Name: Korval

Race:Half Devil thats been infected with Lycanthropy


Weight: 220lbs

Appearance: He shares the average build and silvery blue hair that Gryph has but his muscles are a bit bulkier, it's the only way the two differ.

Personality: Less impulsive then his brother and more reserved, he's still basically a nice guy though he does get a kick out of messing with people. His sharper senses make him more aware of all around him.

Occupation:Starship mechanic/Ninja

Valued possetions:
His Shades: he's never seen with out them and no one has ever seen his eyes.

Dog tags: these are from his time on the Peresphone as a mechanic, they remind him of the good times he had there.

Silver pendant: This is Gryph's old pendant on a black nylon cord. For Gryph it's a momento of Akina the daughter that just vanished one day, for Korval it's a reminder of all the family he's lost. On one side is the image of a wolf on the other is a relief of Gryph or Korval's face the two's facial structure is identical so it's hard to tell.

Korval is Gryph's brother not by birth but by and accident involving a gnomish warlocks teleportation circle. The ritual intended to send Gryph to learn mechanics skills instead made two copies of Gryph one of which was sent to their destination the other of which beat said gnome into giving him a refund. Months later after the crew Korval was working with fell apart, he returned to the town he and Gryph lived in only to find that everyone was giving him odd looks and that a human that looked identical to him was in fact Gryph. Needless to say the two had words and after leveling part of a forest and hearing the whole story Korval changed his name after loosing a coin toss.

Metahuman Traits:
Half Devil:The Devil that had been bound in Korval was a being with control over lava, granting Korval control of both Earth and fire as well being that elemental lava is a combination of the two. Holy items and places are deadly to Korval and he can sense them from a distance making them easier to avoid.

Lycanthropy: A cursed disease that causes an individual to turn into a ravaging wolf on the nights of the fool moon Korvals particular case combined with his Devil half somwhat changing the nature of both Korval's inner wolf and Devil. Lycans have and extreme allergy to silver causing it to act and a terrible poison.

Super Strength: Korval is strong. Really strong even by metahuman standards. This strength lends itself to not only enabling Korval to smash his was through almost anything but to a certain degree of durability to. Most ordinary weapons like bullets or melee weapons wielded by untrained humans don't to any real damage to him between the toughened skin granted by his metahuman genetics and the devilishly supercharged muscle beneath it. Note: Silver and Blessed items never count as normal.

Shapeshifting: Korval has some control over his appearance, causing himself to look like he did when he was a normal human. He can make claws appear on his finger tips at will which is useful for times when he needs a weapon. These claws will tear through most normal materials and he can channel energy into them to make them more deadly. Korval's wolf form is of a large black wolf with burning red eyes in this form he sacrifices his brute strength and long range abilitlies. for speed and agility. It's also rather comfortable to lounge around in wolf form. Korval can power up his wolf form by allowing the bit of devilish nature that the lycanthropy managed to infect come to the for. This causes his wolf form skin to glow a dull orange beneath fur thats suddenly become a mass of needle sharp spikes harder then steel. It also causes his head to become more skull like appearing as bare black bone a permenant snarl and two burning points in his eye sockets. Unlike his normal wolf form Korval has the ability to breath fire in this form.

Hellfire: Korval's devil given fire abilities allow him to manifest and control hellfire, black and red flames, which are more destructive then normal flames. Long practice has enabled him to make the fire do almost anything he wants including upping it's destructive potental with additional energy. He can also manipulate ordinary flame to an extent though it retains it's normal properties Note:Fire has no effect on Korval other then to ruin his clothes and give him more ammo.

Pyroclasm: ((2 posts)) Korval charges a ball of hellfire in each hand to extreme intensity, causing them to glow blue instead of the normal red and black swirl. He then launches one straight at his opponent and theother on a curveing path aimed to take it behind them the two detonate on either side of the target engulfing them in the fury of hell.

Teleport: One of the powers granted by Korval's devil side is an extreme proficiency with teleporting at ranges of 100ft or less, this takes little energy. This isn't so much a natural ability as something the devil learned before being sealed the Korval was able to figure out.

Devil Force Blasts: A generic blast of devil energy like a generic fireball can shoot multiple blasts of energy repeatedly like DBZ rapid fire.

Dark Impulse: This shoots a ball of dark energy that crackles with devil energy that explodes on contact. If he is targeting an enemy the ball will home in on it target. It can also explode to use a wave of darkness to blind an enemy.

Devil Blades: This move creates a pair of red energy blades that project from his hands and he uses them both to fight like a pair of swords. These blades can extend out to 50 ft though only one at a time when used like this they can hit through multiple enemies much like a rail gun, tearing through bone and flesh like cutting air.

Spires of the Damned: Korval touches the ground and a huge spike or spikes made of earth infused with devil energy erupts at the target location. The spikes can be used for attack or defense and the angle they erupt at is determined by Korvals will.