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Tomo-kun's Journal
Random crap that I'll make you listen to.
PRU-03 Character development
Another one of my characters that went through a large developmental change was PRU-03, or Caradoc as he's called in the Muffin.

Pru started out as a fully automated, 100% bona-fied female robot. She had no organic parts. Everything was synthetic created by a man known only to her as 'Luke-sama.


She bowed politely, "It is a pleasure to meet you. I am Prototype Repair Unit 03. Luke-sama has been trying to create the best maintenance unit for several decades, now. I am that unit."

The Malfunction

*tips his head to the side and looks all serious* I have been told by human kind that constructs do not feel. Is that true?

"In what way? My hand may touch something and the skin sensors tell me if it is rough, smooth, soft, and etcetera. However, if you are refering to emotions, some do have artificials. I do not. I was programed for repairs and etiquette. If you wish me to be cheerful, I can be."

As you can see, that version of Pru had no real emotions.

I also once used Pru in an Old West Rp as a rough tumblin' barmaid name Prudence Drei. (Drei being the German word for three)

She looked at the drink and politely pushed it away, "Sorry, I don't like to drink. Especially when I might be working later in the day." She folded her hands on the bartop. "I've got experience in serving and a memory an elephant would forget its mama over. I'd like to be a barmaid."

My first drawing of Pru. (It's awful, I know.)
User Image

Unfortunately, Pru went on hiatus for a few months. In February, PRU-03 came back as a man and part elf. He also changed from the timid, overly polite young girl to a brash, talkative, young man. Who swore... a lot. Pru got a makeover and a wardrobe change, along with a soul to call his own.
Picture of the New and Improved PRU-03.
User Image
(In this picture, he still looked really shy and soft spoken. Which he was when he first came to the Muffin!)

(A bit of Doc's personality bleeding through. Look at that smirk.)
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There was a point in which Caradoc was almost sold into slavery. He acquired several injuries including the explosion of his left eye. Not long after, his elven half went through its coming of age.
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