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Lofting about.
&Learning new and exciting things each day&
Falling Star Chapter Story (Chapters 16-20)
Warning: Yaoi involved!! (boyxboy)

Chapter 16
Kyo and Kazutria both jumped. “Jeez! Don’t scare me like that!” Kyo yelled, trying to catch his breath. The man let out a chuckle,
“I’m terribly sorry, didn’t mean to scare you. It’s quite nice to see you both again.” Kyo and Kazutria nodded “Yea…you too.” They said, speaking in unison. Kiyoshi kept walking away. He couldn’t go back; he would only make things worse for his greatest friend. Kazutria turned to see Kiyoshi still walking. He looked to Kyo,
“Excuse me for a moment.” Kazutria ran after Kiyoshi. He grabbed his arm again, this time standing in front of him.
“Kiyoshi! Stop! I don’t want you to leave; I don’t want to be alone again!” He yelled. Kiyoshi just stared at him, sighing.
“Look, Kaz…there’s so much more you don’t know about me…. if I stay any longer, things will get bad.” Kazutria held his shirt tight, looking as if he was going to cry.
“I don’t care! I can take it; I just want you to stay for good and not have to leave again.” Kiyoshi sighed, looking away from Kazutria, not saying anything. He let go of his arm and turned away aswell.
“What ever is for the best,” He said and walked off. Kyo went to run after him, but was stopped by Kiyoshi.
“He doesn’t want to talk to anyone right now, especially you, boy toy.” Kyo looked to him then walked to a bench, looking out toward the lake. Talas snickered,
“Boy Kiyoshi, you really know how to make people happy.” Kiyoshi cracked his knuckles, making Talas back away. Meanwhile, Kyo sat on another bench, thinking to himself.
“Stupid Kiyoshi, always acting that way…. Why does he do this?” He turned around to see Kazutria sitting at a bench farther back. He got up and went over.
“Hey, you alright?” he asked. Kazutria looked at him, wiping the tears away, giving a smile.
“Yeah, I’ll be fine.” Kiyoshi looked back to see Kyo with Kazutria,“Son of a…” Kiyoshi said to himself, walking over, but the hooded man stepped in his way, stopping him.
“Now, now Kiyoshi, We need to talk, leave them be.” He said, a grin curling onto his lips, forming into a skewed smile.
Chapter 17
Kiyoshi sneered, “What is it now? I already planned a date to speak with you.” The man lowered his arm, “The tour’s dawning quickly upon us I think it would be in out best interests to prepare for it soon.”
“So, what does this planning have to do with me exactly? I have a band too you know.” Kiyoshi folded his arms across his chest, looking at the man angrily.
“For the most part, nothing,” He smiled, looking back to where Kyo and Kazutria were previously seated. He knew that they were long gone by now. His diversion had worked perfectly.
“Sven, get your two lackeys out of here, and leave Kaz and boy toy out of whatever fiendish plot your planning.” Kiyoshi said through gritted teeth; not pleased with how everyone was acting today. Kiyoshi did his best to remain calm, though, still very upset with the intruders in his house earlier. Sven bowed and hopped into his carriage.
“Very well then; we’ll check in with you later.” He said, removing his hood and turning back to Kiyoshi. The man was about, if not almost Kiyoshi’s height. He had blonde hair, which was pulled back by a blue and green band; a crescent moon clip holding the two ends together. Sven’s green eyes seemed to glow whenever he spoke, and always finished speaking with a white, shining smile. Though he was very soft spoken, Sven had enthusiasm when needed speaking in his beautiful, soothing voice. It almost seemed as if he could calm seas with a voice such as his.
Kiyoshi nodded and walked back into his manor.“Why me?” He sighed, asking himself and re-entering his home and having a seat. Corvo flew in through the broken window.
“Find them,” Kiyoshi ordered, lifting his hand. A piece of paper was held out so that his messenger could snatch it and be on its way. Without hesitation, the bird was long gone. Meanwhile, Kyo and Kazutria sat on a bench that resided on the edge of the lake. Kyo held his face in frustration, trying to unravel the mystery that was the personality and emotion of Kiyoshi. Kazutria twiddled his thumbs moving one over the other repeatedly and wondering what he should say to Kyo to break this awkward silence.
“Why does he only target me?” Kyo finally asked. Kazutria scratched his head.
“It’s not only you, Kyo. He does that to almost everyone”
“That still doesn’t mean that he has any right to continue picking on me! Ya know? I’ve always wondered what was so bad in Kiyoshi’s past that morphed him into who he is today. Maybe he was born evil…” Kyo looked up, deep in thought.
“Kyo, you can’t possibly be born ‘evil.’ As I remember, he had very nice, friendly parents”
“I don’t care,” Kyo sulked, kicking small pebbles that were around his feet into the lake. Kazutria picked up a rock and threw it. It skimmed six times before it submerged. Corvo flew overhead for a moment, blocking the sun. Both boys looked up, though nothing was there. Kyo stood up.
“I don’t think I can handle this any longer, Kaz”
“Kyo, be reasonable...Just pay no attention to him. He’ll get bored of it sooner or later and just let it go.” Upon speaking he was interrupted by the black falcon that swooped down and perched on the bench behind them. They both looked back. Kyo spotted something in its beak. A note; and since Kyo was closest, he leaned toward the bird slowly. It cawed, dropping the note onto the seat, making Kyo jump. He looked into its eyes, easily reaching for the paper. He finally managed to take the paper; skimming through it quickly. Looking back at the bird, Kyo noticed that the bird had similar eyes with his band mate. It was as if it were a reflection of an empty void; similar to Kiyoshi’s cold, heartless glare.
“It’s Corvo,” Kyo stated. The falcon rustled its feathers and watched the two, not blinking once.
“How did you know th-” Kazutria began.
“It’s the eyes, they’re the same as Kiyoshi’s,” Kyo shot, interrupting Kazutria before he could finish his question, “There’s no doubt about it. It seems that he wants us to return to the studio as quickly as we can. He wants to speak with us.” Kazutria inhaled deeply, a bit nervous about what was to come.
“Are you going to go?” Kazutria looked over to him with a nervous smile, scratching the back of his head. Kyo shrugged, looking over to him as well.
“Sure, I’ll just ignore him,” and with that said, Corvo leapt up and flew off, leaving only a few black feathers behind, which swayed softly down to the earth.
Chapter 18
Kyo and Kazutria headed back to where Kiyoshi was sitting, his face red as ever. They could see in Kiyoshi’s eyes that he was not in a good mood and Kyo felt a talk coming. They both stopped in front of Kiyoshi, standing straight and looking at him. Kiyoshi got up, giving Kyo a short glare, and then turning. “Let’s go you two.” He said in a cold manor. Talas. Hojo and Sven followed, but Kiyoshi turned to them pointing his finger in their direction,.
“No, I’m driving them. And I thought you guys already left...You are all going to leave now. I’ll deal with you later.” He said bitterly. Sven bowed, “As you wish, Kiyoshi.” He nudged his head toward Talas and Hojo, walking back to the carriage; both band mates following behind him. Talas turned and sent a girly wave to the three of them, then jumped to the top of the carriage, riding away. Kyo stood there, watching them leave, until the sound of Kiyoshi’s vehicle revving broke his concentration.
“Hey, boy toy! Get your a** in the car, now!” he yelled, not wanting any problems at the moment. Kyo hoped in the car, not saying anything as Kiyoshi sped off. Kiyoshi looked in his rearview mirror, looking at Kyo. “What were you both doing, Kaz?” he asked. Kyo looked to Kiyoshi.
“We were just tal-“
“I wasn’t talking to you now was I, boy toy?” he snapped. Kazutria looked to Kiyoshi, “Kiyoshi lay off him will ya? Jeez, we were just talking.” Kiyoshi nodded.
“Bet boy toy over there was trying to get in your pants.”
“What the ******** your problem!” Kyo snapped, “I never did s**t to you and you’re treating me like I’m the ******** scum of the earth!” Kiyoshi slammed on the breaks and turned to Kyo. Kyo and Kazutria jerked forward, still with the car’s momentum.
“You swear in my car again, and so God help me I will knock your a** out into next week, understood?” he said coldly. Kazutria shook his head in disgust.
“Kiyoshi, what’s your problem today?”
“Nothing, I’m just making sure boy toy doesn’t try anything funny.” The rest of the ride was silent. Soon, it started to rain, Kyo looking out the window at it. He sighed softly, thinking to himself. “What the ******** is wrong with this world?”
Chapter 19
Kiyoshi swerved into the lot of the studio. He got out of the car and dragged Kyo out of his seat. Kazutria slammed the car door on his side. He pushed Kiyoshi.
“Kiyoshi what’s gotten into you!? Let him down!!” Kazutria yelled. Kiyoshi held Kyo in the air. He tried squirming out of Kiyoshi’s tight grasp. With no luck, he kicked Kiyoshi in the stomach. Kiyoshi flinched, but didn’t let him down.
“Kiyoshi I’m not kidding! This isn’t funny!!!” Kazutria screamed, tears streaming out of his eyes. “He’s not good for you Kaz. He’s emotionally unstable and he’ll really hurt you later on if you get too involved.” Kyo looked at Kiyoshi wide eyed, his heart racing faster with each beat.
“Kaz, I know it…I can tell by the way he quickly reacts to things, how quickly he gets worked up about something and how upset he gets when someone’s sad or lonely. It’s very noticeable. Do you want to be lonely? He’ll leave sooner or later because he’s emotionally unfit to keep it all together.” Kazutria blankly stared at Kiyoshi.
“You’re lying…He’d never hurt anyone….”
“Kaz…I’m not going tell you who you and who you can’t be with, alright? It’s not my business; however, I’d talk it over with boy toy and see if he’s the right match for you. I don’t want to hear any complaining or bickering or anything between you guys. I tend to stray from quarreling…” Kiyoshi dropped Kyo back down. Still petrified, Kyo remained still as Kiyoshi walked off. Corvo soon found his masters location, and perched on Kiyoshi’s shoulder. Kazutria ran over to Kyo, shaking him a bit. “Kyo…Kyo it’s alright…please speak to me…” He cried out, very concerned. Meanwhile, Fujisaki was lounging in his office. He was standing at his coffee maker, pouring himself a fresh cup, when suddenly; a rapping came to his door. Nearly spilling the pot over onto his hand, Fujisaki scrambled for the door, coffee pot still in hand. Kiyoshi walked in before he could touch the knob. “Well hello there…Uh…”
“Ah, Kiyoshi…You’re from Trep-”
“Falling Star”
“Oh…Falling Star…that’s right!” he smiled, putting the coffee down. He offered Kiyoshi a cup; but was declined. Kiyoshi walked to the window, looking out on the two from the balcony. He opened the glass sliding door, and slammed it shut. Fujisaki cringed. He scratched his head and followed, but cautiously. “Is everything alright?” He asked, opening the door. Kazutria was still mildly shaking Kyo out of his trance, but with no effect. Kiyoshi sighed to himself, ignoring his question. Fujisaki asked again. Kiyoshi looked up at the dreary clouds, which seemed as if they were about to explode with water. “It’s just between me and those two down there…” He nudged his head toward the two, and then returned to looking at the gray sky.
Chapter 20
Fujisaki looked out the window down to the parking lot to see Kyo and Kazutria. “Ah I see…I get a lot of bands fighting with each other.” Kiyoshi looked back, “Actually it’s more with the one with the reddish hair. He’s the biggest problem.” Fujisaki raised an eyebrow, “I don’t see much with him. He actually looks like the quiet type.” Kiyoshi shook his head, neglecting to turn around and take his eyes off the two for an instant,
“Trust me…you’ll rarely see him quiet.” Fujisaki chuckled,
“My what a nice crowd your band will draw.” Kazutria kept shaking Kyo, trying to snap him out of his trance,“Please Kyo…Say something…” he said, tears rolling down his face. The salty trails would eventually reach his chin and slowly fell off his face, soaking his shirt. Kyo looked up, seeing Kazutria crying.
“Don’t cry…I’ll start crying.” He said softly. Kazutria wiped his tears away with his hand, sniffling a bit. Kyo looked to the ground then into his friend’s eyes, “He’s right…you deserve so much better then me Kaz...” Kazutria looked at him, shaking his head.
“Don’t say that…don’t listen to what Kiyoshi says, please.” Kyo’s eyes had welled up. Becoming puffy and red, he choked back tears.
“I don’t want to listen…but at the same time I want what will make you happy Kaz. I don’t care about my happiness anymore; it's yours I care about. If you weren’t here, I wouldn't want to live...” he felt Kazutria’s hand slap across his face, it was a hard hit that snapped Kyo straight. Still completely shocked, Kyo looked back up at Kazutria who was trying not to cry,
“Don’t say that….” He said holding him; Kazutria chin rested on Kyo’s shoulder while Kyo’s face was shadowed by Kazutria’s arm. Kazutria was about a head higher than Kyo, making the elevation between the two noticeable. Kyo held back tightly, crying in his arms.
Kiyoshi groaned, “Great…just ******** wonderful.” He said as he turned about to walk towards the door. Fujisaki looked back,
“Wait. Common, leave them be for a while. We can talk about the future of the band.” Kiyoshi turned around, “I could give a damn about the band at the moment. I care about Kaz’s mentality.” He said reaching for the door. Fujisaki sighed, “I got beer…” Kiyoshi’s ear twitched, his head slowly turning.
“Beer? Here?” Fujisaki nodded with a smile. Kiyoshi turned back, eyeing him cautiously, “Alright…but I’ll hold you accountable for anything that happens to Kaz.”

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