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Lofting about.
&Learning new and exciting things each day&
Falling Star Chapter Story (Chapters 11-15)
Warning: Yaoi involved!! (boyxboy)

Chapter 11
“Why do you keep calling me that?! You can’t justify that I like men you pervert!” Kyo yelled, lunging for Kiyoshi, who merely grabbed him by the cuff of his shirt and held him outward. Kyo frantically tried to punch and grab at Kiyoshi. Corvo flapped his wings, keeping balance on Kiyoshi’s shoulder
“But it’s so true. I know how you ogle men on T.V. and when we go to the studio; don’t think I don’t know your secret.” Kiyoshi replied calmly.
“You’re an a*****e! I don't have a secret! Let me down now!” Kyo stopped struggling and yelled, his eyes turning very red and puffy.
“Suit yourself, boy toy.” Kiyoshi sighed, dropping him on the floor. Kyo hit the ground with a thud. He pulled himself up and stared at Kiyoshi, who now had his arms folded over his chest, staring down at him. Kiyoshi was much taller then Kyo, giving him a more intimidating appearance.
“You know, I don’t need this…. You sort yourself out, and once you begin to respect me, come find me and we’ll talk like gentlemen.” Kiyoshi snapped, turning for the door.
“What?! You consider yourself a gentleman? As if you jerk, you’re far from one!” Kyo said angrily, getting in his face. Kiyoshi glared down at him, not blinking. Corvo, still on his shoulder cawed loudly, making Kyo jump and Kiyoshi roll his eyes.
“Pathetic... you can’t even hold your ground, let alone intimidate anyone you have a problem with. I’m going to head out again for a bit Kazutria. Make sure this idiot doesn’t blow a vein or something.” He said taking his leave, his coat swaying behind him as he shut the door.
“Hmph …that conceited jerk…” Kyo mumbled, looking at the floor. Kazutria sighed, turning him around. “Kyo, Kiyoshi’s been going though a lot lately…Don’t you think its best not to edge him onto killing you just yet?” He scratched his head, worry filling in his heart, and could be seen in his eyes, “He’s a good guy…Just leave him be for a bit, but in the meantime, calm yourself down.” Kyo nodded, taking a seat.
“Let’s wait for him, I’m sure he can’t be gone for too long.” Kazutria sighed, turning on the TV. Hours had past since then, and Kazutria became even more worried. He paced up by his window, constantly staring out for brief periods of time, and then continuing to walk back and forth. While they were worrying, Kiyoshi beckoned his falcon, which was circling about the sky above him. Soon after, it swooped down, grabbing hold of his glove and arching over. It took its gaze away from Kiyoshi’s eyes. Kiyoshi turned him around, trying to look into its eyes.
“Corvo, why don’t you ever look me in the eyes?” He asked, trying to get a better look at the mysterious bird, continuously turning his hand around to look him in the eyes. With no luck, the falcon continued to look away. Kiyoshi sighed, flicking his wrist. Corvo flew off, hovering above him, though not flying away. Kiyoshi then propped himself up against a tree close to him
“Cherry blossoms…my favorite…and what luck…they’ve continued to flourish even with my leave…” He sighed, picking up some pinky white leaves off the ground, then blowing out of his hand, reuniting them with the wind. The soft breeze took them far, and out onto the lake of his old estate. He stood up and began to walk around the park of cherry blossoms. In the past, he remembered his parents driving around laughing and smiling in a golf cart to get out of the house. It was considered their “walk.” Kiyoshi snickered; kicking a stone and watching it race across the fertile soil.
“Those lazy bastards…” He said shaking his head, sticking his hands deep within his pockets and continued on. Meanwhile, Kazutria frantically ran around the studio, turning over furniture and everything that he could move in his sight.
“Where's Kiyoshi?!” He yelled, looking around every square inch of the studio. Two men looked into their room. The door to the recording studio was open. They smiled, waving at Kyo.
“Kaz, these are the guys who I saw the other night…” Kyo said frightened, hiding behind him, looking at Talas and Hojo. Though, Kazutria kept running around, trying to find his friend, leaving Kyo vulnerable
“We’ll find him…somewhere…” Kyo said assuring him that everything was going to be fine.
“I need him now! We're recording tomorrow afternoon!” he shouted, holding his head and pulling his hair.
“My apologies about Kiyoshi…He's very stubborn, don’t you agree?” A man in a hood chuckled, rising up from his seat. Neither Kazutria, nor Kyo had noticed him sitting there the whole time. He cleared his throat. Hojo and Talas snickered in the back, instruments in hand.
“However,” the man began again, “I do have an idea as to where he might’ve run off.” A smile appeared on his face and his teeth gleamed. Not even questioning this stranger’s motive, and how he knew about his friend, Kazutria grabbed the coat of the man and begged him for answers. His main priority was to find his band mate, Kiyoshi.
“Now, you must remember, Kiyoshi comes from nobility. He’s very wealthy and owns many estates. I’d think he must’ve run off to a retreat of his.”
“Which one might that be?” Kazutria asked, letting go and looking at the hood where his eyes would be and thinking deeply.
“There’s a castle in a couple towns away called ‘The Arc de Townsend.’ It’s on a hidden road called Briginham in the city of Bargnoir. It’s a very lovely estate, I must say.”
“Well then Kyo, grab your things and let’s get going! I know where it is!” Kazutria exclaimed, grabbing his coat and running out the door. Hojo looked to Talas, who looked as if he were to explode with excitement.
“Road Trip!” Talas yelled happily, “I call shot gun!” he laughed, heading for the door. Hojo followed him soon after, holding his lighter up and lighting the cigarette which rested on his lips. The man in the hood looked to Kyo.
“You’re friend seems to be worried. Are you not going to follow him?” He asked, leaving the studio and out to his coach, where he guided Kazutria who was standing in shock, marveling at the beauty of the carriage. Kyo remained in the room, thinking to himself and questioning the man’s reasons as to why he was guiding them to Kiyoshi, and how he knew about him. He soon came to the conclusion that it’d be in his best interest to follow the group. Though he did not concern himself with this stranger, it was what was best with Kazutria. Then, stepped out of the studio and stared at the carriage before him. It looked as if it were from medieval times. It was black, gold, and silver with different shades of blue laced around the ends of the carriage. The man escorted Kyo and Kazutria into the carriage, and Hojo closed the door behind them. The interior of the carriage was a dark red with black woodwork around the red cushions. The walls were embedded with different jewels that seemed to glow with the little light from the two medieval lanterns, which hung above them. Kyo continued to survey the carriage, jumping at the sound of the four black horses in the front neighing impatiently. Talas held the reigns of the four black horses, and Hojo clung onto the back, as the carriage sped off. The man in the hood waved them goodbye, and returned back into the studio. Fujisaki, who had just woken up, looked out his window, to see the hooded man enter the building. Footsteps were heard from down the hall; one after the other, becoming louder and louder with each step.
Kiyoshi continued around the lake, his hair tied back tightly in a braid to keep the extra strands of hair out of his eyes. Corvo leapt off his shoulder and circled above him. The leaves of the cherry blossom trees were ripped off the branches from the wind. The pink and white festival of colors swarmed around him. He looked up at the sky, and great, white fluffy clouds rolled over head. The water rippled with the breeze, pushing it up onto the land before him and soaking his bare feet. Kiyoshi removed his shirt, and glove, jumping into the lake in his pants. He kept his glasses on. Corvo perched on a tree, which overlooked the lake. Kiyoshi swam out to the waterside raft that he had made a couple years back when living on his own. He sat in a lounge chair. Dripping wet, he put his glasses closer to his nose and relaxed. Corvo flew over and landed on his chair, looking out for anything that wasn’t normal.
“Summer days…” Kiyoshi said to himself, closing his eyes.
Chapter 12
Fujisaki looked back to the door; where he had heard the footsteps approaching. The knob turned slowly and the door opened to a man whose face was concealed in the shadows of his hood. The man took a bow, his blonde bangs dropping in front of his shaded face and becoming the only part of him visible to the world.
“Good morning sir. I’m here to have a conference with you about something rather important.” Fujisaki shook his head, just waking up.
“Well, I don’t know; I got a lot of things to do today. Care to make an app-” he reached for his daily book, but his wrist was grabbed quickly by the man.
"My friend, I’m afraid now is the only time I’m available.” He said chuckling as he closed the door slowly behind him.
Kyo sat uncomfortably in his seat, looking out of the carriage window closest to his person. Kazutria, on the other hand, enjoyed watching the scenery that flew by. Kyo looked to Hojo, who was playing cards with Talas. By the looks of it, Hojo was losing; miserably.
“Dammit, you cheat all the time!” Hojo yelled to Talas, his lips curling into a devilish grin.
“Nonsense, don’t make up excuses because you suck at cards. Live with it, or don’t play. Easy.” Kyo cleared his throat, “Umm, e-excuse me….” Hojo and Talas’ glanced over in unison.
“Uh, so, who are you people again?” Hojo look at him blankly,
“…You’re joking, right?” he asked,
“N-no.” Talas broke out laughing, almost tearing up,
“Wow, this guy’s pretty slow!” Kyo jumped up, waving his arms in a blind fury.
“Don’t say that! I’m normal!” Talas squeezed his cheek.
“Awww, you’re so cute when you’re angry.” Kyo angrily pushed his hand away.
An hour had passed since the stranger had arrived at Fujisaki’s office. Soon the door finally opened. The man walked out, bowing once again to Fujisaki.
“Thank you very much Mr. Fujisaki, you won’t regret it. Have a good afternoon.” He turned and left the studio, leaving Fujisaki standing there speechless. The man’s robe waved behind him. A large, cursive “S” which was laced with white, precious jewels shimmered on his back. Fujisaki grabbed a cup and poured himself some coffee, completely chugging it down.
“Not only did I sign a band that I’ve never heard before, but I put them on the list of bands that would be performing at the world tour. Wow…. Let’s just hope this doesn’t bring my record company down.” Fujisaki said, shaking his head. He took a seat at his desk, turning the chair towards the window and looked out, seeing the man walking away. He let off a shrug; having a very uneasy feeling about the stranger he had just met.
The carriage soon came to a halt; the horses relaxing after their long run. Talas jumped up happily, opening the door and leaping out.
“Yeah, were back!!” he ran in circles around the area, acting like a child. Hojo stepped out, holding his hand out to help Kyo and Kazutria out the carriage as well. The two of them stood side-by-side, wide-eyed, not knowing where they were.
“Where are we?” Kyo finally asked. Hojo turned to him,
“Master Kiyoshi’s manner,” He placed his hands in his pockets and walked off to catch Talas, who was walking on the edge of the fountain nearly falling in. Talas smiled goofily, scratching the back of his head. In the distance, Kiyoshi heard the loud laughter of Talas from his platform on the lake. He letting out an annoyed sigh,
“s**t…. they’re back...”
Chapter 13
Kiyoshi got up from his chair, looking out towards his house. He squint his eyes, removing his sunglasses to get a better look. There was a man in a black suit was holding someone who was on his fountain, wearing jeans a black tank top and a navy blue overcoat. He put his glasses back up over his eyes and jumped onto the Jet Ski, which was docked on his right. He then pushed in the ignition button and sped off, Corvo soon taking flight over him in the sky. Kyo has heard the engine rev.
“What was that?” he asked nervously, looking around, “Is there anybody else here?”
“Just Kiyoshi; this is one of his infamous retreats.” Talas smiled, finally being let down from Hojo’s grasp. Kyo couldn’t believe it. He blinked multiple times and looked up at the large mansion. It was about five stories tall with large bolted down doors. A chandelier hung over the door; the light off. The house was beige brown, and its details were beautifully laced with powdery blue paint. The door handles glistened in pure gold and the windows were rimed with stained glass, creating beautiful images of color inside and out. Kyo looked back at the fountain, which was of a crystal guitar with musical notes around the base of it. Water sprouted from the knobs on the top, and from the tips of the marble notes. He stared in awe, not knowing how much Kiyoshi had, and eventually left.
“This is…ONE…of his retreats?” Kyo asked, still staring in admiration of its beauty.
“I’m afraid so,” Kazutria spoke up, “This one is his favorite, I believe…we came here a lot as kids.”
“You knew about this?! Why didn’t you tell me?” Kyo yelled, though he wasn’t angry, merely shocked.
Kazutria backed up,” Well, you didn’t ask.” He said chuckling a bit, scratching his head. Talas cleared his throat.
“I suggest…we go in,” He said, holding in the excitement by biting his thumb. Hojo shook his head.
“I guess…this idiot might be right…” He said in his low tone of voice, walking up to the door slowly, as Talas sped by him. Kazutria nudged Kyo.
“C’mon. I know my way around here. Let’s just see if he’s inside,” Kazutria smiled assuring everything was safe. Kyo flushed bright red as Kazutria turned for the door. He shook himself off and followed.
Kiyoshi was speeding on the lake, Corvo flying above him with ease. The water entrance behind his house was opened.
“Someone’s been in here” he thought to himself as he parked the water mobile next to the five others which were docked. He jumped onto dock and slowly walked to the stairwell. Kiyoshi looked around at his toys. His sail, motor and speedboats were lined up neatly in the docks. Sighing, he walked up the spiral stairwell and into his kitchen. The stainless steal refrigerator was cracked open. He glared over, shutting it completely to keep its contents inside cold. On the marble counter was a knife that was smeared with peanut butter and jelly. The peanut butter jar was lopsided on the case, and there was a mess all over the counter. Kiyoshi twitched, walking into the den, where he had heard voices. Talas was eating his sandwich, wiping the loose peanut butter off his lip. In his other hand was a cola which was freshly opened. He slapped down three aces and two kings from his hand of cards. Hojo threw his cards at him.
“You can’t even tell me that wasn’t cheating! That’s like a five and eighty-five chance!” Hojo, as Talas knew, was terrible at math. He chuckled, knowing his friends’ probability was completely off.
“With the aces, it was a three and fifty-two chance. With the kings, two and fifty-two,” Talas laughed, shuffling the deck again about to speak. He was interrupted.
“That doesn’t mean the odds were even close!” Hojo growled, sitting back in his seat. Kyo sat on the sofa as Kazutria looked around the room. Just then, a figure lurked in the threshold.
“What the hell are you doing here?”
Chapter 14
Kyo jumped to the sound of Kiyoshi’s cold voice. Talas looked back, giving Kiyoshi a wave off. “We’re just playing cards and hanging out. Oh yeah, I made a sandwich.” He said taking another bite. Kiyoshi’s eye twitched as he glared fiercely at his unwanted house guests.
“I never gave any of you permission to come here…I suggest you leave.” Kazutria looked at him with big puppy eyes.
“Awww, we can’t stay here with you Kiyoshi?” Kiyoshi shook his head.
“No. All I want is to relax. Is that too hard to ask for? Does everyone need to know where I am and what I’m doing all day long?” He growled. Kyo was the first one who got up.
“I’ll go if you want” he said at last to Kiyoshi. Kiyoshi sneered, “Of course you would, you girl.” Kazutria nudged Kiyoshi. “Enough Kiyoshi…please…” Kiyoshi gave Kazutria a stare, and then sighed.
“He needs to stick up for himself instead of depending on you all the time.” Kyo shook his head. He turned and headed out the door. “You were never welcomed in the first place, kid.” Kiyoshi shouted, Kazutria shook his head and went after Kyo.
“I’m so glad everyone gets together so well these days.” Hojo sneered.
“Keep it up and you’ll be escorted out through the window…” Kiyoshi growled, not wanting to be bothered by annoying, unwanted house guests anymore.
Kyo sat at the dock, looking out, of course not leaving. Kazutria was here; he wouldn’t leave without him. Kazutria easily walked up to Kyo, placing his hand softly on his shoulder.
“Hey, you ok?”
“I don’t get what could make someone that cold….” Kyo shook his head. Kazutria sat next to him, looking to the distance.
“He’s always like that though. It’s just who Kiyoshi is, you know? I wouldn’t take it personally; he’s just like that to everyone.”
“Well he enjoys doing it to me to much. I’m like his little toy …” Kazutria finally took a seat next to his friend.
“That’s because you let him. You need to stick up to him and show him you’re not going to cave in to him.” Kaz stretched, raising his arms high to the air.
“Why do you enjoy my company?” Kyo asked softly.
“What kind of question is that? Because you’re my friend and you’re fun to be around.” Kazutria said smiling as usual. Kyo shrugged,“Thanks…t-there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you but…I don’t know what you’d say.” Kazutria pat him on the back.
“Common, you can ask me.” Kyo looked at him, turning a bit red “W-well…I…Um…I have feel-” But before he could finish, the sound of glass shattering echoed throughout the wood, making them both jump to their feet
Chaper 15
Hojo brushed off his coat and got back onto his feet. Talas stood in the broken window, flabbergasted. Kiyoshi walked over to him casually, making Talas back up in fear of being next.
"That other window is harder then the first…Might need to go a few rounds before it breaks” Kiyoshi said calmly. Talas jumped out through the broken window and stood behind Hojo for protection. Kyo and Kazutria ran up to the house, seeing the broken stained glass scattered across the grass. Kazutria shook his head and stood in front of the window where Kiyoshi was. Regardless of the broken glass under him, Kiyoshi sat in the window frame, looking down at him.
“That wasn’t necessary and you know it.”
“They gave me a hard time, and I didn’t want to deal with them. Easy enough. They wouldn’t leave, so I made them leave.”
“You know that window’s expensive, Kiyoshi!”
“Not really, I can fix it.”
“It’s over $50,000!!”
“Yeah, and?” Kyo couldn’t believe the calmness of Kiyoshi. With that very expensive broken window, all he did was sit calmly and talk to Kazutria, who was freaking out for him. Maybe it was shock. Maybe it was an accident. Kyo didn’t plan to speak. Instead, he remained silent, standing four feet from Talas and Hojo, watching the two quarrel like brothers. Kiyoshi continued to look lazily up at the sky as Kazutria was hollering out about the broken glass. He finally jumped down from the frame and stood before Kazutria, who was picking up some shards off the ground.
“Kaz, just leave it. It’s fine. I’ll tape the window up until I get a replacement. Just…go home and calm yourself.”
“If I go home, you’re coming with me.” He said, looking up at him. Kyo had never seen this seriousness from Kazutria before. It really meant that much to him for Kiyoshi to go home with them. Why Kazutria was acting like his mother baffled Kyo. Kiyoshi looked down upon him, walking around him and to his fountain. Kazutria turned around.
“Are you even listening to me?!”
“To be honest, yes, but I don’t want to”
“Well, if you’re listening, you’re coming home, today.”
“No,” Kiyoshi said, not even acknowledging him. Kazutria was turning red in the face. He finally ran up and grabbed his arm. Kiyoshi didn’t look back.
“So, you’re going to live in solitude from now on? Am I not as good of a host as your servants were? I’m sorry I don’t understand, and I’m sorry I can’t give you everything; Kiyoshi you’re my friend. What more can I give you to get you back on your feet and home with us…” Kyo had no idea how much Kazutria cared for him as a friend. He stepped back, snapping a twig. Talas noticed.
“You think he’ll go back with you guys?” Talas asked
“I…I’m not sure…He’s n-”
“Good afternoon, gentlemen” the man in the hood said, arriving onto the scene

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