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Lofting about.
&Learning new and exciting things each day&
Falling Star Chapter Story (Chapters 26-29)
Warning: Yaoi involved!! (boyxboy)

Chapter 26
"The nerve of some people." Kyo brushed himself off, getting back up,"I guess I should get back and ask Cade who that was. That man came on around the same time he did..." He said to himself, going back up to the seats. Kazutria was fast asleep, a pair of headphones covered his ears, emitting a loud song by Rage called "Fragments".
"My, Cade wasn't kidding when he said Kaz was a huge fan..." Kyo thought smiling to himself, but then changing his expression, looking at him nervously. He noticed that the man sitting across the isle was the one he had fought with earlier. He slowly looked back to Cade and Kiyoshi's seat. Cade was engaged in what seemed to be interestingly funny conversation with the blonde haired man. Kyo cleared his throat and caught both of their attention. Kiyoshi, however, had headphones on aswell, looking out at the small ocean below him. Cade finally spoke after a brief pause. of silence"What is it Kyo?" he asked, smiling. "I have a question..." Kyo began.
"And I have an answer."
"Who's that guy?"
"The one next to me?"
"No...Well...Yeah...But I'm more interested on who the man in the window seat is." Kyo scratched his head. The blonde haired man laughed, holding out his hand. "I'm Adian, it's nice to meet you," he smiled. Kyo had never seen such a perfect smile from anyone in his life. His hand met Adians; "Kyo" he answered, then looking over to the other man.
"That's Sanoi....Why? Did you have a problem with him?" Cade asked, cocking his head to the side. "I guess...I wanted to know who he was and he snapped out at me. I mean...I just wanted to know, and I think I got carried away asking..." Kyo fiddled with his fingers. "Maybe you should apologise then," Cade looked over to Sanoi, who was holding his drink, looking out the window. "But be fore warned, he's not very social with those he doesn't know...and I believe you didn't start off well meeting him...so just, go easy." Cade scratched his head.
"Yeah, we don't want any bloodshed on this nice plane. The seats are white," Adian laughed, "he'd leave a huge mess." Kyo gulped, looking over at Sanoi. He slowly moved to the seat infront of him and looked down at the man who seemed to not even akcknowledge his existance. Kyo cleared his throat. Sanoi looked up.
"I'm sorry about earlier...I got carried away with my words." Kyo said, exhaling. Sanoi looked down, not answering. Kyo narrowed his eyes, stubbornly about to say something to get on the man's nerve, but was pulled away by Cade. "I'm sure he heard you...But we don't want any fights breaking out on this plane, now do we?" He smiled, walking him back to his seat. Kyo nodded, "I suppose so..." he yawned tiredly, resting his head on Kazutria's shoulder and drifting off to sleep easily.
After finishing his drink, Sanoi got up, walking back to the bar to return his glass. He was confronted by Hojo and Talas, who were sitting at the bar counter. "You from Rage?" Talas asked, smiling and turning his stool over to the new guy. Hojo turned his aswell, on the right side of Talas.S
"Yes, what's it to you?" Sanoi asked, tapping the table, implying to the bartender that he wanted a refil. He had time to converse with them. The bartender happily refiled his drink, then went back to cleaning some glasses he had left for a moment.
"Oh, well, I'm a fan actually." Talas smiled, showing him a pin on his jacket which had the word Rage on it. It was bordered with some celtic lining.
"Appreciate it." Sanoi nodded, taking another gulp of his brewsky.
"You know? We have a band too. We're called.."
"Trepid Night..I know..." Sanoi said, as if he knew everything about them already.
"Hmm...Well...Our singer S-"
"Sven? Hm...very rich lad. Smart, kind, lead singer of your band, singing for 12 years, and pretty much the master of both of you...Am I correct?" Sanoi took a sip. Before Talas could start again, he was interrupted.
"Hojo's your drummer, age thirty, been playing since he was in the 8th grade but dropped out of high school his senior year and scooped up by you and Sven. Ever since you three have been inseperable. Anything else you'd like to question?" Sanoi asked.
"N-no...But we'll see you later" Talas said shakily, getting out of there; Hojo high-tailing behind him. Sanoi chuckled, taking another sip. "Flight 207 to Moscow, Russia will be landing in twenty minutes...everyone must please return to their seats, thank you." The anouncement said. Sanoi chugged the rest of his glass, walking back to his seat. He passed Hojo and Talas one last time, sending them a grin. Talas shivered and Hojo looked away. Sven continued to smile; "I like him..." he thought to himself as he watched Sanoi settle back into his seat.
Chapter 27
The plane came to a smooth landing, screeching the smooth pavement below the 747-plane. Kiyoshi held tightly onto his armrest, sweating a bit and taking a few deep breaths to calm down. A voice came over the plane’s intercom, “Ladies and gentlemen on behalf of Japan Air we would like to welcome you to Moscow, Russia. The time is 4:35 in the afternoon with overcast skies and a temperature of 47 degrees. We hope you enjoy your stay.” Kyo nudging Kazutria to wake up, “Welcome to Russia.”
Fujisaki waited outside the airport for Kyo, Kaz and Kiyoshi. There were three limousines, one for each band that was coming out from Japan. Kyo came out with Kazutria and followed by Kiyoshi. Kyo was shivering in his coat. “What’s wrong with you boy toy? Can’t take the cold?” he chuckled, his breath being shown. Kyo growled, rubbing his arms to keep warm. “Hello gentlemen. Welcome to Russia.” Fujisaki said. Kiyoshi waved him off “Yeah, yeah we heard it already so hold your breath.” They got in the car with Fujisaki, driving off to the hotel.
Fujisaki took a sip of his water, looking at Falling Star. “So how was your flight?” Kyo looked out the window, letting out a long sigh, “Don’t want to talk about it.” Kiyoshi looked over, “Aw, did boy toy get in an argument on the plane?” he asked sarcastically with a chuckle. Kazutria sat in the middle of the two and separated them from each other so Kyo wouldn’t get hurt. “Now, now Kiyoshi, there’s no need to be doing that. Were here to play and have fun, not to argue.” Kiyoshi looked around acting confused. “Who said anything about an argument? I’m not arguing. If boy toy wants to start acting up he's going to start an argument, that’s all.” He said.
They soon arrived to the Park Hotel, a very high-class hotel in which the famous usually stayed. The three of them put on hats and sunglasses on so they would not be seen and attacked by the fans. They got out and headed inside where they went upstairs to their rooms. The other bands soon followed after. Rage came next, then Trepid Night. Each band made their way inside and unpacked. Trepid Night was on the floor above Falling Star and Rage, who were on the same floor. Meanwhile, a man walked around with a blanket around him outside. He had long black hair with blue eyes. He was freezing. The man needed to find shelter fast or else he would freeze to death. He looked to his right to see a bar. The man smiled, walking in and leaving his blanket outside and sitting at the bar.
Kiyoshi dropped his things off in his room and headed down towards the bar. "Man I need a drink" he rubbed his neck, entering and sitting on a stool at the counter. The tender looked at him sympathetically and began pouring a drink for him. “Jet lag?” he asked. Kiyoshi nodded, now rubbing his face. The bartender chuckled, sending down a drink for him. “Don’t worry about paying for that one, it’s on the house.” He smiled. Kiyoshi nodded, “Appreciate it, Mac.” He lifted his glass, toasting to the kind tender and taking in a large gulp. He noticed that there was a man sitting a couple seats down from him causing some kind of commotion. Kiyoshi sighed, turning around to see who was rabble-rousing in the small area. The man continued to laugh, his tanned face turning a scarlet red from the alcohol while he continued to consume the large quantities before him. Kiyoshi spun back around, not paying him any more attention. He felt a hand on his shoulder and noticed someone was taking a seat next to him. “You had a long day too pal?” He smiled gleefully, still buzzed.
Chapter 28
“Not as long as you’ve had I assume…” Kiyoshi said coldly, returning back to his drink. He was stopped before taking another sip noticing that the man hadn’t broken his gaze upon him. Kiyoshi shrugged, drinking down his glass and tapping the table, ordering a new one. The man grinned. “You can sure take a load in, can’t you kid?”
“Just who exactly are you calling, ‘kid?’” Kiyoshi asked neutrally as the tender gladly poured him another glass. The man ordered another as well. “You…” he antagonized trying to get Kiyoshi to fall into his plan. Kiyoshi turned to him, “I’m no means a child…You seem to act more like one than I do anyway.” A hush fell over the bar as the man narrowed his eyes. Kiyoshi continued to drink, as if it weren’t a big deal.
“You got a lot of nerve kid…” He hissed, standing up and beginning to walk away.
“What? You’re upset that I can think logically when I drink? Gee, how many drinks did you have that got you so s**t faced…One? Half of one?” Kiyoshi asked, not turning around. There, with that said, Kiyoshi had caused a mild uproar in the bar. Some men cheered him on as others yelled in the man’s defense him. “Ohhhhh no he didn’t just say that! You go boy!” The drunkards merrily cheered as the man stopped in the doorway, turning around. “Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is?” He said softly, walking back over to Kiyoshi. “Loser needs to pay for the expense of the beer and of the beer of everyone here!” He smiled as the men of the bar cheered exuberantly. Kiyoshi sighed, standing up. “I just don’t want to wipe the floor with you and embarrass you in front of all of your drunken little buddies.” he shrugged, on the verge of leaving. The men caused an even greater uproar, edging him on. The man stood before him. “No, I don’t intend on losing.” A crooked grin curled on his lips as he sat Kiyoshi down forcefully on one side of the table. He took his seat on the other and ordered twenty-five shots of tequila. Kiyoshi continued to look around, extremely bored. When the drinks came, a gun was set off. The man across from him toasted to Kiyoshi, then chugged a shot down. Kiyoshi took his glass and slowly drank his. The other men watched in confusion as the man on the other end continued through his shots one by one. Kiyoshi was on his sixth while the man was on his eighteenth. Finally, Kiyoshi stopped drinking on his twentieth shot. The man was long done by then. He smiled.
“He’s paying for all of you!” The man cheered, provoking the others to join him in a celebratory yell.
“I don’t think so.” Kiyoshi stood up turning to walk away. A drunkard approached him and sat him back down. “Finish what you ordered little boy…” He said menacingly. Kiyoshi pulled off his sunglasses. His eyes narrowed fiercely at the stranger. The man backed up, still trying to hold his posture. Kiyoshi picked up his chair and slammed it against his ribs, causing him to fall over and wince with pain. While he suffered on the floor, Kiyoshi paid for his end of the drinks. “ I don’t need to prove to you how much of a man I am by drinking…I can say I’m not the least bit buzzed by this wimpy s**t you call alcohol. Overall, you pay for your own god damn drinks. In what sense did I ever agree to pay for every drink? Last time I checked, nobody made it official. You’re all trying to find a way out of your miserable lives by drinking anyway; glass by glass as the hours continue to tick.” Kiyoshi walked around the table, people backed up getting away from him. “If you’re going to waste your life this way at least have the balls to pay for yourself…Don’t even think that others are always going to bail you out…You’re all disgusting beings if you’re in here day in and day out, drinking more and more…You only have one life, one chance…and frankly…one liver. Once you ruin that opportunity…of kill off your liver…well…consider yourself pretty ******** out.” He glared around seeing staring, dazed and angry eyes from the crowd. His eyes narrowed again. “If anyone has a problem here, speak up now!” Kiyoshi yelled, holding another chair in his grasp. Though it was on the ground, he was in the position to throw it at any who opposed. Oddly enough, everybody stayed down, just watching him with awe. “Well then…Good evening.” Kiyoshi’s eyes returned to normal as he put his shades back on and exited the bar, his hands shoved deeply in his pockets. The man smiled, clapping his hands. “Go on now! Clap for the man! He definitely earned my respect!” getting the whole bar to clap and cheer, Kiyoshi stopped walking down the hall, listening to the applause. The tender began changing him for the beer. The other man looked up, smirking, “I wasn’t planning on paying…” He said again, leaving the bar. Kiyoshi shook his head. “Ignorance is found everywhere I suppose.” He said softly to himself, making his way to the main lobby, concealing his identity.
Chapter 29
Soon after Kiyoshi went into the hotel, it began to rain. “Ah s**t…” the man grabbed his blanket outside the bar, and put it over himself. He sought some shelter to keep him dry until the rain cleared up. He saw the hotel and decided to go under the entranceway, hanging out under there. He was soon approached by a guard of the hotel, “Get out of here you filthy bum!” he said, pushing him down the stairs, making him land hard on his side. The man winced in pain, but managed to get up, moving to the side of the hotel stairs, the blanket covering him well.
Kiyoshi sighed in his room, feeling the need to step outside and away from people at the moment. He entered his band mate’s room, taking a seat out on the balcony. Yuri was asleep in his room while Kyo fell asleep on Kaz like a cat being lazy; sprawling his arms over Kazutria’s chest and a leg over his thigh pulling him closer. Kiyoshi stood on the steps of the hotel, looking around and noticing the man from the bar, covering himself in a blanket to shield him self from the rain. Kiyoshi sighed, “Don’t you have a home?” he asked. The man looked over with a smirk “I wouldn’t be sitting here if I did.” Kiyoshi let out a groan, thinking for a moment. He shook his head “Get up and come inside.” He ordered a bit annoyed. The man looked at him, almost tripping to get up and run inside.
The man was shivering from the cold rain, looking around the hotel. People stared at him, questioning amongst themselves and wondering why this homeless boy was in this grand hotel. The man shot back a few dirty looks, and then looked ahead, reaching the elevator. Kiyoshi stood with the man, and then finally looked over “What’s your name?” he asked. The man looked up “Abel.Yours?” Kiyoshi took his hands out of his pockets, holding the door open for him, “Name’s Kiyoshi.” He said to Abel as the doors closed.
The elevator doors opened on the 3rd floor, Abel and Kiyoshi stepping out the elevator into the hall. Kiyoshi signaled for Abel to follow him to his room. He unlocked the door, opening it and opening the bathroom door. “Take a shower. Wash your hair, wash your body and also, brush your teeth. Your breath reeks.” Kiyoshi demanded, lying on the bed. Abel nodded, going in and closing the door behind him. He turned the shower on, the water being hot. He got in, feeling relaxed under the showerhead. He smiled as he washed his hair and body, feeling that Kiyoshi was a great person to take him in. He was now going to be considered his greatest friend, his only friend.


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