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he he he (i am so jaded!)
chapters 8 and 9 by lovedory
Chapter 8

Jareth was so troubled that Carson was in his world he began to pace. Then he remembered Becka, and he began to head towards her room. Normally Jareth would just transport himself there, but under the circumstances he was to stressed to try and transport him somewhere. He soon found that he was at Becka’s door. He quietly opened the door and walked inside, to find Lassia by Becka’s side. When she heard the door open she turned her head towards the door to see Jareth standing in the doorway. Lassia got up and silently left the room, knowing that Jareth would want to be alone with Becka. Jareth sighed and walked to the side of Becka’s bed. He sat down and took hold of Becka’s hand. He had to tell her what happened. He stroked her forehead, using his powers to wake her. Becka’s eyes fluttered opened and starred blankly and the ceiling for a moment. Then she remembered what happened.

Becka bolted up in bed, startling Jareth. She looked around the room frantically not realizing Jareth was there with her. “where is he?” she asked panicked. Jareth put a finger to her lips to silence her. “shh, it’s alright. He is in the labyrinth.” Jareth said, trying to calm her, but knew it was no use. Becka starred at him in shock. “what’s he doing there?!” she cried out in fear. “he needs to leave! He…what if he makes it to the castle?” Becka’s voice cracked with her last words as tears spilled down her face. Her hands were trembling with fear. Jareth embraced her with his strong arms. “shh, he won’t make it to the castle. I’ll dump him in the bog before he comes near you again.” Jareth promised. “please don’t leave me.” Becka said with a terrified whisper. “I promise.” he told her.


Carson found the gates to the labyrinth after about an hour of searching. He entered inside and found that there was no end. To his left and to his right was nothing but an endless path. “well that’s not very creative. One of these has to lead to the castle. I should be there in no time.” Carson mumbled to himself, and began walking to his right. Carson walked and walked. He walked for what seemed like days, until he finally couldn’t stand it anymore. “what do they mean labyrinth?! This is no labyrinth!” Carson sat next to the wall with his head in his hands. “allo.” came a small voice next to Carson’s ear. Carson’s head shot up. “who said that?” he asked looking around. “I did.” came the voice again. Carson looked next to the wall, but all he saw was a small worm. “who said that?” he asked again. “I did!” yelled the little voice slightly annoyed. Carson just starred at the worm. “great. I‘m talking to a worm.” Carson muttered to himself. The worm rolled his tiny eyes. “well excuse me for trying to help.” he said and began to make his way to the entrance of his home in the wall. “like a worm could help me.” Carson said with a laugh as he rolled his eyes. “well at least I know which way to go to get out of this part of the labyrinth.” the worm said almost inside his home. Carson put a hand in from of the worm’s home so he couldn’t get inside. “ay!” the worm cried out in frustration. Carson looked at the worm totally serious. “you know how to get out of this part of the labyrinth?” Carson asked eagerly.

The worm looked at the strange giant. “course I do. There’s a turn just across there.” Carson turned his head to where the worm indicated. “that’s just a wall.” Carson grumbled to the worm annoyed. The worm rolled his eyes again. “you can’t take anything for granted in this place. There is a turn just across there. But whatever you do, don’t go left.” the worm warned. Carson raised an eyebrow at the small worm. “why?” he asked. “because it leads strait to the castle. You don’t want to go there.” the worm explained. “now would you be so kind and remove your monstrous hand out of the way so I may get inside my home?” the worm asked, quite annoyed. Carson had forgotten about the worm entirely, as he stood up and made his way to the wall. Carson placed his hands in front of him afraid that he was going to walk strait into the wall, but instead he walked right through it. Carson was shocked. He looked back to where he was standing and realized the worm was right. Carson smiled at the discovery. “now which way did the worm tell me not to go? Ah yes the left.” Carson muttered to himself. Carson began to walk left.


Jareth lay on Becka’s bed, with his back against the headboard. Becka lay curled up into his side with her head resting on his chest. Jareth had kept his promise and hadn’t left Becka alone since she woke up. They were like this for hours, Jareth gently stroking Becka’s hair as they lay in silence. Becka had calmed down, but both were very worried about the fact that Carson was in the Underground. Finally, after what seemed like ages Becka spoke. “how did he get into the Underground?” Becka asked quietly. Jareth sighed. “he says he wished himself here.” Jareth told her. Becka gave a small frown. “how did he know the right words?” she asked in confusion. “I don’t know. Perhaps-” but Becka never got to hear what the king was going to say next for a goblin burst into the room.

“your majesty!” the goblin cried out panting. He had obviously ran all the way to find the king. The goblin bowed to the king. Becka recognized the goblin as the captain of the gaurds in Jareth’s castle. “what is it?!” Jareth asked eagerly. He and Becka had both sat up strait once the goblin entered the room. “the man!” the goblin said. “what?” Jareth aksed him wanting to know what news he had about Carson. “the man that wished himself away to here and had to solve the labyrinth!” the goblin cried. Jareth rolled his eyes. “what of him?!” he shouted in annoyance. “he is on his way to the castle as we speak!” the goblin cried. Becka’s eyes widened in terror and shock. ‘how did he manage to get to the castle so quickly?’ she thought. Becka fought to hold back a scream of terror. Jareth however was more calm. “call the gaurds! I want him surrounded within the next 10 seconds. MOVE!” Jareth yelled at the goblin. The goblin waisted no time. He bolted out of the room. Jareth got up from the bed and turned to Becka. She looked at him with terror covering her face as tears spilled out over her face.

Jareth drew her in an embrace. “it will be alright. I will get rid of him.” Jareth promised. Becka couldn’t speak. All she could do was hold onto Jareth for dear life. Jareth forced himself to brake away from her. He cupped Becka’s face in his hands, as he wiped away her tears. “I have to go now. I have to face him and I don’t want you to be there in case he trys to harm you.” he told her softly. Becka looked at him with fear filling her eyes. “please don’t leave me.” she whispered. Jareth kissed her forehead. “I have to take care of him so he never bothers you again. I won’t be gone long I promise.” he said, then he left the room reluctantly. Even as he walked down the hall he felt something tugging on his heart telling him not to leave her alone for one minute.


Carson had arrived at the castle and entered inside. He entered quietly, however he knew his presence was known. A goblin had seen him from one of the tall towers in the castle. Carson had to find Becka and get them out of there. He began to walk through the halls, careful to stay out of sight by passers by. He heard footsteps heading his way. Carson ducked inside a small closet careful not to close it all the way. Through the small crack in the door he could see it was a dwarf and a beautiful maiden. Carson stopped when he heard the maiden say Becka’s name. He paided close attention to what they were saying.

“Hoggle, go and get a few gaurds. I know his majesty needs as many as he can, but he can spare a few to guard Becka. I’m on my way there now. Hurry!” the dwarf nodded and took off down one of the hallways. The maiden kept walking in the direction she had been heading before. Carson quietly slipped out from the closet he had been hiding inside of and began to follow the maiden silently. He followd her through the hallway and up a flight of stairs.

Once Lassia reached the top of the stairs she began to feel as if she was being followed. She turned around and saw someone she had never seen before. Immediately she knew who this was. Lassia opened her mouth to let out a scream but Carson was to quit. He struck her before she could make a sound. Lassia collapsed to the ground as Carson’s blow knocked her unconscious. Carson wasted no time. He could hear goblins approaching from the bottom of the stairs. Carson walked quickly down the hall and found that there were two doors. One to his left and one to his right. Carson decided to try the left one first. He opened the door quietly and peered inside. He saw Becka pacing by the window. She bit her thumbnail as silent tears fell down her face. She didn’t hear the door open. Carson walked inside and gently closed the door so she wouldn’t hear it. “hello my love.” Carson said giving Becka a sly look. Becka jerked her head towards him as he spoke, her eyes filled with terror.


Jareth entered the throne room where the commotion took place. Goblins were running around trying to obey the king’s orders, some were talking amongst themselves about how to approach Carson and take him into custody. Jareth frowned at the confusion of it all. He turned to captain of the gaurds. “what is going on?! Why haven’t they captured the human yet?!” Jareth roared angrily. The captain of the gaurds turned to the king slightly afraid of his reaction. “w-we lost him sire. He is loose somewhere in the castle.” the goblin said in a shaky voice. Jareth was just about to let out his anger when heard something that sent shivers running down his spine. Jareth heard Becka’s scream echo through the castle. Everybody in the throne room stopped. Jareth’s face turned to one of horror. “get your gaurds to Becka’s room. NOW!” Jareth yelled at the captain as he disappeared.


Jareth reappeared in Becka’s room. He saw Carson holding Becka’s arms down as she lay on the bed. Carson’s head shot up when he realized the goblin king standing there. “it’s about time.” Carson said dryly still holding Becka down. Jareth was so enraged that he could have killed the man where he stood if it had not been for the rules that came with the labyrinth. “let her go!” Jareth yelled as he rushed to Becka. But before Jareth could do anything Carson spoke. “you have no power over me!” he yelled. Jareth froze dead in his tracks. Becka let out another scream of terror. Carson smiled wickedly at Jareth as he stood there in shock. Jareth knew what those words meant. “NO!” Jareth cried out as he tried to reach Becka, but it was to late. By the time he reached Becka, she had vanished along with Carson. Back to the Aboveground.

Chapter 9

Jareth couldn’t believe his eyes. She was gone. Carson had managed to steal her away. Becka was in the Aboveground with Carson. Jareth could do absolutely nothing. Because Becka was in the Aboveground he couldn’t reach her unless she called him. Oh why didn’t he listen to that tugging on his heart telling him not to leave her alone for a minute?! Jareth didn’t know whether to scream or weep. Jareth hurled a crystal ball at the wall and it shattered as did his heart. But even the sound of shattering glass would not sooth the troubled king this time. Jareth sank to his knees and cried out in pain and rage. “I’m sorry Becka.” he whispered to himself. “I’m sorry.”


Carson and Becka appeared in his apartment. Carson was still on top of Becka holding her down as she struggled to free herself. “let me go!” she cried out in fear and rage. Carson looked down at her. “not going to happen.” he said. Becka stopped for a moment as she remembered Jareth saying those exact words to her the other night. Carson stood, still hold Becka by her wrists as he hoisted her up onto her feet. “I think it’s time you learned a lesson.” Carson said softly looking at Becka with a blank expression. Becka looked at him, with panic. Carson struck her across the face sending her sprawling to the floor.

‘Jareth where are you?’ Becka thought to herself as Carson continued to strike her. Becka cringed as each blow hit her. Memories flashed through her mind. She saw her mother die that horrible night. She saw Jareth swing her over his shoulder as he threatened to take her to the Underground by force. She saw her dear friends Hoggle, Ludo, Sir Didymus, and Lassia. She saw Jareth in the garden that beautiful night when he showed how much he cared for her. She saw Jareth swing dancing with her, how easily he moved with her. She saw him when he gave her, her first kiss. She saw him holding the needle in the bathroom doorway. She saw him when he had rescued her from Carson’s beatings that night. She saw him kneeling as he proposed to her again. Then something clicked. She knew now why Jareth hadn’t come to the rescue. It was because he couldn’t. Carson continued to beat her as she thought about all this. Carson was yelling something to her but Becka didn’t hear. She screamed only one word just as Carson was about to strike her once more.

“Jareth!” Becka cried out. Jareth raised his head as he heard her say his name. Carson heard her cry out Jareth’s name. He reached down and grabbed her arm. “don’t EVER say that name in my presence again!” he yelled in her face. Then he tossed her to the ground and was about to strike her again, but something held him back. Carson turned his head to see what was holding him back, and nearly fell back in shock and disbelief. There behind him, stood Jareth. “h-how…?” Carson trailed off unable to speak from the shock. Carson tried to step away fro him but Jareth still gripped his arm with force. Jareth glared at the man. “I’m going to put an end to you once and for all.” Jareth growled through clenched teeth. And with that Jareth threw Carson across the room. Carson was slammed against the wall and then collapsed to the ground, half conscious from the blow. Jareth glared at Carson once more before turning to Becka still lying on the ground. The beating this time was much worse, but not to terrible. Jareth knelt down and picked up Becka in his arms.

Becka opened her eyes and saw Jareth’s kind face looking down at her. Jareth gave a small sad smiled. “Becka I am so sorry.” Jareth whispered, biting back the tears that welled up in his eyes. Becka gently stroked his cheek and then kissed him. Jareth kissed her back. They stayed like this until they heard Carson groan. Jareth broke away and looked over at Carson. He glared at the man that had caused so much trouble for them. Becka saw Jareth looking at him with a wondering look. “what are you going to do about him?” Becka asked quietly. “I have a few ideas.” he said to her. “like what?” Becka asked, hoping it was TO unbearable. Jareth turned to her with a wicked grin. “oh I don’t know, perhaps drop him in the bog and then perhaps stick him in an oubliette.” he said with a grin. Becka smiled. “that’s it?” she asked playfully. Jareth smiled, then he flicked his wrist ad Carson disappeared. Becka smiled up at the goblin king. Jareth returned the smile. “say the words my dear.” he whispered quietly to her. Becka looked at him slightly confused. “why?” she asked him. Jareth smiled. “because if you say the words, then you will belong to me and NOBODY will harm you again.” he explained quietly. Becka smiled. “I should have done that a long time ago.” she said with a smile. Becka rapped her arms around Jareth neck and gave him another long, loving kiss. Finally she broke away slightly. “I wish the goblin king would come and take me away right now.” and with that they disappeared.


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