User Name Mayday Parker
{ self explanatory }
Name Mayday Koigo
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Age 17
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Grade 12, I think, I am not used to your human education
{ 9-12 }
Gender Female
{Male or Female}
Race Gaean Witch
{Angel, Half-Angel, Vampire, etc.}
Clique Jumping from gothic groups to geeks.
{You know, the cliques. Prep, nerds, Geeks, goths, jocks etc.}
Classes Art + Design, Music, Japanese, Dance, Classical Studies/Mythical History.
Extra Corricular: Art club, Comicbook club, Magic club, Ski club.
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Dorm Dorm room 5B
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Personality I am very shy yet very outgoing depending on how people treat me, I am polite and friendly to others, and I refuse to say nasty things to someone unless I am prevoked and the other person is very rude. I am a very geeky person who is very interested in fashion, comicbooks, manga+anime, art, music, hanging out with friends, Drawing and designing.
I am caring and interested in your human's lifestyle.
I also like using my special powers, My wicca powers wink
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Bio I was born in gaea when my parents where still very young, They had to flee thier town as hunters tried to capture them, obviously wanting my parents to be used as wepons or something, Anyway we where in a farm for a few days, but they found where my parents were hiding, and in my mothers haste to protect me she dropped me in a horse feeding closet, I was stuck in there or about an hour untill someone opened the box, I was very little at this time and wasnt aware of what was going on. The farmer who found me took me into her home and rasied me for a few weeks, then my parents came bac for me, After a screaming match between everyone it was decided that althrough my parents loved me, I should stay on the farm which was far safer.
So I was raised a farm girl and my gaurdien was very loving.
But when I was 14 She died, Leaving me two choices; To stay at the farm and live a lonley life or go find my parents and explore gaea. so I chose to sell the farm and give my guardian the memorial she deserved, the rest ofthe money came with me on my journey. I travelled round gaea for a year or two hitting several towns and getting into loads of trouble, a while later I came across a small boy, well he was 18 maybe 19 but he was pretty short - He looked like a prince! I was shocked at what I saw next, he seemed to be in a battle with a huge dinosuar or lizard, a...dragon? Yes, I hid in the shadows and watched this battle untill the dragon looked as if it had an advantage over the boy, I ran over in panic to see if I could help - I used tried to use my powers agaisnt him but at that moment the boy shoved a sword into teh dragons chest, causing a huge blast of light to come out of it - he grabbed something inside of it and it collapsed.
AS soon as this happned he looked around as if he could hear something, not noticing I was very close to him. Almost imediately the area round about us started to glow, I felt a large wind pick me off my feet and I, the boy and the dragon corpse got dragged into the air.
I suddenly found myself in a weird place,with Shiney objects that could move and very noisy streets, People with odd clothing and....well just odd people.
Where was I? I arrived in a place called Earth, Aparently.
So I've been here for a while getting set up, I maganed to sell my money to a "collector" who said he specialised in mythical objects and manuscrips, but my money was real, I dont understand.
So yes, I found a abandomed home and the money I have is now going to go to this new boading school I hope to join.
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Other "I miss them."
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