June 17, 2007


This Month's Items Are The Mythrill Halo, Cloud, and the Western

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Hello! Shippo here, and I am doing your Monthy Collectible critique for the month of June, 2007! *salutes*

Zeekslider usually does them, but. He's off in Italy. Sounds like fun, but work to be done! ^-^

Anywho. I apologise for the late-ness of this critque, as my internet was disconnected for a few days. But, now I'm back, and going to work on it! For those who don't know, my phone number (the only way I have ever donated...twice.) was blacklisted because my old phone service blocked the donation, but my current one won't, so I need to talk to them and I'm rambling. Long story short - I
don't actually HAVE the items. I'm using the test-dressing room on the collectibles page. But anyways, enough of my rambling.

The Sky's the Limit....

It seems that each of the three (Yes. Three!) items for this month all have something to do with the sky, or the heavens. A halo, a cloud, and the Zodiac...

Head in the Clouds...

The Cloud item set will be the first I critique. It is an interesting item, the default version making me think of the Nimbus that Goku had, back in Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z (Even if it's not yellow), or a gust of wind is blowing behind you. The cloud is at (or under?) your feet, and makes you look like a god(dess) of yore.This mode is very nice in my opinion, and would go great with angelic or pastel kinds of items.

The next mode is Cloud Slippers. They make a nice reference to the Bunny Slippers from so long ago, and give a very...fluffy...appearance. Nothing huge, but slippers seem to be a big hit (usually)!

Next is Cloud Mist, where it swirls (In a...cloud-like fashion) around your avatar, making it seem like you're being seduced, lighting incense, trying too hard for an Angelic Sash, or, if a girl, a Naruto playing Sexy no Jutsu. The wisp-i-ness of this mode is very nice, and makes an overall lighter appearance due to the fact that the material isn't so closely strung, and fades towards the top. Female Naruto Cosplayers will love this.

The Rainbow mode leaves a bad taste in my mouth, seeing as it oh-too-closely resembles one Oculus Magica mode from not long ago, sans the eyes. Okay if you wanted the rainbow without the creepy Shoujo eyes, but...

Partly Cloudy makes you into someone who got caught with their pants down. Literally. I'm not sure about pants, but. When wearing this mode, it makes you looks like you just got out of a particularly soapy shower, and, though it doesn't look bad, I predict (no pun intended. >.o) alot of bath-time avvies in the Avatar Arena.

Lethal Cloud is the 'joke' mode for this item, looking, like, well. I'm sure you can guess by seeing it...

And finally, the Rainy Cloud mode lets the rain fall down - right on your avatar's head! It has a darker colouration, for obvious reasons, and although I do kind of like this mode, it will be hard to match, but goodluck again. Whether bad luck, depression, or just a storm brought it, one thing's sure - this one will rain on your parade. If. Your parade happens to be a single avatar...

Under Every Cloud, There's A Silver....Halo?

Yes, the next item is the Mythrill Halo. It seems appropriate seeing as it's the 100'th collectible (Yes, that's right. 100.), and a tribute to the infamous Angelic Halo, released in June 2003 for those sweet Gaians who found it in their heart to donate without getting anything in return. Which, I suppose, is what donating means, but that's beside the point.

This is a long awaited item, as many people have been wishing for a silver halo, as we found on April Fool's Day, this year, when the Admin played a trick on the masses by giving out 'Black Giftboxes' that contained the 'Platinum Halo', which turned out to just be a wearable version of the 2004 prank, the soot face.

This item will go best with outfits containing silver, or some forms of white, though if you make it work otherwise, more too 'ya. It's not that great, but nonetheless, if you have been pining for the Halo, this is for you.

The Age of Aquarius...

That's right, the third and final item is - you guessed it - the Western Zodiac. With 16 (yes. 16!) different modes, it has to be not only the first of it's kind, but also the first item to EVER have so many mode slots. This could take a while....

The default mode, as you may have guessed, is the water jar of Aquarius. Now, Aquarius literally means 'Water-Carrier', therefore I'm not too surprised that it's a jar of water, though the art on this item is intoxicatingly beautiful. It goes well with almost anything (Think light colours), and what happens is you hold a jar in your right arm, water encircling your avatar's body, going downward to your legs/knees, and splashing out. Now the water style may look familiar (Elemental Hair), but it's not entirely the same, as you could see comparing the two. Now, while this MAY be water, it might be kind of hard to match with most blues on the site, so be careful.

The next Mode(s) deal with Gemini. Gemini are, in fact, the twins, and these modes say that, seeing as it is a mask that can be equipped three ways. One side of the face (light), the other side (dark), or both. Anyone who likes the Phantom of the Opera should take a good look at this, because the first mode looks not too unlike a certain Phantom's mask, and a nice one at that. (much nicer then the one at Prize and Joy). Not much to say about this, it's fairlry self-explanatory. xD

Holy. Crap. The Mane of Leo mode makes it seem like you woke up with a bad hairdo.....in the '80s. It also reminds me slightly of the wig in the Yokai's Treasure set...hm. If you haven't guessed, Leo is the Lion of this Zodiac, and you get a mane and tail! The tail is very nice, I think, and goes with almost anything (once again), but the mane. Well. The mane will require you to know exactly what you're doing; probably Cowardly Lion cosplays or things with brown...(Note: While the tail looks good on its own, it makes you look like a mythical creature, in my opinion, so once again. Be careful.)

The next - and final - tail in the set is the Tail of Scorpio. Scorpio is, of course, the Scorpion, and that tail pays homage to that little fact. This item doesn't look too great, but with some work, could go very good on dark avatars, and maybe even if you could cosplay with it. It makes you look evil, nonetheless.

Ah, yes, Taurus. The Bull. Well, when you mess with the bull, you get the horns, and well. Here they are! Not much to say, but they look best with gold/brown colours, and go very nicely with the dual mask mode for Gemini.

Now we're up to Capricorn, the Goat. They're more horns, and they, well. Remind me of the horns in the Raptor set in stores, only they're brown, and a bit taller/more jagged. Could go good with thingsif you worked at it enough.

Next are the cancer Goggles. Cancer is the crab, so despite sounding like a health-hazzard, they're completely harmless (if you don't count pinching every so often), and go over the top of your forehead like out-of-the-way goggles. I just have to say. They're cute, in an odd way. x3

Ah, another set of horns - this time from Aries (the Ram)! Not much I can say about these, either, except that they somehow look like Princess Leiah(sp?)'s hair buns, or, once again, a mythical creature. The tan colour is easy enough to accessorize.

Saggitarius, the Archer is next. A bow and quiver which, though nice in appearance, can only be fully seen from behind; you could use this with other items (swords, perhaps) to make it look really nice, seeing as a leather strap goes across your chest. Though there's still the bow...

Pisces, the Fish(es), features two small, cute little purple fly-fish hopping around your avatar. So cute, and can be comboed well, especially with things like the Aqautica set. ^-^

Next up - Virgo! The. Er. Virgin. xD
It features a small, golden-yellow crown that sits predominatly on the very top of your head, and you don't have to worry about top-heavy-ness! Actually, you might WANT some more weight from a crown, but, this would go well with less items/treasure hunter avvies. I would love to see it done. The next Virgo mode is Virgo's Veil, the more 'female' of the two, and, being a veil, goes well with many things. This veil is more see-through than the Elegant Veil, and looks alot more rich for an -ACTUAL- veil, going great with pastels, and gold. So beautiful, I just have to say.

AND coming in last, but not quite least, the Sales of Libra! The scales feature an ornately carved silver scale, balancing on your avatar's right hand (or left? Dunno.) that's overflowing with gold. Very nice for silver/gold/pastel colours, once again, but might not look perfect unless made to do so.

Twinkle Twinkle Litte Star...

All in all, this month's items are very beautiful, and also very practical usage-wise, as most can be used in a variety of ways. Though I must commend the Admin and staff for the beautiful images used for the Zodiac item. Suggestions Well, the halo's not as great as the original, so unless you want it, I say don't worry; but then again, it may rise quickly. I suggest investing in either the Cloud or Zodiac - Or both! The Zodiac has such beauty, that you have to at least try it a bit.

...This has been Shippo, for your Critique this month. Please exit the plane in an orderly fashion; if needed my personality can be used as a floation device. So happy hunting, and goodluck! Hoping to see you again! ^-^