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From my mind and what I found
Drow beverages and few foods

Ale: The drow drink strong ale. It would commonly be served in a drinking horn.

Death’s Head is a powerful wine, made by the drow from a poisonous mushroom found in the underdark. It is black, has a slightly earthy smell, and is one of the most sought after beverages in the world. Death’s Head is a strong intoxicant and extremely addictive to non-drow. Death's Head acts more like a drug than an alcoholic beverage for non-drow, however, for drow Death’s Head acts like any other strong wine... goes for 2200 on the surface, and 220 in underdark

Bazi tea: This is an herbal tea that comes in many different varieties. Bazi tea is a common Drow drink, enjoyed by High and Low Castes. It is commonly served hot and heavily sugared. It may be served in either of two fashions. First, there is a more traditional and formal serve. This serve does not reach the level of a Japanese tea ceremony; it is simply a more formal serve. The tea is carefully measured into three tiny cups, which are drunk in rapid succession. Various sugars and milks may be added. It is more likely to be done in one's own home while entertaining. Second, Bazi tea is also drank informally, in regular-sized cups, with or without sugars and milks. Cakes and Bazi tea is a popular breakfast on Drow holidays.

Black Wine: This is a coffee-like drink made from beans grown deep in the mountains. It is very strong and bitter. It is traditionally served very hot, with yellow or white sugars and powdered bosk milk, in tiny cups. Other sugars, spices or cream may also be served with it. The cups may have small handles or not. In some ways, it is like express coffee.

Milk: Milk from the Venis, Marnosk and bosk are common. Hot milk is also drank. Talon milk is reddish and has a strong, salty taste as it has a lot of ferrous sulphate. There are milk vendors in Drow cities like the milkmen of Earth.

Beer: Rence beer is steeped, boiled and fermented from crushed seeds and the whitish pith of the rence plant. It would be very rare to find this available in a tavern.

Falarian wine: This is an extremely rare wine that is rumored to exist. It is said to cost enough gold to buy a city. There is some indication that it does exist though only wealthy clan’s people or thanes would own it.

Kal-da: This is an alcoholic drink that is served hot, almost scalding. It is made of diluted Ka-la-na wine, mixed with citrus juices and stinging spices. It is cheap and most popular with the lower castes. Most Warriors would not deign to drink kal-da.

Orbb Jhinrae: Sweetly tart beverage made from secretion of sacred spiders, texture is a thick surupy like and is a dark red in colour. The brewing process is kept within the brewing families halls and is not shared

Pagar-Sa-Tarna: This word translates to the "Pleasure of the Life-Daughter" and it is commonly called "paga" for short. Its full name is rarely used. It is a fermented brew made from Sa-Tarna grain. It is probably the most popular alcoholic drink. There are many varieties; the primary difference in these pagas is usually the spices or grains added. Paga is normally served at room temperature. Paga may also be served warm or hot. Some claim that you feel the effects of paga sooner if it is heated

Pickswinger's Best is a powerful ale that Bump brews for personal consumption.

Pickswinger's Dark is a strong, dark beer that goes down as smooth as some of the watery brews sold in some of the other establishments, but tastes infinitely better.

Sul Paga: This alcoholic drink is made from suls, a vegetable like a potato. It is most like strong vodka or moonshine. It is clear, almost tasteless, and very strong. It is served at room temperature.


Many Drow wines are very strong, 80 to 100 proof. Most Earth wines in comparison are only about 12 proofs. Thus, wine may commonly be cut with water. This occurs often when wine is drunk at homes at meals, at certain parties and in some taverns. A wine crater, a mixing bowl, is used to mix the wine and water. If the wine is not cut, it might also be served in very small amounts. At more raucous parties or taverns, the wine is rarely cut or only in a slight amount.

There are a number of common drinking vessels. There are generally no restrictions over what cup or bowl you use to serve a certain drink. Paga and wine can be served in nearly any drinking vessel.

Goblets, of various materials, are the most common vessel in taverns. Some goblets have rings, maybe four or five, around the cup area and a person may ask for his cup to be filled to a certain ring. Sometimes bowl-like vessels are also used. A kylix, is a footed, two-handled cup. A kantharos is a deep drinking cup with a high-footed part and upraised handles to grip it. Some peoples use drinking horns. A bota is a leather flask commonly used for paga and wine. Most botas are made of Venisskin. A bota is squeezed to release a stream of liquid. Botas are commonly carried by travelers, as they are portable and not subject to breakage. Wine and paga may also be sold in bottles of various sizes. A hydria is a high-handled, water vessel.


There are many types of food and all women, clan and kajirae, learn how to prepare a variety of meals. Trained kajirae especially learn how to prepare intricate meals, many with an alleged aphrodisiac effect. "Sa-Tassna," that literally means "Life-Mother," is the general Drow word for "meat" though it can also refer to "food" in general.

Soups and Stews: These are very popular and come in a wide variety. One such soup is sullage made from Tur-pah leaves, suls, kes, and anything else around. Kes is a salty, blue secondary root of the Kes shrub. Stews with meat and vegetables are very common in low caste homes.

Porridge: There is sul porridge and grain porridge. Both are often seasoned and some people prefer to season it themselves. A hand-rack of small vials and pots of seasonings, spices and condiments will often be brought with the porridge.

Meats: The most common meats are tabuk, bosk, tarsk and Venis. Tarsk is rather salty, like pork. Many of these meats are roasted over an open flame. They are served in a variety of ways. In taverns, cubes of meat may be cooked and served with a variety of sauces for dipping. Sausages are also made with some of these meats. Vulo is the primary type of poultry. At least some of the meat of the vulo is white meat. It too is served in a myriad of ways. Its eggs are also eaten.

Seafood: There are many varieties of fish and shellfish eaten including carp, clams, oysters, eels, crayfish, grunts, shark, and parsits. The blue, four-spined wingfish is a tiny, delicate fish and is a great delicacy, especially its liver. The clustered, black tiny eggs of the white grunt are similar to caviar. In the equatorial waters, most of the fish are poisonous to eat due to certain seaweeds they eat which are harmless to them. The river fish though are generally good to eat.

Other foods: Butter and cheeses from Venis, Marnosk and bosk common. Rice and beans are also common.

Spices: There are many spices including nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, spikenard, various salts including red and yellow salt, and hot peppers. The Drow is known for very spicy foods.

Desserts: Desserts are very popular especially with kajirae. Chocolate, pudding, pastries with creams and custards, molasses, honey, hard candy, mint sticks, flavored, minced ices and nuts are all common. Sweetmeats are candied or crystallized fruits. There are at least four varieties of different sugars including white and yellow. Not all of the types of sugar are listed though so various other colored-sugars may exist. Red sugar is a real possibility. Tastas, also known as stick candies, are soft, rounded, succulent candies, usually covered with a coating of syrup or fudge, and mounted on a stick like a candy apple. Sweets are a common reward for kajirae whose diet is commonly rather bland.

There is a dish closely resembling Haggis. It consists of Rothe stomach, soaked in salt water for a minimum of 12 hours and then stuffed with a mixture of rothe liver & heart meat, suet and diced mushrooms. It is then baked and served in the form of thick slices. The drow serve this dish either highly spiced or with a tangy sauce.

Rothe meat would also be used to make sausages & jerky (for travel rations). Rothe blood would be collected as a base for sauces, or to make puddings Rothe hooves could be boiled down to create gelatine In addition to the food value, the drow would likely have slaves collect rothe dung to fuel cooking fires.

General staples of the drow diet include:

* mushroom/fungus flour: used to make pastry and noodles
* mushroom-based tofu: a meat-substitute that is a staple of "middle-class" drow.
* lizard eggs
* rats: usually eaten only by the lower class, this is beneath the dignity of the wealthy and noble houses.
* snails
* lichen
* mollusks
* insects: particularly cave crickets. Usually served fried with a spicy mushroom sauce, or carmelized as a desert (along the lines of honey roast peanuts)
* Subterranean Puffer fish: a dangerous delicacy enjoyed by the drow. If prepared incorrectly it can prove fatal (this is simply a variation of the Japanese dish)

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10 years later I am still using this list, thanks.

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