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My Every Disaster
She looked from him to the two doors before her, "You know you can't save me..." Smirking as she studied them standing side by side, both beautiful and terrible in their own ways. The door to the left was made of solid oak in an attempt to prove it's sturdiness, but underneath the mahogany paint ran cracks from top to bottom. Cracks spread across the door connecting and interweaving webs of misery throughout it's core. The knob had long since been found superfluous as people barged in unannounced. Instead, all one had to do was push the door open; but as a precaution to counter the indecision of some, the door had learned to swing back with such force as to knock the unfortunate person off his or her feet. A defense mechanism that worked effectively to dissuade people from staying too long, but didn't seem to stop them from coming at all.

Smiling, Miyoka could picture her mother standing behind that door. The boxes would be strewn all around her as she packed haphazardly, trying to recall where she'd put the masking tape. And of course, her sister would be hiding in some far-off corner playing on her handheld, completely ignoring the situation at hand. Turning her gaze toward the door to the right, Miyoka sighed uneasily. There stood the product of a weeping willow and a chainsaw. It was painted a speckled blue as though the person who had done the job couldn't decide what shade to use. The door handle shown brightly as the only star shining in a chaotic sky. It was big and clumsy looking, but with an appeal that can't be described as it shined liquid gold unto its guests.

Her smile grew sadder the longer she looked at it, knowing that beyond that door sat her father waiting. There was no one else to welcome her, just him with the look of one half-expecting to be let down, half-wanting to believe. Tearing her eyes from the doors, she turned back to her companion laughing at her own indecision. "You wouldn't be able to point towards the right door by any chance, would you?" She smiled as he shook his head solemnly. "Well, if I were to take into consideration all the other factors in my life...then the decision becomes even more elusive. Looking back at the mahogany door, she saw past her mother and sister to the opportunities that lay in wait. "An entirely new environment where anything is possible, but..." Her eyes shifted to the second door, searching beyond her father for the rest of her life, "Friends, the people I care about. People I want to know who want to know me. All my achievements, all my sacrifices, my entire life is behind that door...Can I really give all that up for the chance to start fresh..?"

Staring down at her feet in contemplation, Miyoka looked up into two cerulean eyes asking, pleading with him to help her. "Wouldn't it be a concession either way. There are things behind both those doors I'd rather not face, but to stand here in limbo with you forever...that's not an option either. Is it Ryu?" Her smiled became pained as she stared at the person she most hated to leave behind. Tears built up and poured down her cheeks as she smiled that one perfect smile. The smile that's so genuine as to be mistaken for fake; the smile that instead of portraying happiness, showed nothing but the pain. "There really is no escape, no matter the door I choose." Gaze fixated on those eyes as she laughed and the tears fell, "Seems there's nothing left to do but embrace my every disaster..."

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