I havent been out for so long, but I missed a bit. I was out for a day or two, and Alyssa took this journal from me! AND READ IT! Then she left me this message, and called me 'shortstuff'. Its on the other page. stressed
She wouldnt give it back, either, until today. It was lucky I didnt need to fight.
The others have all had a turn or two at fighting, but nothing interesting. Kirikozou is completely better, aside from being a bit weak. Not surprisingly, Kaeme still worries over him. She does even when hes well.
Im fighting tomorrow, I think. I dont know who.
Alyssa keeps on teasing me about the stuff I wrote here. She especially keeps saying about how I didnt give full details of the number of cuts and stuff I received when I wrote about my fight. But why bother? Anyway, it was quite a few. And I still have bandages on. Yes, BANDAGES. They put them on me while I was out!!! evil