I'm complaining, again. And for those that look at this, this stupid ramble, then, thank you for taking the time to do so, and caring.
Well, if you remember, I was complaining not too long ago about being lonely... Has i t gotten better? Nah. Nope. Nada. I like this chick, and she's probably straight. What are the odds of that? The one time I actually fall for a female. Oh well. I guess I have to live with it, thought. After all, it is life. And, these things happen.
I have started counsiling as of Wedness day... When-ever that was, of last week. Ugh. It sucks. And the counsilor kinda scares me. O_________o;; She's all "I'm glad to have met you" blah blah. But, that's probably what they just say, for a game. Then, she compliments me on the way I dress. -______-;; She goes overbord. "I can't WAIT to see what you wear the next time" Ugh. It sucks...
My Nana's always saying that I should get off my lazy a** and go outside. Yet, when I try to, she's like "no u f** u sai inside b***h" Ugh. What-ever. But, then agin, I probably should clean if I wana hang out with some friends...
I don't have internet for a few days 'cause we were switching. I lived. But, when I came back, Gevallen made a new accout- I went to add it... And what'dya know? I'm off his profile. Ugh. Talk about sad? Super sad? YUH. That'd be it. Kinda hurt there, Gevallen. So, I took him off my profile... And he said I was his best friend. Feh. Most of the time when I try to talk to him, as of late, on MSN, I get no response... He's probably talking to Timothy. Whom he moved too fast with. And, hate to break it, but... Well, never a good thing to do.
My RL friend, Sarah. She's a b***h. Heard she was talking behind my back, again. WTF? Oh well. Guess I should be used to it, by now. I wouldn't have know unless my friend would have told me. But, I guess she talks behind everyone's back. And, it ain't nice. She pretends to be bisexual. I mean, she's more-so Bicurios. She says that she's guna give up on guys, sometimes. And go full lesbian. HAHAHAHAHAHA. No. She loves the boys a little too much to do that.
Well, the only good things, as of late, would probably be the fact that I'ma cosplay as a kick a** charicter- Eiri Yuki. And my friend is Shindou Shuichi.
My Nana keeps saying that I don't have any real friend, and they're all internet friends. LIES. I have TONS of real life friends. I told her, she doesn't believe me. 'cause I don't really go out with them. She calls me a freak, says I'll never get a best friend, 'cause the way I look- I'm fat. The way I dress-different then others. And- I have a nose ring. fdjreqhjkas Who gives a crap? It's just a NOSE RING. UGH. So, it's a little different to some. But, the only people to not have liked it so far, are the OLDER ones. SRSLYYYY.