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Lofting about.
&Learning new and exciting things each day&
Falling Star Chapter Story (Chapters 21-25)
Warning: Yaoi involved!! (boyxboy)

Chapter 21
Kiyoshi drank down the beer he was given by Fujisaki, not really talking much. Fujisaki gave a nervous chuckle “So…how long you and the band been together?” He asked nervously. Kiyoshi looked at him with a raised eyebrow “Kazutria and I started playing when we were younger. I guess he found Kyo as a seperate guitarist in my absence. You can calm down. I’m not going to throw a bottle at you or anything like that, jeez. You're worse then boy toy.” Fujisaki looked to him confused.“Sorry? I don’t know who this boy toy is.” Kiyoshi rolled his eyes pointing out the window. “The baby with the orange hair out there is boy toy.” Fujisaki chuckled, “Guess you both get along very well.”
“You're so far from the truth." Kiyoshi sighed. Kyo started to slowly calm down, taking a few deep breaths in and out. Kaz smiled looking him straight in the eye, “You feeling better now?” he asked. Kyo sniffled a bit, wiping his tears from his face nodding his head. “Y-yea I’m feeling better thanks.” He replied, forcing a smile. Kazutria smiled back, patting him on the shoulder, “That’s good to hear. Common, lets go find Kiyoshi.” he said. He started to walk into the building until Kyo pulled on Kazutria's arm, bringing him close and kissing his lips. Kazutria's eyes widened as he felt Kyo’s lips softly touch his. Their lips released from each other; Kazutria looked at Kyo shocked “Kyo….” He said softly, his breath completely taken away.
Kiyoshi finished his third bottle, feet on top of Fujisaki’s desk. “Well now I’m bored…” Kiyoshi said with a groan. Fujisaki looked around “Well if you want to, you can go for a walk around the studio, unless you’ve been here before.” Kiyoshi waved him off.
“Nope, I think I’m going to…take a nap…” he said, yawning and falling asleep in the chair. Fujisaki let out a giggle “My oh my Kiyoshi, this seems to be a very interesting group I got now.” Lay back in his chair looking to the ceiling with a soft sigh.
Chapter 22
Kazutria and Kyo walked into the studio. The night was young, and the two were bored out of their minds. As the continued on their journey, Kiyoshi stirred from his seat in Fujisaki's room. He blinked then yawned, pulling himself up from his slump.
"I'm going to get some fresh air..." he said quietly, looking to Fujisaki, who was fast asleep in a chair on his balcony. He was smiling, nuzzling into the chair, as if he were somebody's arms, embracing him like a child. Kiyoshi sighed, writting him a note telling him about his absence for the morning. He then placed the note on his bed and slowly walked out of the room, shutting the door quietly so not to disturb anyone. He looked at the hall clock, it read 12:32 am. He yawned and stretched his arms forward, walking down the hall. Just then, and not detecting it before hand, he walked right into Kyo. Kiyoshi groaned, shaking off the impact as Kazutria knelt down to help Kyo up.
"You know this hall's big enough for the three of us," Kyo grumbled, finally getting back on his feet.
"Well, you know...it's hard to see you, you're so small...so I guess it's not my fault...Wait...is it? You're to insignificant to even be seen aparently...Otherwise I wouldn't have run into you. Maybe you should bulk up and present yourself in a...How to say it...not as boy toyish appearence. Oh...Look at the time...Isn't it past someone's betime? Careful boy toy...You could get cranky and cause some sort of childish tantrum... " He patted himself off, continuing to walk again as if nothing had happened. Kyo's eyes widdened, filled with shock. With that being said to him like that, something in him snapped. His eyes then narrowed as he whirled himself around. facing Kiyoshi, who was still walking away.
"You coward! You can't even stand your own ground if you let me push you a bit like that!" He called, Kazutria tried to hold him back, "Kyo, please...its too early in the morning to be picking fights now.." But Kyo wouldn't have any of what Kazutria was saying. Revenge was on his mind, and like a train, there was no stopping him; for the moment.
"Kiyoshi! If you're a man, stay here and settle it like a man!" Kyo hollered. There was nobody else in the building besides the three in the hall, and the sleeping Fujisaki, who twitched, thinking he heard something outside causing a racket. Assuring himself it was probably nothing important, he shook it off and pulled the blanket up to his chin, falling back into a deep sleep.Kiyoshi stopped looking over his shoulder to see Kyo behind him out of the corner of his eye. He pulled his sunglasses off.
"Boy toy, I don't need to prove anything to you...Why would you think I'd waste such precious time degrading you even more...But if that's what you inquire...I suppose I could fuel the flame, so to speak..." Kiyoshi turned around, "Okay boy toy, I'll humor you...But don't say I didn't warn you..." Kyo growled lowly, clenching his fist. "Kiyoshi how can you live with yourself, knowing how much others think you're so cold and awful?" He asked, chuckling angerly, "Isn't that such a burden knowing how much you won't come in contact with anyone special ever?"
"I'm not so sure you're understanding where I'm coming from...or..where you're coming from for that matter." Kiyoshi shrugged casually, "How can you live with yourself, being in a constant haze of stupidity and ignorance every day of your life? It baffles the mind, let me tell you. I couldn't even answer that. And as for meeting anyone...How did you even wind up with a curveball question such as that..." He asked sarcastically, "Honestly, I don't think you fully understand who I am...Others can't judge who they think they know...only who they know...So tell me, do you know me well enough to judge me? Or are you only relying on the only factor of my personality you posess? That I am cold, not awful, but...more or less bitterly sarcastic person?." Kiyoshi asked, looking at Kyo calmly like it wasn't anything he didn't know already. Kyo vented up more. But Kazutria dragged his arm away from Kiyoshi.
"Kiyoshi, we'll meet up with you later, alright? I'll cool Kyo off." Kazutria called out. Kiyoshi turned, walking away. "Sure you will, Kaz...You'll exterminate that flame which burns passionately within that disgrace...No...Not a disgrace...a...troubled child..." Kiyoshi thought, stopping again, but continued to walk.
Dawn came upon them quickly and without warning. Fujisaki stretched from his seat, smiling happily. "Kiyoshi I'm sorry I fell asl-" He looked back into the room, seeing nobody. "Oh...How odd..." he said to himself aloud, slowly walking into the room. Fujisaki looked over to the bed, seeing the note Kiyoshi had laid. He picked it up and began reading it aloud, "Fujisaki, I left at around 12:30 am this morning to expell myself from such ignorance and stupidity due to some recent events that have been left for me to ponder. My cellphone is available at any moment if you have any message for me. Enclosed is my phone number and pager number. I am most likely to reside in Kazutria's condo just off the outskirts of town for the rest of the evening. Yes, I did indeed...walk there. Boy toy and Kaz should be there with their bags packed at 9:45am for our flight to Moscow. I'll meet you at 10 am and we can leave at 10:30 am for the airport. -Kiyoshi"
Fujisaki looked at his clock, which read 9:30 am. "Well, I guess I ought to pack aswell," he smiled, pocketing the note and beginning to pack. Meanwhile, Kazutria and Kyo were on their way upstairs with their bags. As soon as they reached the hallway, a man in a black jacket, wearimg tan colored pants and a black and red baseball cap, bumped into Kazutria. Instantly on compact, they both fell. Kazutria groaned, rubbing his head. Kyo quickly dropped his things and helped him up.
"You should watch where you're going mister." Kyo snapped, picking up his things again. He noticed that Kazutria wasn't bending down to gather his belongings. Instead, he gazed at the man, wide eyed and filled with shock. The man's hat and sunglasses had fallen off, revealing mid-length raven black hair with soft grey eyes. He blinked a couple of times, getting up and grabbing his sunglasses and his hat, brushing them off. Kazutria seemed to be excited beyond all reason, as he jumped over to the man, clutching onto him, and tackling him down to the floor. Kyo blinked confusedly.
"I can't believe it's you! You're!! You're!!!"
"It's great to see you remembered, Kazutria." He smiled, a sweatdrop forming on his head. Kazutria pratically melted in his arms.
"You remembered my name too! Oh you ARE the greatest, Cade!" Kazutria exclaimed excitedly.
"Cade? Who's that...Who are you?" Kyo questioned, not liking to see Kazutria all over another man.
"I'm terribly sorry...Where are my manners?" He scratched his head, "My name's Cade Silverton."
"Cade Silverton?"
"Yeah! From RaGe!!" Kazutria exclaimed.
"Yes, our band was very popular back in Kazutria's youth." He smiled
"So...How old are you..." Kyo still asked bitterly, questioning this new guy.
"Actually, I'm twenty-eight." He smiled. Kyo was shocked. He wasn't too much older then they were, but he expected him to be much younger. By his cherubic face and his teenage posture, he almost seemed like he was no more than twenty years old.
"Kazutria is a great fan of our band...I'm still shocked he remembered us." Cade chuckled.
"Of course I do! You should meet our producer! Mr. Fujisaki! I'm sure he'll remember you too!" Kazutria smiled, pulling him by the sleeve to his boss' room.
"Oh...Yoka Fujisaki's still in buisness? My, he must be much older since the last time we've talked." Cade scratched his head with his free hand as he was being dragged down the hall.
"Oh no sir, it's not Yoka..." he said opening the door. Cade's eyes widened and his jaw dropped. "Y-Yuri...You're their producer?!" he exclaimed. "Cade...Silverton! I havn't seen you since my dad was producer!" He smiled happily, looking up from packing.
"Am I the only one who doesn't really know who this guy is...Well...Whatever...I'm sure that jerk doesn't know you either.." he said lowly refrencing to Kiyoshi. However, Cade didn't pick up. Instead, he overheard the remark and scratched his head. Kiyoshi, who had no idea the old pop singer was in ther building, walked to Fujisaki's room with a duffle bag and a backpack filled with things he could use on the flight. As he opened the door he slowly let go of the knob, not entering. His eyes widened even more than anyone's had all day, however, not out of joy. Kiyoshi's eyes widened out of confusion and anger. He dropped his bag, which caught Cade's attention. He glanced over in awe, to dumbstruck to breathe a word.
"K-Kiyoshi..." Cade managed to choke out.
Chapter 23
Kiyoshi glared at Cade, running forward and taking a swing at him. Cade leaned away with ease turning to watch Kiyoshi stumble forward. However, that wasn't the case; Kiyoshi turned around, sending another punch, still on his feet. Cade continued to dodge the blows, leaning one way to another. Fujisaki moved forward about to get involved to end the brawl, but Kyo raised an arm, shaking his head, implying not to interfere. Fujisaki looked down, disspointedly. Cade finally grabbed Kiyoshi's fist, quickly getting around him and pushing him over; pinning his face to the ground, holding an arm behind his back. Cade smiled, "Well, how are you, Kiyoshi?" Kiyoshi grunted, very angry at the man ontop of him. Fujisaki finally interviened and pulled Cade off, letting Kiyoshi brush himself off as he got back onto his feet.
"What are you doing here..." Kiyoshi questioned in an angered tone.
"I could ask you the same thing." Cade smiled, as if nothing had happened. Kyo, Kazutria and Fujisaki blinked, not understand what had occured. Kazutria finally managed to muster up some courage and speak after a long akward silence.
"If neither of you mind me asking..."
"Yes, I do Kaz..." Kiyoshi snapped, continuing to glare at Cade.
"Well...Cade...If you don't mind clearing something up for me..." Kazutria began,
"What is it Kaz?" Cade turned to him, smiling. Kiyoshi, however, didn't break his gaze for a minute. His blue eyes darted at the other, refusing to let his eyes wander off Cade for even a brief moment.
"How do you know Kiyoshi..." He asked. Cade sat down on the bed Fujisaki was packing on, about to respond to Kazutria's question, but was soon interrupted by another.
"And Fujisaki...how do you know him?" Cade scratched his head as Kiyoshi hung back in the threshold of the door, not acknowledging the man's presence anymore.
"My, arn't you still full of questions like you were back in your youth," Cade chuckled, "Yuri's father, Mr. Yoka Fujisaki, was the one who previously owned the coorperation. I met him a long time ago. As for Kiyoshi..." He looked up at the ceiling, folding his hands on his lap, "I took Kiyoshi in as a child..." Kazutria's eyes widened in excitement even more. Kyo's expression changed from curious to shocked in a matter of milliseconds. As for Fujisaki, he blinked in amazement, turning to Kiyoshi, who was leaning against the wall next to the door.
"Kiyoshi...Is this..." He began,
"Yes...It's true...But it was only because I was a naive child with nowhere else to go....Of course...I didn't know any better, nor was I at any state of being to make my own decisions..." He sneered, looking away.
"I see Kiyoshi's still as stuborn as ever...You know..." Cade looked over at Kiyoshi, "He didn't used to be this cold." he smiled, reminiscing briefly of the past. Kyo turned his head quickly to Kiyoshi, then back to Cade, unable to believe what he had just heard. "You can't be serious...I don't think you can ever justify that he's ever had any ounce of good in his veins..." Kyo stated
"I'm afraid that's not true...Kiyoshi was a very kind-hearted young man as I last remember him...He always had an unbeatable smile on his face...Of course, this only lasted for a couple years or so..." Cade sighed, looking down at his shoes, crossing one foot over the other.
"What do you mean?" Kyo asked. Fujisaki continued to stay quiet, but was listening attentively.
"Well...He..." Cade looked up, seeing a digital clock. It read fifteen past ten. Cade got to his feet, scratching his head. "Well, that's enough of storytime for now", he chuckled. "I see you guys need to get on your plane soon..You don't wan-"
"Negative..." Kiyoshi growled.
"Negative? What do you mean? Doesn't your plane leave soon?" Cade questioned, his head slightly cocked to the left side. The other three glanced over to him aswell, very confused.
"I read the tickets over...We have two days..."
"Then why did you pac-"
"So I can leave it here and not worry about foolish tasks later" he snapped, turning away again.
"Oh...well...I guess we can stay and chat for a while then." Cade sat back down. Kiyoshi put his belongings in the closet, walking out and slamming the door behind him. "He'll get over it soon...I'm sure he's just...overwhelmed that I found him again." Cade smiled cheerfully. Kazutria and Kyo decided they'd go back to their hotel to get some things done before they left for the world tour.
"I have a piece that I have to finish. I guess I'll finish that up now." Kazutria scratched his head.
"And I have some things that need to be tended to myself." Kyo agreed, picking up his things and walking out with Kazutria, leaving Fujisaki and Cade alone. Cade smiled, looking around the room, standing up again. "You're on your own, hm?" He asked.
"Well, yes, I am." Fujisaki replied, as he stopped packing and walked out onto the balcony. "I plan on leaving today..." he said softly, changing the subject. Cade followed him out, leaning on the rail. His black, raven hair flowed behind him as he closed his eyes, enjoying the cool breeze. Returning the hat on his head, and the sunglasses to his face, he sheilded the sun from his eyes, reopening them.
"Are you going to tell anyone about your leave?" He asked.
"No...I don't plan on it. I'm sure they'll be fine on their own. I'll get some limosines to pick them up from this hotel aswell as when they land at the airport in Moscow."
"You're heading out to Moscow...Moscow Russia?" Cade blinked, looking at him akwardly.
"Yes, we are"
"For...the.....Tour?" he blinked again.
"Of course"
"I remember going to Russia...You were very young when our band was big...Your father loved to watch us perform."
"Although I can't remember" Fujisaki began, "I do happen to recall seeing some of your albums laying around the house. So I guess it's safe to assume he did like your style." He finished, looking out onto the ocean. Cade nodded, looking out with Fujisaki. An hour or so had passed. Fujisaki had asked Cade to drive him to the airport and escort him to his flight. Willingly, Cade agreed and came back an hour later, crashing down on Fujisaki's bed. He had another key given to him from Yuri to use as his room. When the night fell upon them, Cade jumped up, feeling his pocket vibrate. Fujisaki was on the other line of the phone. He yawned, flipping open the phone and stretched. "Hello?" he asked the other. "Good evening, Cade" Yuri replied on the other end.
Chapter 24
Cade smiled on the other line “Ah, hello Yuri. How was your fight?” he asked, yawning. Yuri shrugged. “Eh, could have been better. Anyways, you ready for the flight tomorrow?” he asked. Cade nodded,
“Ya, I’m ready, don’t you worry.”
“No one’s around right?” Yuri asked softly.
“Nope, just me. Whats up?” Yuri shrugged a bit on the other line.
“Well…it’s kinda about Kiyoshi. He seems distant since I met him yesterday. It’s very difficult for me to catch onto someone’s problems when I first meet them, but really, I could tell.”
“He’s gone through a lot throughout his life. He had abusive foster parents and I found and took him, but while he was with me, he molded into what he is today.” He sighed sadly, “It’s hard for me to even see him act that way. I mean, he tried to fight me as soon as he saw me, not saying a word.” Yuri nodded.
“I see…well I’m sure he’ll get better. You just need to prove to him I think that you really care for him and don’t intend to do any harm.” Cade blinked “Well he knows that, Yuri.” He said with a laugh, “Jeez, you really sound like your father now. Anyways, I think we need to have a nice conversation about what’s going on with your life. You been ok lately?” he asked concerned.
“Ya I’ve been fine, why you ask?” Yuri questioned. Cade let out a long sigh, he twiddled with this fingers on the other line, walking out to the balcony. There, he faced away from it, leaning on the rail and looking up at the stars.“Where do I start. First off, you’re living by yourself at the age of seventeen. Why are you not living with your father right now?” he asked. Yuri sighed, “Because of…well…you know who.” He said softly. Cade eyes widened, but he then closed them, his head still tilted upward. “I see…so your father got you away from him? That was smart. Does he send money to you to stay covered?” Yuri nodded, unpacking his things. “Ya he does, not to worry. I can still get food on the table for myself and all the bands here.” Cade chuckled “Well that’s good. I wouldn’t want to see anyone go starving because you can’t get any food for them.” Yuri laughed, holding a pair of his pants out, folding them neatly and putting them into the pile with all of the other pants. “Ya, I would lose business if that happened. So where have you been Cade? You seemed to vanish some years ago.” Cade let out a chuckle “Eh, ya know, running from the fans as usual, they can get pretty bad.”
“Ya, I hear you on that.” Yuri let out a yawn on the other line “Hey Cade, I’m pretty tired from the flight, I’m off to bed if that’s ok.” Cade nodded “Its alright. Ummm, so will you call me again or should I just call you back?”
“You can call me whenever you want. I’m off so I’ll talk to you later. Goodnight Cade, see you in Moscow.” Cade nodded “Yeah, goodnight.” He hung up with a sigh, sitting on the sofa “So, that b*****d really did it to you after all Yuri…I’m so sorry.”
Chapter 25
In the morning, Kiyoshi was at his bandmates door, pounding on it loudly to let him in. Cade jumped, hearing the incessant rapping at Kazutria's and Kyo's room door. Kyo answered sleepily. "What is it..."
"It's ten in the morning and you're STILL not awake?!" Kiyoshi yelled. Cade took the hint that it was time to get up. He quickly got in his new set of clothes and walked out, carrying his things. His cellphone rang loudly, slightly vibrating in his pocket. It was a monotone of one of his songs that he recorded, "In the Bliss of a Dream". He answered his phone, putting everything down and walking away from the screaming. Kyo jumped back, not expecting Kiyoshi to yell so loudly.
"Alright, alright...Kaz...wake up...Kiyoshi's here..." Kyo sighed, scratching his head. Kazutria stretched, yawning.
"Not you too...I told you he was a bad influence..." Kiyoshi murmered.
"I heard that!" Kyo called, putting some pants over his boxers and throwing a black tanktop over his head. Kazutria slipped on his red shirt with brown pants. Grabbing their things, they took off to the airport, finding Cade along the way with his crew who were talking amongst themselves. When the limo came to a hault, hundreds of fans soon quickly caught a glimpse of the new band in town. Touring with an older band also looked good for Falling Star. Pushing their way out from the sea of fans, they quickly slipped inside and onto their plane. Kazutria had noticed that Trepid Night's band's limosine was already parked. "They must be inside already..." he thought to himself, taking a seat on the window side of the plane. Moments later, Cade appeared, laughing with another man. He was tall, muscular, and had long blonde hair which was tied up in a ponytail. He wore a white tanktop and black pants. His eyes were of a light cerulan color. The man was about the same height as Cade. Another man followed in behind the two. He had silvery flowing hair which reached down to his neck. He wore a grey shirt with the name of his band written in blood red. His small glasses flashed on his face, hiding his eyes. Much quieter than the other two, he sat down in the inside of his seat where the window was. He didn't say a word.
Cade stopped laughing, taking a seat next to his friend. Across the isle was Kiyoshi, who was sitting alone, clutching his seat for dear life, and in the seat before him were Kyo and Kaz, who were getting settled in. Cade sighed, sitting next to Kiyoshi. "Are you doing alright?" he asked.
"I'm ********' dandy.."
"Well, do you mind if I sit with you?" He smiled.
"No..."Kiyoshi grumbled, "Though I might get up in a bit, so don't get too comfortable."
"Fair enough."Cade smiled, turning back to the other man, laughing again. As the plane took off and hit a safe altitude to move about, the man with the silver hair rose from his seat, walking to the stairs for the bar. Talas looked back in his seat to see Rage and Falling Star sitting multiple rows behind them. He smiled, turning around to converse with Hojo. Sven rose from his seat aswell, walking to the bar on the other side of the plane. Once sitting in a booth, he ordered a tall brewsky and sat, watching to see what drama could be made on this flight. Sanoi followed soon after, sitting on one of the bar chairs, drinking a mix of coke and scottch. He fiddled with his glass, watching the alcohol sway from one side to the other.
Kyo got up from his seat aswell and decided that he wanted to check out the bar to see if there was anything he could do on the seven hour flight to Russia. He got to the bar and took a seat at the booth with his drink, relaxing and looking out the window. The man with the silver hair walked up to Kyo’s booth.
“Hey, you're from Falling Star right?”
“Yeah I am. Who are you?”
“My name isn't of any concern to you…how’s Kazutria doing?” Kyo raised an eyebrow,
“Do you know where he is right now? I'd like a word with him.” The man took another sip of his drink, then focusing back on Kyo. Kyo became nervous.
“He’s sleeping downstairs…I would really like to know who you are.” The man sighed,
“I told you my name is of no concern to you. Now where's Kazutria?” Kyo stood up, confronting the man
“Well I think it does now seeing how you’re asking about someone I love, and I don’t even know who you are.” The man’s eyes darted at Kyo behind his glasses.
“I suggest you sit down.” He said calmly, though Kyo was beginning to act up.
“Ya? What if I don’t? What are you going to do about it? What are you, Kaz’s ex?” The man took a couple steps closer. He was much taller than Kyo.
"You got some ******** issues you need to work out kid. I don’t like your attitude and I really don’t know how Kaz puts up with your cry baby bullshit.” He brushed past Kyo knocking him over and making him fall on his back. “He deserves much better then your scrawny a**.” The man spat now in the doorway, then leaving the bar. Kyo got up cleaning himself off as Sven watched the entire fight closely with a smile.

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