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Game Type: Horror survival (my favourite type)
Players: 1 player(s)
Online interface: game updates and downloads
Console: X box 360

Graphics: 9
Game play: 7
Sound: 8
Story: 7

Favourite character: Cliff Hudson
Favourite line: don’t hang up on me its rude! (Otis Washington if you get attacked whilst on the radio to him)

Stuck in a mall for 3 days with countless zombies could this be any better? Well dead rising allows you to also use any type of weapon you want from Footballs to shopping trolleys to guns now were talking! But what do you expect from Capcom makers of resident evil. The best part of the game is the fact that you can play it how you want uncover the truth, see how many zombies you can take down before the end, rescue survivors or simply hide in a cube till the end. At this point I have to mention that the game works well with the achievement system on the xbox 360 this will give you set tasks to do e.g. Item Smasher you will have to break 100 items.
If you get bored with zombie killing there are also several psychos that will keep you entertained.

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There are over 50 characters in the game so I will just mention the key members and a couple of others to take note of!
Frank west (main character) is a journalist that has come to investigate the mall he is also the main character if the game. Frank is a typical journalist he seems overly confident and is really insensitive but throughout the game you realise that he is not a bad guy.
Dr. Russell Barnaby: A genetic researcher, whose work led to the events that occured in the mall
Brad Garrison reluctantly fights alongside Frank throughout the story. He assumes the responsibility of re-stocking the Security Room with healing items and trying to locate dr baranby brad is a confident person.
Jessica "Jessie" McCarney: She is Brad's rookie partner. She is charged with watching the monitors for information on the person/people responsible for the outbreak.
Otis Washington: A mall janitor. Otis is in constant communication with frank otis also saves frank if he is knocked ot during the first attack of the zombies
Carlito Keyes: The mysterious Carlito tries to kill Frank at every turn and knows something about the zombie incident
Isabela Keyes: The younger sister of Carlito. Very little is known about her, but that she worked at Dr. Barnaby's laboratories
Adam MacIntyre: this psychotic clown has trapped any survivors he can find on the Space Rider. He then sets the ride to run at dangerously high speeds, which he believes will scare the zombies away. He carrys two small chain swars and trys to kill frank.
Cliff Hudson: a Vietnam war veteran who was with his family when the zombie outbreak happened. When his granddaughter was eaten alive by zombies, he went into a war flashback. He thinks humans are viet kong and uses guerilla warfare to try and kill them
Sean Keanan: the leader of the raincoat cult True Eye. In his first appearance, he is about to sacrifice Jennifer Gorman. Frank is spotted taking pictures of the event, and Sean orders his followers to slay the "heretic". He is later found to be preaching to a tied audience about sacrificing the tainted blood

Basic story
Frank receives a call about an incident at the American town of Willamette he investigates by helicopter and is dropped of on the roof of the mall he later finds that the whole town is infested with zombies, frank has 3 days to uncover the truth about the zombie incident he later meats brad Otis and Jessie in the security room (safe room) and with the help of the DHS agents uncovers the truth.

The special forces arrive
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frank attaked by a raincoat cult
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BY dr love aka DL