User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Originally Written: Friday, February 16th, 2007
The UBF: Episode One was released on the 15th of February and I waited a good two months or so for this short film. The online film is approx. 10min long and it focused mainly on Paul Machnau even though there were other Globe Team riders in the film. Pro-Skaters like Chris Haslam, Mark Appleyard, Jake Duncombe, and David Gonzalez. David Gonzalez only performs one trick in the entire film (which he doesn't even ), so I dont think he counts as an appearance but whatever he was there. Some Team Riders weren't seen such as Rodney Mullen, Matt Mumford and Greg Lutzka.

Paul Machnau was taking care of business with the rails, but what stood out to me was the kickflip to lipslide, the hip gap to lipslide, and the huge gap he ollied at the end his first part of his episode. I guess Paul's favourite trick for this video were the Lipslides and the Bluntslides since he did them quite a bit. Even though this Episode was focused on Paul Machnau, Chris Haslam had some great tricks in this episode. Like the One-Foot Tail Grab and the (Ride-in?) 50-50 to wallride. And Mark Appleyard's Heelfip Body Varial and Heelflip 50-50 trasition trick was dope!

The Cinematography in the Black/White segments felt somewhat post-modern with a slightly vague but interesting and creative concept. There was smoother transitions and I found it to be captivating aside from the skateboarding. The Filming of the skateboarding itself was very well done. Good framed shots, camera angles and camera movement. There were some shots that were quite unique at to the positioning of the camera and the movement. I also liked how the was a part at the end that ties Chris Haslam's Episode to this one. It hooks you into anticipation for the next episode if you haven't already after watching this episode.