I never realised I would have so much trouble with those! So one of my bestfriends had her birthday on friday, the who I skipped seen because her parents are evil and I wanted to get it on with my ex-girlfriend (fukcfriend). Well later she lied to me that she had homework so that she wouldn't see me. I really hate her so much right now...
My other friends are just fine, I'll be seen KC soon and another friend a little later next week. Two of my friends are finaly ready to move and I decided spending time with them was a waste of mine since they fight all the time over how to do the moving.

As I said already, my ex-girlfriend is now my fukc friend. Now I know what some of you must think, that I'm not over her and all that crap. I am over her, I just...she turns me on like hell! I look at her and she winks or smiles that little sexy grin and I go wild like a wolf! She is so pretty (and she knows it) and she just makes me go crazy!
Sad to say that we are close...only in the bedroom. There we can talk, laughing make out or other stuff! The moment we step out of the bedroom its like we can't stand each other any more.
There are other girls who want to go out with me but I don't know if I want to give up the whole "easy sex when I want it" thing. One of them is very cute but still.

I'm on relaxing pills because my parents think I'm worried and stressed out over the fact that we are moving to another country. I can't just tell them thats the least of my worries. I'm not sure what I want to do with my futur, my life or the fact that I'm sleeping with my ex-girlfriend. Anyway, my parents worry that its all too much for me and that I'm going to depress...I'm sad to say its too late. I did my teen depresion 3 years ago!