((Author's Note: It's Splinter Time! xd Okay, all joking aside--we finally get to see Goldilocks meet the famous "genuis Donny", as well as the father and sensei of our beloved Green Team. Personally, this chapter's giving me a good week's worth of writer's block, and I'm glad that it's finally done!

Oh, I learned about how reptiles react to anesthesia and similiar drugs on an Animal Planet show called "E-Vet Interns". mrgreen Very informative, I'll admit--especially since, for all their humanoid characteristics, the Green Team are still reptiles--at least, genetically...))

Splinter was boiling some tea--but not ordinary tea. This type of tea was reserved for when he knew that at least one son would be coming home in a lot of pain. Fresh, clean bandages laid on the table, neatly folded into piled strips. In the living room, his purple-banded son paced around and around...and around...

"Donatello, please be calm," the rat finally called out to his worried son. "Your brothers are bringing him home as I speak."

"I know, Sensei, but... I'm still upset that Mikey got jumped by this new clan--and that there's an innocent life at stake. Plus, I have no clue as to who this clan is, or what they want with this girl that Mikey rescued... Heck, I don't even know if they're human or not!" Donatello vented a loud sigh as he stomped over to the kitchen table and slipped into a chair. "I can't help but worry with these kind of questions running through my head, Sensei..."

Splinter was about to reply when he sensed people entering the lair--and three of them were his other sons. Thus, the rat left the kitchen to greet them.

"Tadaima!" (We're home!) Leonardo called out as he carried the medical kit. Raphael was supporting a clearly-wounded Michelangelo...and a young, blonde woman was following close behind, looking at the orange-haired turtle with concern as she carried his skateboard in one arm, and some sort of hoverboard in another.

"Okaerinasai," (Welcome back) Splinter replied to his eldest child even as he moved to help Raphael lay the youngest child face-down on the couch. the latter's shell was riddled with holes, and there was even one arrow that seemed to be lodged in deep. His right thigh was bandaged, clearly explaining the young ninja's limp.

"My God!" Donatello gasped as he neared the group. "What happened?! Your shell looks like Swiss Cheese!"

"Swiss cheese? I thought it would look more like a Spartan's shield," the young man quipped with a weak grin.

Raphael rolled his eyes and grumbled, "You've been watching that movie far too many times, Mikey..."

"Oh! Donny, Dad--this is Goldilocks Winters, the young lady that I saved earlier today," The wounded ninja gestured to the young woman. "Goldi-babe, this is my bro, Donatello--the genius I told ya about--and my dad and sensei, Splinter."

"It's a pleasure to meet you both, Donatello, Mr. Hamato," young Winters replied with an awkward bow.

"Please, just 'Splinter' will do," The old sensei suggested, giving her a welcoming smile. The poor young lady looked like she could use a nice cup of very strong tea...

Which reminded him...

"Here, let me help you set the boards aside," Leonardo was helping Miss Winters put the boards away.

In the mean time, Splinter went back to the kitchen to fetch the special tea he had brewed for his wounded son. He poured out a cup, and then walked back to see Donatello scolding his younger brother for letting so many arrows hit him. In the meantime, both the former and Raphael were busy cleaning out the wounds with various ointments and antibiotics.

"Before you pull that last arrow out," The rat spoke up as he neared the couch, "I suggest you let Michelangelo drink this to help with the pain."

Said turtle made a face as soon as he got a whiff of the medical tea. "Do I hafta...?"

"It's either that, or Donny'll drug ya before he pulls that arrow out," his red-banded brother pointed out.

The teenager groaned...and then extended one hand. "May I please have the cup, Sensei?"

Splinter nodded and gently gave his son the up, carefully gauging him as the teenager choked down the brew. It was foul-smelling, and tasted just as bad. However, it did help deal with the young reptile's pain without the side-effects any of the four usually had with drugs. Like normal reptiles, the teenagers' bodies didn't always react to drugs in pleasant ways...

"Will he be okay?" young Goldilocks asked as she neared the group. She was truly concerned for Michelangelo's well-being.

"He will be fine," Splinter reassured her. "My sons have been through many battles, and know how to take care of each other's wounds... In the meantime, though, would you please join me in my room? We have much to discuss, and it would be best to do so in a much quieter setting."

"O-Okay..." She still looked worried as she followed the rodent towards his main sitting area.

"Do you guys need my help?" Leonardo was asking his brothers.

"Yeah--I need you and Raph to hold him down while I pull this thing out..."

Splinter then closed the door behind them, and gestured to one of the large, soft cushions. "Please, make yourself comfortable."

"Thank you..." She started to walk, and then paused. "Should I take off my shoes in here?"

Splinter smiled. Apparently, she has some knowledge about Japanese ettiquete; it's actually nice to see that in a new aquaitence...

"It is not necessary," he replied. "But you are welcome to do so, if you feel like it. Would you like a cup of tea?" He gestured to the teapot and the two cups of tea on his table. He always kept a spare cup with him, just in case any of his sons needed to chat with him at a moment's notice.

"Yes, please," young Winters happily replied as she untied her sneakers and slipped them off her feet. She then sat down on a cushion cross-legged and accepted the offered cup of steaming green tea. "Thank you..." She took a looong sip, and then sighed. "Oh, thank you so much for your kindness! It's just been a very long day for me, and I feel that it's not over yet..."

"Why don't you start at the beginning?"

The blonde set the cup down. "Actually...maybe I should start with my father's story..."

Large, round ears perked up as Hamato Splinter listened intently.