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Meep...eh welcome?

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RolePlay Charaters+Journal Entry for the past few days
.::I haven't been on for a while sick. So, I'll just post a few things I could remember and my roleplay charater too. ^^
~I was sick for a looooong time=6 days, almost a week=April 14th-19th 2005
~I went to Legoland for the weekend=April 9th-10th 2005
~I had a huge math text today. It was on points, lines, angles, probability, areas of circles, and the circumference of circles.
~Today ((4/26/05)) Samamntha put her dirty banana on my pants=going to the libray tommorrow.
~No homework today! ^^ Yayness! razz


Gaia Stuff
~Thanks to rossconner360x3 for donating 800 gold to me! I finally brought those blue 90s pants for 2.4k ((2,400 gold!)) ^^
~Fishing is getting boring...I kinda quit, but I'll fish sometime if I want gold quicker.


My RolePlay Charaters--you may NOT take them!

Name: Rinyku
Nickname: Riny/Rin
Age: 16
Height: 5 foot 8 inches
Weight: 125 lbs
Race: Half Anthro-fox/snowy wolf, also 1/4 angelic and 1/4 demonic
Location: In the shadows, the dark...or up there in the sky resting on a cloud
Interest: Peace, friends, travleing, quiet, the dark, training, fighting
Allies: As of now: None
Enemies: As of now: None
Body Type: Skinny, yet fairly strong
Personal Skills: Skilled Swordwoman. Also good at crafting, surival, fighting without a weapon
Characteristics: Cold, sarcastic, smart, like a punk





Ice Elemental
Can control ice. Riny knows a lot ice spells. Most of them are ((You may NOT take them)):
Ice shot: 3 ice pieces shot from the hand
Ice Blast-a sudden blast of ice from both hands
Ice Sheild-a ice sheild surrounding a choosen group of animals/people.
Ice Armor-the spellcaster get surrounded by ice for a limited amount of time.
Ice Clone- 5 clones of the spellcaster appears. Looks exactly like the spellcaster her/himself.
Typhoon of Ice ((ToI))-a wave of ice appears in front of the enemy, chasing them.



The ebil kiki plushie. He hates Riny a lot. Jason always wears a nitemare headband & horns of a demon. He carries a demonic pitchfork all the times. He also hates Lisa, the angelic kiki plushie. The only thing he likes is ebil stuff, playing video games, and fighting.

The angelic kiki plushie. She hates no one, and dosen't like to fight, unlike her brother and owner. She wears a angelic headband and angelic halo. And she always carries Staff of the Angels.



Sayuki & Zekiu
Say-u-ki & Ze-ki-u
Her cutlasses. Very flexible, and very strong. Made in a forge in Durem. Not a single hint of magic. Best cutlasses in Durem. It's clear, and it looks like glass, though it's un-breakable.

Her magical dagger. Her great-great grandfather gave it to her. It has 1 small angelic wing on the left, and demonic wing on the right like Riny herself. It can grow longer, or shorter, depending on Riny. It can change from white, to lightblue, to gray, to black or the opposite.

The Staff Of Ice. There's only one of them, and it controls ice, all ice spells, and Riny's ice powers. Only the choosen one could use it, and it looks like a long rod of ice with 2 wings of ice.


User Image
She looks like a human with fox ears, fox tail, and were claws. She wears those blue 90s jeans, and her school's X-Large t-shrit. Also, she wears a long black coat, a nitemare scarf, blue shades, seal slippers, and winged anklets. Her hair is silky silver, and her eyes look like diamonds. She glows silver when happy, and when sheis angry or sad, she fades into the darkness, leaving a trail of tears. When she removes her coat and scarf, there's two wings. One is dark, cold, and it looks like it came from a nitemare. The other is soft, and angelic.
User Image
One of her outfits...


History ((Need someone to be Seyu!)): Rinyku was awaken by a stranger. It was a kind face, even though she never saw him before. He said he was named Seyuki, but she could call him Seyu. Riny told him that she was Rinyku, but he can call her Riny. She also told him that she was an orphan, and she needed a home. Seyu invited Riny to his house to talk about her story.

User Image
Picture of Seyuki

Riny's story was a dreadful one...
Rinyku was a orphan that knew good information about the robbery of the golden angelic headband. But she knew not to tell anyone. Her mom stole it, and her mom serverly abuse Riny. Riny's father was dead, gone forever in her life. The golden angelic headband was a curse, and Riny's mom knew it.

Riny's mom began testing it on Riny for side effects. But she didn't know it was only one-use. And when Riny wore it...it disappeared! and then, a white fox's tail and ears appeared. Also, were claws and a angelic wing and demonic wing. She was horrified. Her mom was too. She began hitting Riny, and when she was beaten up, and brusied all over, she cried. Then, she began fading into the darkness, and leaving a trailful of tears. Then, there was meet Jason and Lisa, her kiki plushies that could talk, in a warehouse.

She was founded by the police, and arrested. Cleverly, she escaped by flying away into the shadows, but she fainted. When she awoken by Lisa, Riny suddenly remember to kill her mom for testing on her. Riny did what she wanted, and flew away, leaving the body in the living room.

She was flying to the junk yard when she got knocked out by the police, and almost captured. Lisa and Jason fought off the police, and dragged Riny to a emety building. A few days later, Jason and Lisa was fending off a boy. that's how Riny meet Seyu.

After the sad story that really sadded Seyu, he told Riny that he found the silver nitemare headband, and got the same results as her. Riny was happy. She glowed silver, because she finally found a friend. And she was very happy.


Comments: "There are no stupid questions, just stupid people" ~South Park


More roleplay charaters coming soon::.

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