Well I've been feeling like absolute s**t the last few days, so please excuse how grumpy and whingey and crude I am.

My stomach refuses to stop hurting, for no good reason at all, and of course it's impossible to see a doctor within any reasonable period of time because the government can't possibley give out any more than a limited amount of provider number. Ghads that might stop people from clogging the emergency department with non-threatening problems and reduce government revenue! Oh my that would be terrible! can you imagine the stae of affairs if our hospitals had free beeds and you could get to see a doctor within a couple days. It would just be ghastly. THERE WOULD BE HEALTHY PEOPLE EVERYWHERE!!!

Yeah... we've established that I'm pissy.

Well it's my 18th ina couple days and m party is going to be s**t, worried about that.

I got a laptop recently so that's cool though.