So today was ... interesting, to say the least. Fun AND drama-packed. >_>;; School has been okay, though I've been sleeping during classes alot more then I used to because I've been up so late roleplaying and talking and other fun stuff. In the middle of doing an art exam now though, I'm going to draw a jaguar. :0

So it was like 30+ out today, so Azzy dragged me to the beach ( with Bran-boy of course ). Well, first we went to Christie's, and then we got her and her boyfriend and went to the clinic for a minute, then walked to the waterfront and had a good time of swimming for an hour or so. There was sure alot of pollen though. @__@ Though Azzy clung to Brandon, and Christie clung to her Brandon, so I felt mostly left-out and third-wheel-ish. People kept splashing me again though I always clearly state I hate being splashed alot, but maybe that's why they keep doing it. Dx Bran-boy got me right in the face... then Brandon snuck up beside him underwater and splashed right out and got him good. xD We laughed much.

Me, Azzy, and Bran-boy dug some holes. xD I like digging holes, it's fun to trick people into walking into them and then laughing at their bewildered expressions. Then after it started to get cooler and the sun was setting, we all went back to the shore, and I went and got expensive as hell ice cream. It wasn't really that good either.. should of got the fries instead. Dx

Christie and Brandon parted ways with us eventually, then Brandon got a drive home, so me and Azzy were left on the bench to wait for her dad. Then suddenly, a stream of loud curses sounded to our left, and we looked over at the concert stage to see a group of teenagers, of which singled out was a boy in red shorts picking a fight with some other dude. Red-shorts was swearing his butt off, and throwing punches at the guy ( really wimpy punches ) and they got into a rather tussle. People were thrown, red-shorts screamed at everyone, he got hit by a bike, tried to throw a punch at a girl and was mauled... then the police came right as Azzy's dad arrived. Red-shorts was obviously drunk, but me and Azzy were just sitting there the whole time laughing at them because it was wimpiest fight we'd ever seen. I wonder if they were his friends though and not really trying to hurt him? I don't know, but Red-shorts sure was pissy and trash-mouthed. >_>;

So then I finally got home, ate dinner and such, then got on the computer to bad news. Kiya broke up with Sheldon... after everything that happened.. she broke up with him. I couldn't even believe it, I was so pissed at her. I was added this conversation of people, and I tried to get some answers, but as usual no one listens to me ... then Sheldon added Ricky to the conversation. >_< I said I was never talking to him again until he apologized, so I tried to ignore him, but then after everyone from the Kiya situation left ( without even a proper response whatsoever ) Sheldon tried to get me and Ricky to make up and that failed miserably, because Ricky can't swallow his pride for two seconds to understand how wretched he made me feel and maybe say sorry.

Nope, instead all I got was another earful of how I don't deserve to be doing this or that, and what I say is wrong and what I do is wrong and that I'm undeserving of even living on this ******** planet. Or at least, that's what it made me feel like, and obviously with no less intention. Another chorus of "who cares" and "what does it matter" and things of the such, because you know, a devastating sequence of action like of which was thrown at Sheldon obviously means nothing. Oh yes, let's all just pretend it never happened and move on in life never caring about anything. [/sarcasm] But what's to be expected? He never cares about us, the way he makes us feel, or what his actions has on us. Other people obviously matter much more, no matter how much WE care about him.

Nope, we just ain't worth his time, at least that's the impression we get from the way he's always treating us. Which is why I'm sticking to my resolutions until furthur notice, because until he actually starts caring about what happens to us then I don't see how we were ever his friends to begin with anyways. Friends concern for eachother, not just throw meaningless advice at us and then say "do it or shut up." That's not friendship, that's verbal slavery. Mental slavery even.

We're worth more then that, even if some people have a hard time admitting it, or even caring about it.