It's 3:45am and I'm still not packed/showered for tomorrow/today. Driving to Atlanta, GA again. This time for Final Round 8. Biggest tournament in the southeast. Probably on the east coast. Hell, I'd be so bold as to say nothing will be bigger until Evolution.

Day 1: MvC2, 3S, #R, CFE
Day 2: T5, CvS2, ST, A3

I'm playing in everything on day 1 and only T5 on day 2. Excited. My weekend pretty much is going to be nothing but drinking and playing video games. Yaye!

Been feeling kind of down these last couple of days. Lots of drama in my ring of friends, and it dawned on me that a lot of them weren't really my friends. Slowly cutting them out of my life.

Man, I better get packing... I've got 6 hours until they get me. Eep.