Infer Elade

Character Name

Atho Turou


Appears 17












Upon first glance one would not see Atho a one with an exceptional build, his trench coat keeping many from seeing what lies beneath the dark covering. Underneath of this coat he wears similar dark clothing, a dark blue shirt made of a material that one would find quite comfortable as well as quite durable to the seasons. His pants would have no real difference either, its dark hue allowing the material to shine in any bit of light that managed to catch. Much of his wardrobe consists of such clothing. It is not odd for one to see a black pimp hat covering his head, the strands of his midnight blue hair falling from under it. Nearing the tips of each of these single strands one would notice that the color would change from the blue to a white color, a feat not even he himself could explain.


Atho is not much of a talker. He is known to make his sentences short sweet and two the point. However, there are times where one could get a decent conversation out of him. Even through all of this he seems to be able to give the best advice through his little words and soft eyes, pressing upon the hearts of others that despite the cold outward appearance there is some heart to him.


Twin Blade: Upon his waists, hidden in the dark shadows of his coat, one would normally find two blades. The weapons would be twins of each other, each holding a unique shade of color that would tell them apart. Each blade was forged with the specific magic’s to make them useful against the undead.

Gauntlets and Greaves: His secondary weapons are his gauntlets and greaves. Like his chains he brings them forth to the material plane. In truth the gauntlets fit him like gloves, the adamant like material resting upon a rubber like substances. His greaves are no different from his armguards save the fact that they are used upon his feet. Both are lightweight yet powerful enough to defend against attacks as well as dish out rather harmful attacks.


Strength and Speed: To put simply, Atho is rather agile and strong for the human he seems to be. It is rather easy for him to grab heavy objects, an example would be a car, and hurl them at his opponent with great ease. To add to this strength, Atho has a great speed about him that sets him apart from most. Of course his speed isn’t so much that he could out run the gods but it is more than enough to blur his appearance or, to some, cause him to disappear.

Chains: An ability to bring chains to the material plane, attaching them to objects or using them to bind his opponents. From this point he can constrict his target or force the chain to shatter into pieces that could possibly be used to cut into a persons body, entering their bloodstream to do major damage from there on. This chains property keeps it from being simply cut through by any weapon, the energy manifested in it activating what one might call a counter to resist energy based weaponry. At the same time it is not easily broken by hand strength alone. Of course the chain can be broken but he wouldn’t tell.

Blood clot: This is a maneuver where he pierces his opponent’s body with shards of the chain(s). Smaller pieces of the chain then enter the body of his opponent and flow towards a commanded point and build to form a clot. This maneuver could in fact kill his opponent if the clot is formed, this position a favorite of his, in the vein that leads blood to the brain.

Guard shatter: A manuver used when in hand to hand combat or blade kombat. Using a burst of disruptive energy he breaks through a persons guard, armor or magical to inflict some damage upon that persons body. (25-50%)

Guard Breaker: A newer technique developed for those many who have seemingly inpenetrable defenses. In short he uses his energy as a form of disrupter (like guard shatter), breaking apart the bonds of materials or stopping the flow of energy from an opponent by means of an opposite burst or energy in order to deal full or additional damage. (Guard shatter does not change structure of molecules.) This move can he used, if well placed, to disrupt the flow of electrons that give signals to muscles to temporarily paralzye an opponent. I.e. Heart and lungs (Slightly difficult to do), muscles.... Lasts five seconds.


What story can be told about Atho? The majority of his memories from younger days already lost within the ever moving flow of time. Reaching a point in which memory was indeed possible he found himself sitting at a table with ones he called family. They did not look like him but he didn’t question it. He was happy with them. He grew up with several siblings, all to which he was in fact the leader and role model. It would be then that his mind would skip many years, the crimson glow of flames shining brightly before him as he looked to what could have been his home, no his village set to burn to the ground, weapons at his side. However, he could not determine this, the memory of what the house looked like only a fleeting breath to him.