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ToushiroxLover's writings of insane Phenominons!~
just the typical thoughts of an unsane creature roaming the earth and missing my home planet while passing the time by digesting sweets and saving perfectly fine rabid dinosaurs.
yep, i'm considering devoting my journal entries to writing a story....hmmmm, it seemed like a good idea at the time!! well, let's get started....

blaugh prologue blaugh

when most humans think of demons, they think of pesky little imps or goblins, simple minded creatures that can be killed with holy water or silver, and that's true, but most humans don't have the whole picture. imps and goblins are among many of third class demons, the weakest and most pathetic group of demons, not even worthy to lick the dirt off the shoes of true demons....err, at least the ones who actually wear shoes.

first class demons are the biggest, most powerful, not to mention the ugliest of all demons. holy water has no effect on them, and only silver in its purest form, silver that hasn't been turned into jewelery or weapons, will faze them. they are cleverly devious and evilly cruel, and if given the chance to slit your throat, they will. first class demons like to make their victoms suffer slowly, but they are very subtle when it comes to humans. they usually take on human form and live among them, causing sickness, drought, etc. wherever they go. so if you haven't been feeling 100%, keep in mind that someone near you may very well be a first class demon and you will most likely die within the next three seconds.

second class demons are animal demons, the smartest, and best looking, of all demons. sure they might not be the strongest, but at least they don't have horns sticking out of their heads and tentacles coming out of their a**! unfortunatly, animal demons aren't strong enough to take on human form, the best they can do is become a human with animal ears and a tail. although they can't walk among humans in human form, animal demons can transform into the kind of animal that they are, so they could pretend to be a stray cat or a bird in the tree outside. oh, and another thing about animal demons, they all have wings. even the ones who normally wouldn't, like cat demons. the only reason you never see wings in art depicting animal demons is because they have the ability to make their wings disapear and reapear at will, and most prefer to keep them invisible. that's because an animal demon's wings are the source of their power, they can perform simple tasks such as manipulating the elements, you know, enveloping an enemy with water, walking through fire, causing plants to grow abnormally quick, changing the direction of the wind....but the advanced magic, like summoning, cloning oneself, and shooting energy waves, can only be done by absorbing energy through their wings. that's why animal demons prefer to keep them invisible, because if their wings got hurt in any way, they'd be rendered completly defensless!

(that wasn't the whole profile, it'll be continued next time! though maybe the entry won't be so long...)

*coughs* due to having lost the notebook this story was in, it's been discontinued 'till further notice. crying hey, that sounded professional, didn't it?

well, i've got a bleach/rurouni kenshin fanfic that's well in the process! perhaps i'll show the beginning of that next!!YOSH!! here we go!!

3nodding beginning of chapt 1 3nodding

The Kamiya Kasshin Ryu dojo may have been small, but during the day it was never quiet. The crack of wooden swords clashing in the distance could be heard along with some shouting. Out in the courtyard, a young man with red hair tied back into a loose ponytail, along with a cross shaped scar on his left cheek was scrubbing away at what looked like an old rag, though it was hard to tell as it was suspended in bubbles. After a moment, he slapped open the now clean white rag twice as he exclaimed happily, “Nice and clean!”, and hung it up to dry. As he did so, two people walked out one of the dojo doors, holding wooden swords. One was a girl with ebony hair, tied back tightly into a ponytail on the top of her head; she wore a plain kimono obviously made for sparring. Standing next to her was a young boy with spiked black hair that looked as if it had been chopped with a sword; he carried his shinai over his shoulder. “Kenshin” the girl addressed the man standing over the washing bucket, “how’s the laundry coming?” Kenshin rubbed the back of his head and smiled widely as he said, “It’s done, Kaoru dono!” then turned to the boy and asked, “And how was your training, Yahiko?” Yahiko uttered a soft ‘pft!’ and didn’t answer. Kenshin didn’t ask any further questions, knowing how the boy got when he was in a bad mood. Instead, he suddenly stood up rigidly and exclaimed with the same smile on his face, “It seems we have a visitor!” Kenshin’s strong warrior spirit allowed him to sense the chi, or spiritual energy, of other people. Though judging from the expression on his face, their visitor was a friendly one. “Well, it seems this place is just as busy as ever!” Dr. Gensai laughed when the trio greeted him at the door. He was an old man, with a solid white goatee hanging from his face. His hair was covered by what looked like a light blue bandana, and his mustache shook slightly as he laughed. Kaoru smiled, “ah, Dr. Gensai! Welcome back!” she said. “I was just about to make lunch!” both Kenshin and Yahiko’s smiles dampened when she said this, it was a well known fact that Kaoru had no talent for cooking. They were saved, however, when Dr. Gensai made his usual request to celebrate his homecoming by going out for beef stew, and the debate was soon settled as everyone latched onto this idea with pleasure. “This one is saved from Kaoru dono’s cooking” Kenshin thought happily as the group left the dojo. Yahiko must have been thinking the same thing, for there was an extra spring in his step as well.

“It’s certainly a lot more crowded than usual” Kenshin said as he looked around with his usual smile. The streets of Tokyo were crammed with people surrounding the open shops, and bustling about in business. Kaoru seemed to have noticed the abnormally large amount of people as well, for she replied to Kenshin “yes…I wonder why?” in a curious voice. Before they could really wonder however, Yahiko broke into their thoughts as he suddenly shouted, “There it is!” and pointed to the Akabeko. That was when they noticed: the beef pot restaurant was more crowded than usual as well. “we might not be able to get a table…” Dr. Gensai said in a disappointed voice as he watched the crowd continue to grow. They were all disappointed; beef stew was a delicacy that was very rare for the residents of the Kamiya dojo due to their tight budget. “This stinks!” Yahiko half shouted, always quick to anger. Kenshin immediately jumped in to try and calm the boy down. “Now now, Yahiko” he said, the smile still on his face as he fanned the boy with his hand. “Yeah, little brats like you should learn to keep quiet.” The voice came from someone who had dislodged them self from the crowd around the Akabeko, “Sanosuke!!” Yahiko exclaimed, surprised to see a freeloader who wore the character ‘aku’ on his back at a restaurant. Kaoru seemed surprised as well, “what are you doing here?” she asked in a suspicious voice, “you usually come to the dojo so you can eat for free.” Sanosuke smirked as he replied, “Well, I wanted some good food for once…” Kenshin had to hold Kaoru back so that she didn’t attack him. “I’m sure he didn’t mean anything bad, Kaoru dono” he muttered, smiling weakly, then he turned to Sanosuke and asked, “Sano, do you know why it’s so crowded?” Kenshin’s face was more serious now, but only with curiosity. Sanosuke rubbed the back of his head as he scanned the crowd, “haven’t got a clue.” He replied in an offhand voice, “I was lucky to even get a table!” he then fell silent as Dr. Gensai, who had been contentedly quiet for quite a while, finally broke in and said “we were going to go out for beef stew.” In a disappointed voice, then added “and I would’ve paid for everything…” That put a glint in Sanosuke’s eye as he put his hand on Gensai’s shoulder and said “Hey, why don’t you guys join me at my table?” Kaoru and Yahiko both got the same irritated expression on their faces, “Oh, I know what you’re up to!” Kaoru said, pointing an accusing finger at Sanosuke, but Yahiko finished her remark with “Yeah! You just want to get out of paying for the food!” they continued to glare at Sanosuke until Dr. Gensai, who appeared to be oblivious to Sano’s schemes, exclaimed “that’s a great idea!” with ignorant enthusiasm and a wide smile on his face. Kaoru and Yahiko looked ready to protest, but Kenshin stepped in, “Now now, this one is sure we can let Sano off the hook just once.” He said, the weak smile back on his face. The two looked disappointed, but gave in as they felt their stomachs rumble.

heart heart

The group sat at the table in the Akabeko, watching the crowded tables and the waiters that bustled about in an attempt to serve them all. “It sure is busy here.” Kaoru said as she looked around, and everyone agreed, though Yahiko went as far as to add, “I wish the food would hurry up and get here!” they all sighed, the hunger pinching at their stomachs was bothersome, and the delectable aromas wafting from the kitchens didn’t help much. Finally, after a wait that seemed like forever, their food arrived. It was a moment of bliss when the beef stew was placed on the table, the smell of the first class beef made all their chins moist. Tae, the manager of the Akabeko, couldn’t help but laugh at the looks on their faces. “My my” she said, still smiling, “you folks must be hungry!” Yahiko, who had already begun stuffing his face, gave a reply that sounded like “Flarvsing”, which caused Kaoru to reprimand him by saying, “you shouldn’t eat that fast Yahiko!! It’s rude and you might choke!!” The boy had the grace to swallow his food before retorting with, “Yeah right ugly!! You just wanna eat my share!” while they were bickering, Kenshin turned to Tae and asked her if she had any idea why it was so crowded. “Oh my, haven’t you all heard?” she asked in a rather surprised voice. They all shook their heads, Kaoru and Yahiko had stopped fighting to hear tae’s response. She leaned forward slightly, “Well, there’s some kind of new circus act in town.” She said “but it’s a one man act… or if there is anyone else, they only help from behind the scenes.” She tightened the bandanna that tied back her hair before continuing, “Anyway, according to people who’ve seen it, the act is amazing! The man does tricks you’d have to see to believe.” Kenshin and the group looked curious as Tae spoke; she appeared to be enjoying the gossip. After a moment, Yahiko asked, “what kind of tricks does this guy do?” that was when Tae seemed to deflate, “I don’t know.” She said sadly, “I haven’t been able to get out in awhile…” she looked around the busy restaurant and let her voice trail off, then the smile reappeared on her face as she said, “well, I have to go! Those table aren’t going to serve themselves, you know.” And so she stood up, everyone at the table thanking her for the meal as she left.

As Tae disappeared into the kitchen, Kaoru looked around and said, “well that would explain all the strangely dressed people.” Everyone had begun scarfing down their food, but Kenshin paused long enough to look around, and realize Kaoru was right. There were many people who he could guess from their accents were from Osaka, or from other parts of Japan, but there were even some people who looked western! As Kenshin continued to look around, his eyes finally rested on a group of two sitting at a small table nearby. One was a women, who looked like she was in her twenties, with strawberry blonde hair, and (he couldn’t help but notice) abnormally large cleavage. She was sitting with a boy who looked a couple of years older than Yahiko; he had silver white hair, and bright teal eyes. They were both dressed in normal clothing, and although they didn’t appear to be sporting any weapons, Kenshin could sense that they both had a strong warrior spirit. “Just who are they?” Kenshin wondered “They seem normal enough, but their chi is incredibly strong…” his musings were interrupted by Sanosuke patting him on the back and saying “hey Kenshin, eat up! Otherwise the brat’ll eat your share!” Kenshin’s face nearly went into his food, although Sanosuke considered the pat on the back to be light, he was abnormally strong. “Yes, thank you Sano” Kenshin said slowly, while at the same time Yahiko growled “what was that?!” choosing not to hear Yahiko, Sanosuke laughed and said, “Anytime Kenshin, just as long as you’ll pay for my meal next time.” Kenshin pulled his mind away from his thoughts, and smiled weakly, it was probably nothing.

if you're interested, i'll be putting it online soon! ^^ i'll put the link here!!

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    wow! eek i never knew any of this. it's anazing.

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