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The Chronicles of Ardie Hi, this is Ardie speaking. I am Rakuendrowning's interactive avatar. Why Ardie? Rakuen Drowning or RD. Get it now? Anyhoo, I will start every journal entry with a quote. And this is Ardie's journal and not Rakuendrowning's. Should be fun, right?

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Ardie the Monk
There are no evil thoughts except one: the refusal to think -Ayn Rand

I thought this quote was appropriate because i think a lot. So i am proving to you that i am not crazy. stare Don't believe me? That's okay. I love sushi, but I hate fishing. I hate beaches too, bad sunburn memories.... crying I enjoy opera to a certain extent. But i hate almost all rap, hip-hop, and heavy metal. I also like fifties music. They didn't call it the nifty fifties for no reason you know. Or maybe nothing else rhymed..... Speaking of rhyming, I love bunnies. heart Even more than I love those mini umbrellas that you get with martinis. I adore those. If i was stuck on a island and i could only have one thing it would be those. Or bunnies. Or bunnies shaped mini umbrellas.... What will they think of next. Although I would not want to be on an island because I hate beaches, remember? I like round objects. Bubbles are so much fun. Now if you were being attacked wouldn't you rather be attacked with bubbles than arrows? 3nodding Thats what i thought! I think Africa is overdramatic. There obviously going for the sympathy vote! Maybe if they spent more time making me pretty clothes and less time being hungry, they wouldn't be so poor! But i understand, I can't afford the headband that goes with my outfit. So i know exactly the knid of pain they are feeling. Let's take a moment to sympathize....... Well that was boring!!! Back to my life! Don't you think I'm pretty? gonk WHAAT? Oh, right, you were being sarcastic! I love monks, I want to be a monk. It just sounds so cute! Ardie the monk. Monk Ardie. Mrs. Monk. Ardie Monkey. Monkey Ardie! biggrin I have a life goal now! To become a monk. What are you talking about, I know all about monks. I watch monk every friday night. I am very clean. Not obsessive compulsive, but have you looked at my house latley. Well, having nothing there makes it easier to clean! scream Rude person. Do monks have to take an oath of celibacy? Can they use internet? Hmmmm... maybe Ill reconsider my life's aspiration. Goodbye Monkey Ardie. Hey maybe I can become a government. Government makes so much money. Everyones saying that the government takes all their money. They also say that they misuse it. But I am smart with money. I would spend it on useful things like mini refridgerators and jukebox machines. Yah, I'm off to become a government! Ardie out!

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