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Lofting about.
&Learning new and exciting things each day&
Falling Star Chapter Story (Chapters 6-10)
Warning: Yaoi involved!! (boyxboy)

Chapter 6
Kyo looked at the ground, hands on top of his head, thinking deeply. He opened the bag of food Kazutria left for him and began eating. He couldn’t really understand what happened with Talas and Hojo. He took a bite into the burger, turning the TV on. He flipped through the channels, looking for something to watch. He then came across the music channel with some music videos playing and left it at that.
A press conference soon came on. It was the president of their record company, Mr. Fujisaki. Kyo’s band was signed last year. Though they didn’t do much, the continued to wait and practice at home. Maybe today was the day things would change for “Falling Star.” The president was sitting at a table with microphones around him. Cameras were flashing everywhere. He took a sip of his water.
“Good afternoon. I’m glad you were all able to make it today on such short notice. I am here to announce the beginning of our world tour. We will have many bands playing, including such bands as Shadows of Oblivion, Trepid Night, and a new, up- coming band, Falling Star.”
Kyo nearly choked. He turned the volume up to listen closer, leaning slightly towards the television.
“I will be informing the bands that are going on this tour tomorrow afternoon. The tour will begin in six months from today and will last up to five months. I guarantee, to the listeners out there right now; there is a band in this list that will shake the world forever. Any questions?” he asked with a smile. Kyo turned the TV off, immediately picking up his phone and dialing Kazutria’s number. Kazutria picked up,
“Kaz! You’re not going to believe this!! We’re going on a world tour!!” there was a slight pause. Kazutria then sighed, yawning bit.
“Uhh Kyo…I already know. Fujisaki called us. Didn’t he call you?” a sweat drop appeared next to Kyo’s head.
“Oh, no he didn’t. Wow…. this is embarrassing.” Kazutria laughed on the other line.
“Ya, sounds it. Well hey, come over right now. We can hangout over here, what you say?”
“Sure, I’ll be there in a few.”
Kyo threw his trash away and grabbed his electric guitar, putting it in the case and carrying it out with him. He arrived at Kazutria’s house, with a smile. He then knocked on the door waiting for someone to answer; their band is going to thrive from this one, phenomenal concert.
Chapter 7
Kiyoshi opened the door, "Kaz told me you had no idea…sorry fool.” He leaned in the threshold of the door, blocking further entry into Kazutria's condo.
“But I saw Mr. Fujisaki on T.V so it’s alright!” he exclaimed, still flushed with excitement. Kyo ignored almost any sarcastic behavior that came from Kiyoshi, his joy expanding ten times more within his fragile body. He stepped over Kiyoshi’s legs and entered Kazutria’s home.
“Kaz! Let’s play some new songs and prepare now!” Kyo whipped out his electric guitar, and began running about Kazutria’s home, searching left and right for his singer. Kyo finally came to a stop, looking around and bumping into Kiyoshi again. He looked down at Kyo, hands in his pockets.
“Kazutria’s probably sleeping again; after all, you did happen to wake him this morning.” Kyo scratched his head, “Guess I’m just really excited”
“Gee, you’re surely a rocket scientists if you figured that one out all on your own,” Kiyoshi rolled his eyes, “I’ll go set up my drum set and my bass guitar incase we want t-”
“I thought we’d go to the studio?” Kyo looked at him confusedly.
“Well,” he turned around, “First we need MATERIAL to record,” he emphasized on material. Kyo fell over.
“This is taking too long…” Kyo groaned. Kiyoshi shot him a glare, but soon eased up, walking up the stairs and standing infront of Kazutria's bedroom door.
“Well, let’s wake sleeping beauty, shall we?” Kiyoshi groaned, knocking on Kazutria's door. Kiyoshi blinked, trying to turn the knob. Still no budge. Kyo then tried to turn the knob. Kiyoshi sighed angrily.
“What makes you think that if I can't open it...you can?" Kiyoshi asked, "Alright…hang on,” he said, taking a step back from the door. Kyo followed his actions, watching Kyioshi pull out his cellphone. He dialed Kazutria’s number. Ring…ring…one, two, three, four, five, one after another, the ringing never seemed to end. Finally he heard Kazutria's voice on his answering machine. Kiyoshi shut his phone, glaring at the locked door with his cold eyes.
“Move back and make sure you don’t get hit.” He said, leaning one foot back. Kyo, having no idea what was going on, moved back about five feet behind him. Kiyoshi took his glasses off and turned the knob one last time and leaned his body back, striking the door with his foot forcefully until it broke off its hinges. Kiyoshi then returned his hands deep within his pockets, lingering in the threshold. Kyo stood in the middle of the hall leading out of Kaz’s room, wide eyed and jaw dropped. Kazutria had fallen out of bed, clasping onto his pillow for dear life.
“What...What are you doing!?” Kasutria shouted, scared out of his mind, but slowly getting back to his feet.
“Kyo’s here to see you…” Kiyoshi said as he turned and took his leave. Both Kyo and Kazutria stood in the same spot, watching Kiyoshi exit the room, with wide eyes.
“Remind me…. T-To never upset Kiyoshi…ever…” Kazutria blinked, still remaining still.
“I’ll…do that…” Kyo replied, turning his attention to the door. The hinges were broken clean off the wall and half of the door it was clamped to. Where the hinge was torn on the door, sharp slivers of wood stuck out, sticking up. Broken shards of the door were scattered in a four-foot area around the threshold.
“Uh…I’m…going to get…dressed…and meet you in the den in a couple of minutes” Kazutria pointed to his dresser and walked over, pulling out some clean clothes. Kyo nodded and shook himself off, snapping back into reality and returning downstairs. The dim light in Kazutria’s door was still on, but it soon snapped off. Kiyoshi was tuning his guitar, strumming the four strings every now and then to see where he was. As Kyo reached the last step, he cautiously walked over to Kiyoshi and softly spoke,
“Was that…Um…W-”
“What do you want?”
“Was that really necessary?” Kyo finally managed to mutter. Kiyoshi neglected to look up at him.
“Are you…questioning my motives?” He asked in a rather cold, icy tone
“N-no…I mean…was it really though?”
“Are you implying that you’re questioning me? Do you really want to rile me up and have you lose this argument miserably, losing all self-confidence and honor at 10:43 in the morning?” his glasses fell to his nose. He pointed his index finger up and pushed them closer to his face. Behind those shaded glasses were eyes which were as cold as a winter wind.
“Of course not, but…I…”
Kazutria slid down the stair rail and leapt off, microphone in one hand, and its stand, plus some papers in his other. Kyo looked over to his singer.
“You do know you cease to amaze me, Kaz?” He chuckled. Kiyoshi looked back down at his guitar and kept tuning it. Kazutria set his papers down on the bar table and put his microphone in its stand. A blue, silver, and black bandana, laced with white, crest-like designs were scattered along the soft fabric. It swayed as he put his mic into its place, then referenced back to his lyrics.
“Does this sound any good?” he asked, laying a few sheets of paper in a line. Beginning to sing.

Sudden Lust
Yet again I find myself alone.
With its entirety completely shown
Truly nothing ever feels the same
My heart still beats with shame
Sinking into the water like a stone
Why must this sudden desire
wish for me to run away?
Though I can’t help but gaze and admire
Realizing there’s nothing else to say
The summer breeze comes onto us fast
How’d we ever know this bond wouldn’t last
And this crazy game would come to its closing stages
This romance novel’s cutting down to its final pages.
You broke my heart in a clever masquerade
Why must this sudden desire
wish for me to run away?
Though I can’t help but gaze and admire
Realizing there’s nothing else to say
Oh how…is there nothing left to say
I can make it any other way

Chapter 8
The song was over. Kyo lowered his guitar. Kazutria lowered his mic and turned it off. He then pulled the papers back into a pile, and placing them in front of Kiyoshi.
“Wow Kaz, that was really good!” Kyo said enthusiastically. Kazutria scratched the back of his head and blushed.
“It was nothing really. I just had that song in my head and decided to play it.” Kiyoshi sighed, putting his bass down and taking a seat.
“So what are we going to do now? You need to make new material, unless ‘Mr. Oblivious’ over here comes up with one. Make haste, who knows what he’s plotting to write down at this very moment.” He said sarcastically. Kyo looked angered, glaring over
“Hey I can come up with some good songs, alright? I just need time to think about it.” Kiyoshi snickered, “Yeah, only when you’re daydreaming about some guy’s body.” He said, opening a newspaper and reading the 4th page. Kyo turned red and began chibi fit.
“I don’t think about that you pervert!!” Kyo calmed down, but a vein throbbed angrily on his forehead. Kazutria giggled, looking over to Kyo.
“Kyo, you know he’s just playing with you. No offence or anything but, you get worked up very easily.” Kiyoshi looked over to Kazutria and lowered his paper.
“I don’t ‘play’. I just do it because I think it’s funny.” He looked to the ceiling. His sunglasses moved up, resting on the bridge of his nose. Kazutria looked at both of them.
“Alright, c’mon, let’s order some food so we don’t end up starting a vicious war over nothing. What do you both want?” Kiyoshi thought for a moment.
“A burger,”
“I’ll have a chicken sandwich.” Kyo called out.
“And I’ll have a burger too.” Kazutria called ‘The Kit’ a small, fast food restaurant, and ordered the food. He soon hung up.
“Alright it should be here within twenty minutes.”
Kiyoshi let out a groan “If it’s not here in exactly twenty minutes, I’m going to eat something…or someone.” His stomach growled a bit,” But it won’t be Kyo…He has no muscle on him; another reason why you like men. You’re very feminine.”
“I don’t like men you dirty perv!!” Kazutria stopped him from jumping around.
“Easy Kyo, he’s just doing it to piss you off, let it go.” Kyo turned away, mumbling to himself. Kiyoshi looked to Kazutria with a sad, sarcastic face,
“I was only having fun with this little man lover.” He said, folding the paper back up. Kazutria looked at Kiyoshi shaking his head.
“Be nice please?” Kiyoshi sighed, turning away.
“You baby him far too much. I’ll lay off…for the moment…”
Meanwhile, Kyo sat at the bar, beginning to write. He was determined to prove to Kiyoshi that he could write songs, good songs nonetheless. Kiyoshi got up and looked over his shoulder, reading what he wrote.
“Wow...” Kyo looked back excitedly.
“You like it?!”
“You really suck at writing.” Kyo pulled the paper away
“It’s my song, I like it!” He yelled. Kyo then went to the bathroom. Kazutria moved over to Kiyoshi, but before Kyo shut the door, Kiyoshi shot one final look at his band mate.
“Don’t quit your day job just yet!” Kiyoshi called, watching Kyo slam the bathroom door and locking it behind him.
“So what did you really think of it?” Kazutria asked softly.
“To be completely honest…I didn’t think much of it.” Kazutria sighed, but smiled, giving him a hug.
“I know you’re somewhat nice on the inside.” A vein formed on Kiyoshi’s temple. And his paper crumpled underneath Kazutria, who was smiling cheerfully in Kiyoshi’s chest.
“…You can let go of me now.” Kiyoshi said angrily.
Chapter 9
Kiyoshi, after being released from Kazutrias death grip, grabbed his coat and slipped it on. “Where might you be going?” Kazutria asked, tilting his head and blinked. “Just…out for a while; it’s very stuffy in here. You should take better care of your condo.” Kiyoshi took his sunglasses off his face and clipped them to the neck of his shirt. “Kaz, I’m going to be gone for a while. Leave my dinner in the fridge, I’ll eat later.” He said, slowly placing a large brown laced, black glove onto his left hand. It was held together with gold threads and a mid-sized blue gem, which laid smack dab in the middle. The glove was thick, with fingers twice the size of a normal hand. It reached up to about his elbow.
“Ohh…What’s that on your hand, Kiyoshi?” Kazutria asked, very curiously.
“Is this, ‘let’s interrogate Kiyoshi time’ or something?” Kiyoshi snapped, pulling the glove up higher to get a better grip. Kazutria smiled. “Just asking. That’s a neat glove you have there”
“I guess…Anyways, I’ll be back in an hour or two.” Kiyoshi said, walking to the door, raising his hand and waving goodbye. As soon as he exited the condo, Kazutria shook his head, laughing a bit.
“I know there’s good in there somewhere...” He thought, knocking on the bathroom door.
“You can come back out now if you’d like. Kiyoshi’s gone” He announced to the closed door. Kyo peeked through the keyhole.
“Seems quiet…” he thought, opening the door. Kazutria greeted him with a warm smile.
“Welcome back” he laughed, taking a seat at the bar.
“Where’d the grouch go?” Kyo asked.
“Out where?”
“I duno…Anywhere I guess”
“And you’re not worried about him?”
“Why would I be?” Kazutria blinked.
“What if he hurts himself somehow?”
“Kiyoshi can take good care of himself” Kazutria smiled reassuringly.
“Not that I care or anything!” Kyo shouted, folding his arms across his chest, still upset from before.
“No worries, Kiyoshi’ll be just fine” Kazutria said, scratching the back of his head.
Meanwhile, Kiyoshi pulled up to ‘Briginham Wood.’ He turned his car off and cautiously stepped out of his vehicle. Carefully, he wandered into the mouth of the eerie wood. Kiyoshi gave his glove one final tug and stood still in the middle of a once grassy area. Trees surrounded him, with dewdrops softly dripping off the wet leaves, and hints of sunlight, poking through the tiny gaps of the canopy.
Kiyoshi cupped his hands together and brought his thumbs to his mouth. He mimicked a dove-like call, which echoed through the trees. There was no sound. Then, a black figure caught his eye. The tree to the right of him rustled its leaves. As he turned around and looked up, a small falcon’s head popped out, staring at him with its eyes as cold as ice. It spread it wings abruptly after making its appearance and dove down to Kiyoshi, but stopped just in time to clasp onto his glove firmly. The falcon hunched over. Its charcoal feathers were tipped with whitish beige ruffled a bit, making it comfortable. Its belly was also black, with beige feathers scattered every which way. On its head and trailing down to the back of its neck was a white stripe, about two millimeters wide.
It finally looked up from Kiyoshi from behind its wings, jumping up onto his shoulder and hanging closely to his face.
“It’s good to see you again, Corvo. Let’s head home” Kiyoshi stroked its black feathers, walking slowly to his car, hands dug deeply within his pockets. His steps made no sound, as he almost completely vanished in a think cloud of fog where the entrance once was.
Chapter 10
Kyo picked his guitar up and put it back in its case. He let out a sigh toward Kazutria, locking it up. “Kaz…what do you think of love?” Kaz looked at him with a raised eyebrow,
“Excuse me?”
“What do you think of love” he asked again. Kazutria scratched his head, chuckling a bit
“Wow I’ve never been asked before. Well if you must know, I haven’t a clue really. I’ve never really fallen for anyone, or had a serious relationship; so I can’t really say what real love feels like. I know girls have always been following me around, but I sing a lot too, so I guess they just liked me because of my voice, and my money…Why you ask?” A sweat drop formed on Kyo’s head.
“Oh, uh…n-no reason.”
Kiyoshi wandered the woods with the falcon on his hand. His expression remained neutral as he roamed the forest. “You seem to be in good condition since the last we’ve meet," He said, stopping. The falcon looked at him, his cold eyes peering into Kiyoshi’s and letting out a caw. The wind blew again, pushing his lose clothing and hair in its direction. Kiyoshi nodded, petting the black bird
“Still very soft…I see you’ve done well on your own.” Kiyoshi arrived to a small pond and took a seat on a stone sticking out of the ground. He let out a deep sigh and looked out to the pond, sitting back, deep in thought and relaxing after dealing with Kyo’s nagging as usual.
At the studio, in the president’s office, the curtains were closed; making the room pitch black and the futon was set as a bed, someone laying in it sleeping. An alarm from a wristwatch went off and was soon turned off by Fujisaki. He reached his hand out of the sheets to turn it off. He let out a groan, pressing a button on a switch to open the curtains, the light stinging his eyes. His clock flashed with the suns gleam, reading 9:45am. He got up from his sleep, stretching towards the ceiling, and then into his private bathroom. He jumped into the shower, cleaning himself up to prepare for the new day.
Fujisaki turned the water off and moved out of the bathroom in a towel. He picked some clothes out and got changed quickly, tying his tie and combing his hair back. He grabbed a coffee from the desk and picked the phone up, making a call. Kyo’s cell phone rang; he picked it up seeing it be the studio’s number.
“Kyo, its Fujisaki. I want your band to come to the studio today; I want to talk to you all about the world tour you’ll be taking part in, okay? Thanks bye.” He hung up. Kyo blinked and put his phone away.
“What is it?” Kazutria asked.
“Fujisaki wants us to meet him today to discuss the world tour, but we can’t leave until Kiyoshi gets back.” A sarcastic cough was heard at the doorway, with Kiyoshi filling up the threshold of the door. Corvo, still resting on his shoulder, peered into the dim-lighted room.
“Yeah, I think we can go now, sorry to keep you waiting, boy toy.” Kiyoshi said in a bitter tone.

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