o.O anyway, not like people will read this but...yea.
1. I have...a ...FEW people whom i don't know AT ALL on my friends list? stare Meaning i never even conversed one word with them at all...not that i don't welcome the add but..what's the use of adding me when you don't even talk with me question

2. School SUCKS. With the capitals. It's boring as hell and i own my chinese teacher like...3 essays and one piece of worksheet that is to be handed up by tomorrow..my coach is giving me the cold shoulders...so I don't particularly enjoy volleyball any longer.

3.Pfft. "BFF"? don't make me laugh.

4. ...I'm freakin bi-polar! Not exactly but...I can be..happy and all that sh*t one minute and the other, i feel like punching someone or REALLY depressed...? crying sweatdrop what the hell is wrong with me?! Anyways, i think my mood swings will sommehow go away like..in a weeks time or so.

5. Don't feel like doing my assisnments...but, I'll fail chinese...ARGH.

Mhhn...can rattle on and on in 10 pages of microsoft word but..not enough time domokun besides, I have enough boredom in my life. Hm...the good stuff:

1.I got...ALOT of birthday presents! blaugh *rejoyce rejoyce*

2. I got selected for an exchange prgram to a "sister" school in Suzhou, China! biggrin *hi fi*...though my damned teacher said something about pulling up my socks scream

3. I just realized that true friends are important...diaox. Not that I didn't know but i didn't really experience it...? Call me socially awkward if you want >.<

Lol...not much to write but..one thing people should know:

I HATE kids with a burning passion from the bottom of my heart evil

Not really but...well, think of that popular guy who also hates kids in Aish*teruze Baby...forgot his name suddenly.

Ps. I can't be bothered by spelling/grammar any longer.