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The Not-So Ancient Writings of Shippo
You open the dusty pages to reveal....
Of Donations and Garage Sales....
June 7, 2007


...Hi, it's me! Once again, a rare entry! xD

Anywho. Two main updates. The first is that I visited a Garage Sale today, and bought FF 7 for $5, and it is a fun game. I made sure it was in good condition (and, in fact, it's hardly scratched. Almost mint. O.O), and then bought it. And the annoying part is - get this - once I beat the first reactor, the screen goes blank (like it would to fade screens), and beeps an error...beep....every so often. Staying blank. >.o

...the other is that I donated for my second time in May (my first was for my Scythe-y. <3), and got a message from the Gaian Admin (Yes. An Admin.) saying that my phone number is "un-billable", and that it is now blacklisted. I, as stated, have donated before (April.) using this method, and. No problems then. It's strange. So I lost my anklets/yokai until I can send a money order/check in with the PM. And I can't donate by using my phone number anymore. O.o;;;;

...so. yeah. That sucks. Oh. And I got lost on a walk (hiking trails) with theotherjinggirl. It sucked. We were probably walking for, like. Three or four hours straight. I was sore for a while. And now I will not go walking unless I have my cell phone, and my pocketknife. (And maybe a compass. xD)

Not much up other than that. I need to work on my Kanji, and I'm still questing for an Angellus. It'd help if I had DSL/Broadband, and maybe a job, but. eh. (Once I get a job, I can donate more easily. Maybe through paypal. <3)

OH! You know my friend, Zeekslider? He does Donation Item ('Monthly Collectible') critiques every month. But this month, when the items come out, he'll be in Italy, on some sort of Class Trip, I believe. Therefore, I have stepped forward to do the critique for June! I mean, it'd help if I could donate, but. Eh. The previews'll work. sweatdrop

I also added a comment, the 'About Me' thing, on my profile. I hope it helps everyone. xD

...wow. Lots of stuffies. But yeah, once I get a job, I'll probably save for a Nintendo DS. And then maybe Cloud's sword. I found it for about $30 on a cosplay-sword site. They also had a cooler version, but it was around $180. eek sweatdrop

Anywho. I'm going off to make some more gold, and if you want to contect me. Well. Do so. xD


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commentCommented on: Mon Jun 11, 2007 @ 02:12pm
♥ I walk out in silence, that's when I realize...

Yikes, bad luck I guess!
WOW, I need your cellphone number right fast.

Also that's awesome that you are going to do the item crituqe. I read it every month! ^_^

What you bring to my life ♥


commentCommented on: Tue Jun 12, 2007 @ 06:59am
I got it to fix!

It was dust. xD

And indeed, if I ever had service. And you read his critques! O.O

Fox Demon Shippo
Community Member
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