationships? Yet again, if someone brings it up, mostly everybody else says "Go outside and get a girlfriend/boyfriend". I know a couple people who have made online relationships work. Why doesn't it work? Give me 3 legitimate reasons why it doesn't work.

Go on.
Do it.

I figured you couldn't.

One more thing: I find myself posting amusing pictures on chatterbox, hopefully to amuse a couple people. But there's always someone who just HAS to say "This is f*cking old, you stole it"Who f*cking cares if I "stole" it? I never specify whether I had created it, and I know I haven't so it isn't STEALING.

Summary: Just because you don't like or agree with something doesn't make it wrong.

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commentCommented on: Sat Jul 14, 2007 @ 02:14am
so true!

commentCommented on: Sat Jul 14, 2007 @ 02:21am
I have three legitimate reasons rolled into one. You live here, they live someplace else. Without being close you cant tell whether or not the person your dating is serious. They could have a real boy friend/ girl friend and are just using you for a good laugh. You can say anything on the internet and not mean it. So someone saying "I love you" doesn't mean sh*t here. An acquaintance of mine was dating a girl online. She "cheated" on him and got pregnant. Now, how do we know she was actually cheating on him? We don't. How do we know she wasn't married and just making fun of him? We don't. Even with the invention of webcams you can't prove anything. Why cant someone just go out and pick up a hooker and pay $200 to masturbate on the webcam? There are too many unknowns to have an absolutely decent relationship over the internet. There are many unknowns just being in a relationship in real life. Saying something and meaning it are two separate things. And not being able to have physical contact with the person only makes it worse. There may be some internet relationships that work, but, I'm going to say, a vast majority don't because you can easily screw around with a person because typing a word means so much less than saying it in person. And even then someone might not mean it. confused

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Sat Jul 14, 2007 @ 02:22am
We fall for boys who give us

People tell you to get a live because they find it stupid that you want to make leather armor.

I agree with you on the online relationship part. They have never worked for me but for some people it does. So no comment there.

But I also find it stupid that people post threads saying "LOOKING FER BF" And say nothing else. I figure if they want a boyfriend they would give the guys something to look at and want to actually talk to the person. The people who post threads as stated above are just stupid and don't know anything. Thats my theory.

and i think it was stupid of you to say Give me 3 reasons why it doesnt work and then say Go on do it. I figured you couldnt. because its a journal entry and DUH thats not going to get anyone time to give you reasons. So how the hell do you know if people have the 3 reasons? You dont.

Also I believe that if people want to say something is f*cking old they can. Its their opinion.

pretty words; false hopes

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