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Ahema's notebook
Rp with my friend....
“You humans don’t get it. All we want to do is survive…”

On a nice cold night a young man was walking down the sidewalk on a quiet city road. He looked exhausted, for he was breathing irregular. He had on a black hoody with a bloody scull on the front, a pair of black pants with hanging chains, and no shoes. With his arms in his pouch, he walked with a slump.

“But no. All we get for living is a stake through the chest!”

He stopped with an evil look in his eyes strong enough to kill, and glanced around. Tonight was the first night he has been there in 25 years and most of the buildings appeared different. The reason he was there was to find an old friend because his food supply was low. “Where are you Raphael?” he softly said to himself with a voice as dead as a graveyard, his home.

Meanwhile, at a butcher shop, a young girl was working the counter. Her silky black hair was pulled up into a high ponytail, and her blue eyes sparkled in the low light. The final customer left so she was getting ready to close up the shop.

“Oh… I’m so hungry…” the boy said. Then something caught his eye, the old familiar sign for the Carvers. Luckily the front door was easy to get through so he thought that he would have some fun with the few people inside. That’s when he saw a girl in the shop through the door window. He’s never felt a feeling like this that he can remember of. His heart was pounding the blood he drank and his body temp was rising as his shadow slipped under the door turning the entire building into cold and lifeless brickwork. Then his body dissolved with the shadow, disappearing from sight.

Inside, the girl was sweeping up the store when a cold chill went up her spine. “*Achoo*” The young girl went over to the door and locked it. “Raphael, I’m done cleaning!” She said while picking up a piece of meat a customer didn’t want from the counter. Raphael was standing by the stairs that lead to the living quarters above. “Its cold in here all of a sudden. *Achoo*” She lost her balance and slipped as the meat flew up and landed on her shirt staining it with blood. “Eww!” Raphael walked over to her, “you’re a clumsy girl, ya know that right?” She smiled and shook her head in agreement.

In the corner of the room, a shadowy creature started to appear from gray smoky like air.

Raphael walked upstairs not seeing what was happening in the corner. She turned off the last store light, and grabbed a napkin to wipe some of the blood off of her. As she was walking towards the stairs to go to bed, something caught her eye. “Hello?” She said as she walks towards the figure in the dark room.

The figure swayed as if blown from the wind. Then it shattered, spewing forth smoke, but the smoke didn’t disintegrate as it usually does. Instead it swooped to the check out counter where the only thing on it is a couple of knives, a cash register, and a jar of candy. The smoky mass started to move like the clouds on Jupiter as viewed from space, and then with a great burst of air, left the counter leaving a boy about the age of 14 wearing only black. He was crouched to eye level sitting on his ankles with his arms folded on his lap. His eyes were a dark gray color and his skin tone was almost white. He wore a large baggy hoody with the hood down, showing his messy pitch black hair, and he had a look of interest on his face as he said, “Hi”

Her face was filled with shock. The girl quickly glanced at the locked door and back at the boy, “ Oh… Hi! Sorry but were closed.” Then she wondered, “How did you get in here?” She walked over to the counter and sat on the counter so the boy was on her right. “Its my fault if Raphael finds you in here with the door locked.” She said to the boy, who looked skittish.

When she smiled the boy felt funny, as if he wants to make her smile forever, and he knew he couldn’t smile back, or move his mouth very much, “Don’t worry. I’m a friend with him.” He said in a quiet voice. Turning his head to the stairway he listened to the sound of heavy footsteps coming down.

“Umm… ok.” She got off of the counter and walked away to the staircase. “♥ Hi, Raphael! ♥ Umm… some ones here to see you.”

“Who?” The man looked around the girl and saw a familiar face. He then reached out and grabbed her head looking at ether side of her neck.
“I didn’t touch her.” Said the young boy.
“Go upstairs sweetie.” Raphael spoke harshly to the girl, as if the boy was evil.

“Ok… but why?” She said as she looked at Raphael’s concerned face. Quickly climbing the stairs she said in a sarcastic voice “Goodnight” She walked to her room and closed the door, sitting on the bed wondering what just went on she thought of the strange boy.
As soon as Raphael heard her door slam, he turned to the boy asking, “What are you doing here?”

“I came to make your live easier…”
“What do you mean?”
“Don’t you hate having to drain the pigs and loose money doing so?”
“Oh… I see… You want to help me get rid of all the pig blood, and how are you going to do that?” the butcher said.
“I can even save you some slaughter time,” the boy said in a calming voice.
“Again, how are you going to do that?”
“Just give me a place to sleep, a couple of pigs, and a date you want them dead…”
“How are you going to kill them? Drink them to death?”
“Precisely…” The boy smiled showing off his fanged teeth.
“Uh hu… There’s just one thing you can do for me.”
“Don’t touch my daughter.”

Raphael walked towards the stairs and stopped. “You can sleep in the cellar.”

He then walked upstairs and checked on his daughter. She waited for him to close the door to get out of bed. Careful not to step on a creaky floor panel she went down the stairs. The only place where she can talk freely on a cell phone is in the cellar. Dialing a friend’s number, she said “No way! If my dad catches me sneaking out I will be the next on the chopping block!” A little while later, her friend made her change her mind so she wanted to go. Climbing up the stairs she shut her cell phone. One of the old stairs was weak and broke under her as she climbed to get out of the dingy cellar. She stuck her hands out to lighten the fall and one of her ankles got trapped in the lower step twisting it at a weird angle.

“Yes!” The young boy yelled in excitement. He quickly ran to the back room, with inhuman speed, to the back room where they keep the meat and live pigs, to the deep, dark abyss. His eyes were like a cats so he can see in the darkest of places, so he tried to spot a strong sturdy pipe to hang on. Then he took his hoody and shirt off and jumped onto the pipe grappling it with his double-jointed feet. He let his hands fall from the pipe and grab onto the hanging chains on his pants so his hands weren’t dangling. He was completely upside down. Something stirred his sleep when he heard something fall down the steps to the light world above. He dropped to the floor and went to investigate the noise. Raphael’s daughter was lying on the floor trying to get up in the soft glow of light.

It was very difficult for her to get up for she had twisted her ankle. “Oww…” Her voice was shaky due to the fall. She noticed the boy from earlier was looking at her from the shadows. “Can you do something for me please? I have a favor to ask.” She slapped her forehead in disbelief. “I hope Raphael didn’t hear me!”

“What do you want me to do for you, miss?”

She smiled as she tried to get up, “Could you lock the door when I leave tonight?”

“Why would you want to leave? Its great here!” The young boy said while looking at all the awesome stuff in the cellar.

The girl laughed, “So could you? My names Aj by the way.” Her smile seamed to lighten the underground.

“Ill help, but what if Raphael finds out and how wills you gets back in?” The young boy said to Aj, as he got closer to the light coming in from the room above but keeping his body in the shadows. He crouched down and placed his hands on his knees, watching with longing eyes.

“I never thought of that?” She looked at him “I could umm…. Go through the cellar door, but I don’t want to disturb you, and if he finds out ill just take all of the blame. Thanks!”

“You sure you want to take all of the blame? Your dad gets pretty mad.” The boy said to Aj, not wanting to see her cry. “I would like a stroll too.”

“Im sure, hey you could come with my friends and I!” She said cheerfully. “Were just going to be hanging at the park.”

“Ok… Ill lock the door and then come out.”

“OK” She stepped onto the cellar stairs. Her face squinted at every step she took, “By the way, what’s your name?”

He stood up and watched her go partly up the stairs so he would keep to Raphael’s requirements and he didn’t went to have the urge to bite another human for he was still hungry. “I don’t have a name…”

“You don’t have a name?!? Well, I’ll call you Kyd if that’s fine with you.” She turned around and said, “by the way, nice abs!”

When she said that his face burned with the weirdness of the sentence. He walked back to the pipe and put his hoody back on. Then Kyd ran up the stairs to join Aj.

“So how do you know Raphael?” She asked curiously. Aj was already out the door. She jumped on her boyfriends back, looking around for Kyd.

“Your dad told me not to tell you that one.” Kyd said as he glared at the new boy like he wanted to kill him. “Who’s the weakling, your boyfriend?” he said sarcastically.

“Yes he is.” She said back. Her boyfriend looked at her, “see that’s what I wanted to talk to you about.” He paused and continued, “I want to break up with you.” Aj wanted to cry but held it back. To broken hearted, she turned around to Kyd and walked past him, to a dark alleyway. She fell against the wall; hands in front of her face with tears dripping down.

“Why’d you do that to her.” Kyd said in his usual calming voice as he looked at the boy who was on his death list. “Why’d you make her sad?”

“Why you ask, I don’t like her, she would have got hurt anyway. Why do you care?” He said while walking to his car, “Go find her, she shouldn’t be alone at night.”

“You shouldn’t either…” Kyd’s eyes started to glow a light red.

“Whatever.” He said without turning around. Screams came in from the ally where Aj was. Aj went running out. A guy was chasing her, and she tripped over her own feet, knocking her out instantly. The man picked her up, and walked towards the same car her ex. Boyfriend was by.

“Aj!” Kyd said in a shocked voice. “So she’s passed out now…” Both of the boys looked at him funny. “Ya know, I haven’t ate in… about 2 weeks, and Im getting hungry…”

Her body still lays motionless on the ground.

Kyd walked up to Aj’s old boyfriend with his head down. “Do you know what I’ll love even more? No, didn’t think so…” The two boys looked like they didn’t want to hear the rest. “What I’ll love is…” They were really scared by that line, and Kyd’s eyes were glowing red.

Her body lays motionless in the stranger’s arms.

Kyd walked up to Aj’s old boyfriend with his head down. “What I’ll love is…” The boys’ attentions were fixed onto Kyd now, “…Your blood!” Kyd looked up quickly and attacked Aj’s old boyfriend, sinking his teeth into the Jugular Vein in the neck, sucking him dry. His friend was too scared to move a muscle or to cry out in horror as he saw the dead corps drop to the ground, pale as a ghost, until Kyd seemed to look straight through his soul. When he tried to run, he dropped Aj on the ground and that’s when Kyd attacked in the same manner he did to Aj’s ex.

Aj lay there on the cold concrete, with some blood seeping out of her mouth due to all of the falls she took. Small bit of blood came out of her mouth. Her breathing grew weak, as her eyes slowly opened. “Daddy.” She yelled into the dark night.

Kyd let the second dead corps drop, as he enjoyed the feeling of the last of the warm blood trickle down his thought. As soon as he heard the scream, his face looked petrified. The lights turned on in the butcher shop, illuminating the ground surrounding them in an eerie glow.

Aj stood up with a dazed look in her eyes before she collapsed to the ground again. Her father’s shadow came from the doorway. “What did you do!?!” He said running over to his daughter. Picking her up he yelled at Kyd, “What did you do to these kids!?!”, as he glanced at the dead bodies then at Kyd. “Aj’s going to be grounded for a long time, did you do anything to her?”

“They were going to rape her! Just ask her when she wakes up!”
“What are we going to do about the bodies, we can’t just leave them here?”
“You bring her inside and I’ll take care of the rest.” Kyd said to Raphael as he picked his daughter off of the sidewalk. “I don’t think she saw anything happen that she will remember, she hit her head pretty hard.”
Without question her father nodded in agreement. Raphael then hurriedly walked inside to put her to bed.
After the ‘chores’ were done, Kyd walked back to the meat shop to see if Aj was all right.

Aj felt her soft bed and woke from her deep slumber. “Dad, what are you doing here?” She stood up and felt her head; her eyes grew wide when she saw her hand had blood on it. Dazed and confused she asked what happened.
“You snuck out and got attacked by some boy supposedly.” Raphael spoke angrily.

Kyd opened her bedroom door, when Raphael whispered at him to clean the blood off of himself.
“Sorry, what do I do about my shirt?” It was stained with the blood he drank.

“What did you say Raphael?” she looked at him and fell back down onto her pillows. “I’m going to get cleaned up.” She shows her dad to the door so she could get ready to take a bath. Aj came out of her room with a towel on and closed the door behind her then she headed to the bathroom to run a bath. The pink wallpaper a pearl white sink and tub sparkled in the low light. Pulling the curtain back she climbed in throwing her towel by the door. She sat in the warm water for a few minuets before opening her eyes to see Kyd sitting their staring at her.

“Um…. Hi?” The bubbles in the tub were disintegrating so Kyd was trying to sweep some in front of him. “So… what’s up?”

“What’s up is im naked in a tub with you!” she raised her hand and shook it shouting “Get the heck out of here!” Aj repeats ‘naked’ in her head and clutches her breasts. She covered her mouth with her hand hoping that her dad didn’t hear her scream. “Oh my god…” Sinking lower into the water, she continues, “I have such a headache, say why do you have blood by your mouth?” Aj got sidetracked.

“Why do you have blood on your head?” he said forgetting of his bubble task.

“I asked you first, and I really don’t know…. I woke up with my head pounding and my arm… speaking of that it won’t stop bleeding… Answer my question please!”

Kyd looked away and quietly asked, “Why did you jump in the tub?!?”

“Who did?”

“You did!”

“No I didn’t…”

“I was just sitting here then you came in!”

“You didn’t say anything when I opened the curtain.”

“Still I was here first”

“But…” Minutes passed, “what happened to my boyfriend, well… Ex.”

“I took care of him in my own personal way.” Kyd said while washing the blood from around his mouth.

“I don’t even want to know what your personal way is…”

“Nothin’ sick or anythin’!” Kyd said to her with a shocked voice.

“…Ok….” Aj then looked at the bubbly water then back at him and smiled.

Kyd was confused. “What?” He cocked his head to the side with a puzzled look on his face.

Aj was still smiling, with her head looking away. “Can you add more bubbles please!” She said laughing.

Kyd already knew what she was talking about, so with a red face grabbed the bottle of bubbles and squirted it into the water.

“This is a little awkward.” She said. Aj splashed some water on her head to get the blood off. A bubble got in her eyes causing it to sting. “Oww… it hurts.” Aj said laughing at her stupid self.

A knock could be heard on the door. “Aj, you in there?” That was Kyds perfect opportunity to get out of that weird situation well Aj was distracted by the knock. Just like he came into the store he changed into a shadowy creature and slipped under the door, forgetting to grab his pants. The doorknob turned, “Aj, I’m coming in.” Kyd’s shadow moved slowly across the floor, so her dad wouldn’t see it, until he reached the cellar and transformed back.

“No don’t come in.” She said panicky. Aj looked over where Kyd was. “Where did he go?” she said under her breath looking around for him. “Raphael what do you want?” She aid in a rude voice.

“Have you seen the boy? He said he was going to get cleaned up, is he in there with you?”

“No he’s not, get out of here.” She said, “Ever heard of privacy?” Aj wrapped herself in a towel and went into her room after her father left, her head pounding with pain.

When Kyd changed back, he realized he forgot to grab his pants on the bathroom. “********”

Aj laughed as she held up Kyds pants when she went back to the tub to let the water out. She quickly unplugged the stopper and headed to the cellar. “Kyd” she said laughing, “Here’s your pants, and I’ll sit them on the stairs.” She ran up and closed the door behind her, blushing.

Kyd looked up to see the cellar door open and had just enough time to hide behind shelf’s full of storage boxes. “That was close,” he said under his breath as he peered around the boxes. Aj’s beautiful laughing body was setting his pants on the bottom stair. When she ran out and closed the hidden door, he came from around the storage unit. Kyd quickly grabbed his pants and put them on.

Aj was up the stairs when she felt like she was going to puke. She lay in her bed as her fever rose higher.

Kyd sat down and accidentally rethought the idea of them naked together, but not in the tub. What he thought of was too embarrassing that he tried to erase it from his mind. He sat there for a few minutes and decided to see if Aj was asleep yet. Kyd sensed a huge body mass in the master bedroom with a normal human temp., but he felt a smaller one with a high body temp. located in the smaller room. His body was filled with a brand new feeling. “Aj!”

Aj got up from bed and went to get a glass of water to drink. The house was built in the times where you had to pump your own water.

This new feeling was as mysterious to Kyd as cooked meat. He didn’t know what he was really doing at the moment so he left his black empty heart and decided to go with his feelings. Kyd’s feet silently flew up the stairs to the washbasin where Aj was. As soon as he saw her he stopped. Kyd didn’t even make a noise as he gracefully drifted to her until he was close enough to feel the hot blood rush through her sexy body. Her hands met the pump and another sick image raced to his mind. A small smile danced across his possessed face.

She turned around with the glass of water and looked up. “Ekk!” Aj dropped the glass and the water splashed up on there feet. “You scared me!”

“Sorry. Do you feel all right? You don’t look too good.” Kyd said as he put his hands on her arms in a caring manor and completely changed his appearance so he looked concerned.

“It’s ok, no I don’t feel good.” She looked down at his hands before she bent down to pick up the shattered glass. “Oww….” Aj said as she accidentally slit her palm with a shard of glass.

Kyd jumped back some steps when she bent down. When he realized she was just getting the glass he relaxed a bit. The smell of fresh human blood reached his acute nose, and Kyd fell in a trance.

Aj looked up at him. “Are you ok?” she asked as she got up. “Whoa…. dizzy…” Aj smiled “Well I should get to bed.”

Kyd shook his head to get out of the trance. “You sure your alright? I should go up with you, just to make sure you’re all right.”

“Ok, thanks! I appreciate it.” She said giving him a hug. “Yeah, my stomach hurts and I’m very dizzy.” Aj smiled up at him.

When she put her arms around him, he looked shocked at first, then kind of happy. Kyd stepped back after the hug and said, “I shall happily watch over you my lady.” as he grabbed her hand in a bow and kissed it. He looked like an older politer gentlemen, and not a little frightened Kyd younger than Aj.

Aj blushed “Wow, thank you.” She quietly said to herself “I sound stupid.” Halfway through walking up the stairs, Aj tripped and started to fall.

“You aren’t stupid, no one is.” Kyd said to Aj as he followed her up the stairs. He watched her feet go up and saw the left one miss a step. Kyd’s quick reflexes grabbed her under the arms, pulling her into another hug. He looked down to see his hands and froze. They were not where he really wanted them to be.

Aj looked down and saw where Kyd’s hands were, and quickly got back on her feet. “Thanks, could you let go now?”

Kyd couldn’t move. If anything his grip grew tighter. His fresh blood was fiercely pumping through his body, making some parts stand up firm.

Aj’s face slightly blushed. She was way out of her comfort zone. She took his hands off of her chest well continued up the stairs and stopped, “Aren’t you coming?”
Kyd’s hands flexed and his eyes were wide. Aj’s voice rang through his perverted thoughts bringing him back to reality. Kyd’s face turned a bloody red as he jerked his hands down by his side, and he spoke back in a shaky voice, “Yeah, I’m coming.” His eyes looked wild like a horny teenager’s, but he kept his actions controlled.

“Lets forget this never happened, ok?” Aj continued up the steps and went into her bedroom. The light purple colored walls, and pokadoted comforter was cute.

“Ok.” The shaggy carpet against his bare feet was strange to him. “Would you like anything?”

She coughed, “No, nothing that we have here.” Aj smiled “Thanks again, your different from those other guys who wouldn’t care.”

“Well, call me old fashioned, but im not always like this to humans.” Kyd stopped talking and quickly put his hand to his mouth. ‘I hope she didn’t hear me!’

“Humans? Did I just hear that? Or was I imagining that? Anyway, it’s a good quality. I like that.” Aj had a brighter smile in her face until she said, “This is a random questing, but is there something wrong with me? I don’t see why my Ex would brake up with me.”

Kyd moved his hand and smiled showing all of his teeth. Then it disappeared but he still had his mouth open. “Not everyone will be nice, only a couple of people are perfect for your unique structure and style.”

“Yeah, I guess so.” She said in a shaky voice, “ I have to get a thermometer, I’ll be right back.” Aj got up and went near the entryway “Hey Kyd, if you liked someone, would you tell him or her?”

“Depends on the moment, why?” Kyd finally regulated his pulse to a normal beat bringing it back down. ‘I hope she doesn’t know I got a boner from her!’

“I was just wondering.” Aj walked into the bathroom to get the thermometer. She went back in the room and sat on the bed waiting for the beep. “Whoa…106!”

Kyd looked away and said under his breath, “Just as I thought.”

“Did you say something?” She quickly ran out of the room and headed to the bathroom across the hall. She was throwing up in the toilet before she stopped and fell asleep on the floor.

“Uh… humans are so discussing!” As he grabbed a blanket and a pillow he felt his blood pressure,” If I keep this up I’ll need to feed again. Speaking of which… when’s my food going to cook?” he laughed to himself as he moved Aj to a more comfortable position, and covered her up with the comforter he stole from her room. Kyd looked up and spotted a rather large pipe to hang from over the tub so he thought hell get some sleep.

Aj got up and vomited again. She started a bubble bath and went in her room to get undressed. Coming back into the bathroom she got into the tub after she took off her towel she used to cover herself with. “This feels so good….” She sunk into the hot water.

The hot steam felt relaxing in the cold room. ‘Wait a minute? Hot steam?!’ Kyd opened his eyes. “Hello!”

Aj looked around. “Who said that?”

“Nobody…I am your concise, go back to sleep…” The steam from the water was sticking to the pipe, making it slippery.

“Yeah right.” She looked up and saw Kyd just hanging there.


“What the hell are you doing up there?”

“You know… just hanging around.” Kyd smiled down at her. “By the way… nice breasts.”

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    Sat Nov 24, 2007 @ 03:05am

    OMG!!! i like it. so, were is the rest?

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    Sun Dec 30, 2007 @ 10:59pm

    Good writing... Where's the rest?

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    Fri Jan 25, 2008 @ 02:30am

    well it was great! so is there more or wat?

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    Tue Mar 18, 2008 @ 03:40am

    plaese mam....kan we get more?

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    Thu Apr 29, 2010 @ 04:10am

    wow... you guys realy like it? its just an rp with my girlfriend that is nonstop... there are several missing parts to it because we lost papers... it fills 2 2 inch binders to the max... >.< all hand written...

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