Name: Chion Kudarugi
age: 263
race: Raven Spirit
Gander: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Apperance: User Image
Information: Often referred as the greater evil. The world is so full of sin and chaos that the only way to save it, is to destroy it's inhabitants and start a new.
Of course others don't agree with her methods, but that does not concern her.
They are merely bodies already counted as dead.

She does not discriminate, if a city, village, or town is seen struggling she will make sure that everyone will be lubricated from their suffering by her blade. Man, woman, or child, they all suffer the same, they all need guidance and they all have to die.

Weapon: Phantom Blade. Just like it's name, it appears real, but is a phantom. (Can still be blocked with metal) Instead of causing wounds on the flesh, it goes through the opponents arm, and attacks cells and tissue within. It's tenth its only 2 and half feet long, and 8 inches in width. User Image