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There's a first time for everything...
Okay, so this weekend was a whirlwind of events. x3

Afterschool on Friday I hopped on the bus with Kelley and Aaron and we got driven to the transfer at Memorial, then we and Aaron parted ways and and we walked down to Nifty's to pick up Gab. We had watermelon with us, and it was interesting to walk down Main Street with a huge hunk of watermelon in our hands. xD We had Lucky with us too, and since he wasn't on a leash we got yelled at by people in random cars.

We dropped off Kelley's papers at the apartment she wants to be renting, then we headed back to Gab's. We mostly sat around for a while, then Gab and Kelley got into a really big fight about stuff, then stuff happened and Kelley left for a bit. I stayed with Gab and we wandered around and stuff, mostly to get candy...

Eventually so we went to go get Kelley back, but we couldn't find her anywhere so we spent a really long time walking around Main Street at like midnight trying to find her. Some points we almost gave up, but eventually we found Kelley under the stairs of this person's house. Gab's dad wouldn't let Kelley come back, so we all ended up sleeping outside on a blanket in some person's backyard .. it was kinda scary because drunk teenagers were passing by all the time, but it was kinda fun? All for the experience. We all got really bitten though.

Next day me and Gab went back to her house for awesome breakfast sandwiches while Kelley did this roofing job. So we found Kelley, and we took the animals to the waterfront. I couldn't really swim or anything because I didn't have a bathing suit, so I just lay on the blanket and slept for 3 hours and got a sunburn on my nose that thankfully cleared up fast. Then Kelley left agakn and me and Gab stayed on the beach for a little while, but then we left too.

I was originally gonna walk to the terminal, but turns out I didn't have enough for a bus so I just bought a drink at Country Style instead because I was really parched. Gab made me change back into my uniform too, and I felt really wierd for walking around in my uniform on a Saturday. Eventually we got back to Gab's, and I called my dad about getting a ride. We found Kelley beside the house where we slept, and we talked for a while.. sorta... then my dad came.

Then much much later Gab and Kelley came over for a sleepover, though they took forever and got here at like 11:30. it's alright though. We didn't do much, we mostly just went on the computer and played DDR because it was raining and really late.

Then the next morning my dad was all cranky for no reason, and he talked to Kelley about going back to her house, and when I asked him he shouldn't lecture my friends, and he flipped out and told everyone to get out. I was kinda mad at him, but it was Father's Day and it wouldn't be fair to stay mad at him, so I gave him a hug later.

So anyways, that was about the gist of my weekend. There was alot of fighting, but I still had alot of fun. x3 But seriously, I've had enough of fighting for a VERY long time, I don't wanna be mad at anyone anymore. I can't hold any grudges against my friends anyways, seriously. Everyone I was mad at before, I'm not even mad at all anymore... unfortunately the fact that I've decided this has made other people angry. If you read my entry a few days ago you'd realize who I was fighting with, and some people didn't want me to forgive him for what he did, but the truth is I've been forcing myself to stay angry at him for the past few days and it's only making me miserable. So what's the point? Friends forget and forgive, and he will always be my friend, so what can I say? I still wish he'd apologize though... well, I don't think I'm going to speak to him until he does that at least, but I did unblock him from MSN. I have faith that things won't be always like this, peoples' actions reflect their mood afterall ... if you get what I mean. Ricky, if you're reading this ( and personally I hope you're not because I bet this whole thing would be embarrassing ) try to be happier sometimes, alright? u_u You can't just keep bottling everything up inside like you do. It's nuts.

Alright, that's all I got for now. Tyler is making me play Pokemon FireRed, so I should probably get on leveling those pokemons. ;3 ( though I SHOULD be doing my english ... If I fail, I blame it on myself 100% .. not like there's anyone else I could blame failing on anyways, kekeke. )

Sayonara loves~ heart

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commentCommented on: Sun Jun 17, 2007 @ 06:21pm
Pretty intresting night xp

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