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How I asked Aiden out, and then some.
Okay Aiden, I don't care how public this is, but I must. Its eating at me.

We've been friends for a long time, since last summer. That's a lot.

We've been through everything together. Kyle, Cookie, just everybody and every ******** little thing. But things I shall never forget.

And I was glad you came to me for comfort. YES, I had a crush on you from the start...and it was based on your looks.

But, I was young and so stupid. I failed to see the true beauty, your soul Aiden. You are a passionate person, I like LOVE that about you.

Share that passion with me?

Haha, I know I'm young and stupid. But can't you see through that all?

I need someone to be my hero, someone who I know will ALWAYS be there for me.

And whats better than your best friend ?

I guess, in a blunt form of this: Aiden, I love you. Love you enough to pour out my heart here on this comment board.

Simple form: Aiden, since I love you, since I have such strong feelings for you...Will you go out with me?

I feel like on movies, when the woman asks the guy, and haha, they go to a cutsense of their High School life.

I understand the risk of asking you, very awkward moments. But I'm only being true to you and myself. At least, you know what I feel about you.

I understand if you don't say anything to it. I'm just glad I came forward. I'm just glad that gave it a shot.

WOW... I was about to ask you out.. I was meaning to post a really cute card on your comments on your birthday but I had to leave for work.

I never thought that you would ever ask me out lol I was always so confused on if you really liked me or not..

out of all the people I have met on gaia you always seemed to be so strong and intelegent. you knew how to handle every situation we would get ourselfs in and you always seemed to have the upper hand on different arguments.. I dont know what im trying to say.. I guess im just trying to express how I feel about you and admire you..

but its really weird... because last night I had this strange dream that I took you to prom...

and to be completley honest...... through Kyle and cookie... I always just wished I was with you... every time i would find myself talking with you and cookie (or kyle) I would just be jelous that I wasnt with you. I think I used cookie just to make you jelous or give me attention.. i just hated how you had that other boyfriend...

agh there I go again... rambling on..

Krissy, I really want to be with you. if you'll have me

I may not be online as much because of my job... but ever since I met you a year ago, I just wanted to be with you..

Aiden! OMG OMG! You've made me the happiest person in the world! (besides the mothers out there giving birth to their beautiful babies!)

This is my long post:

I sat, and waited. I was thinking of what you might say to that. "No" or "Yes". The simplest word can have the greatest impack. I had this gut feeling. Ya know. "Sick with love" my mother calls it. I was on nerves end, and couldn't wait for you to tell me your answer! I told myself "Whatever happens, happens." Yet, I would've been crushed forever if you said no to me.


Sorry for my sketchy feelings. I'm one to hint around, not actually tell till I'm about to go mad with emotions!

Haha, I would go to prom with you in a heartbeat if I could.

I was JEALOUS! OMG I can't count the number of times I wanted to say something to you about the "others" but held my tongue cause you played it off perfectly.

You played it off as if you were happy. I'm happy when my friends are happy.Maybe that was a test of my feelings for you? Or maybe you just didn't want me to worry about you. Anyway, enough about them!

I'm all yours baby. :]]

And work! Work is something to be proud of. I'm VERY proud of you for taking the time to got out and work. ^_^

As I said before, working is letting people know you care about yourself and others. It tells people you have a goal in life. It is a honor to work.

And again, I'm very proud of you.

Being proud of someone really means a lot to me. Very few am I proud of. I love you most of all and I want you to never forget it.

I'm taking this as a honor to call you mine. A gift more like it. After all we've been through, I think we deserve to feel loved for a change.

I, Kristina Louise (Will not post my last name due to trust issues with profile jumpers), loves you no matter what happens. No matter what we go through. I will always love you.
oh my god......................

I cant believe were finally together......

Krissy is finally my girlfriend.....

you know I find this sort of sad that I cant celebrate this with cosmo. yet I still could hardly stand acknowleging his existance..

YAAAAAAAAY I got off work early!!

OMG did I tell you my buddie and I got third row tickets to his show this august?! totally psyched omg I love that mad... yet im dissapointed in what he had to say about MCR..

anyway thats not important...

im just like.... wow.... its hard to believe you're finally my girl friend... never really thought it would happen... especially when i ******** up with cookie because I wanted to make you jelous...

agh its in the past

man, I thought about you ALL day!! I couldnt wait to get home and logg on gaia.

Kelly: OH




F I N A L L Y ! !

dAYUM GUYS IT TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH. i WAS'NT ABOUT TO SAY ANYTHING BUT come on! We all knew something was going on, true?

And another not on that matter. Cookie was a effing ditz I wanted to slap her and her mother.


its about time

I AM HAPPY :O heart heart

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