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aaaaahhhummm weekend
This weekend was cool, yep. Saturday everyone came over for a little while, though there wasn't much to do and we were stuck downstairs mostly until my brother and his friends invaded. We played some Monkey Ball, then went outside for soccer, though I only watched.

After what seemed like forever, Azzy and Brandon finally arrived. Then I took quite a while to get changed. >_>;; -cough- I couldn't decide what I wanted to wear? x3 Then we all headed to the beach for a while. The water was really freezing so we only swam for maybe an hour, then hung out by the swingset to dry. We walked to Kyle's and hungout there for a bit ( well, Azzy went to see him, the rest of us just sat on his porch ) and then we walked back to my house.

Azzy wanted to have everyone over at her house, but I said they couldn't because they were supposed to be going back to Tyler's for a sleepover, and Ricky was expecting them. However Azzy unleashed her dangerous persuasion skills on them ( Azzy, if you're reading this, you know you have them. >_>;; ) and they ended up wanting to stay. I insisted they at least see if they can't get a ride home, because it's not fair for them to bail on any plans they made, and they half-heartedly did that but in the end Sheldon suggested we all go stay at his house and well... that's what happened. Also, as I expected, Ricky wasn't too pleased later about the whole ordeal.

So Sheldon's dad came to pick us up, and then when we got there we all set up our stuff in the tent, including the TV and video games. We were playing Melee when we kept hearing screams and screeching from down the street. Apparently the next door neighbors' daughter was having a party, and some of her friends got wildly drunk and were parading the neighborhood threating to smash beer bottles through peoples' windows and at garage doors, and writing on walls in ketchup. Eventually they stole their own friend's car ( some friend, eh? ) and screeched down the road, knocking over crap like a basketball net, which we all heard so we ran out to see wtf was happening.

Sheldon went in to get his dad, and then his dad noticed that their next door neighbor's car was gone, and that's how we figured out they took her car. He went over and notified her of it, and we just stood around outside waiting to see what would happen. The police were called and took them down, but not before they flipped the damn car I think. I can't believe how retarded they are to flip a goddamn car, lol ... well, they were drunk though, of course.

Later we were all having oatmeal in the kitchen because none of us could sleep, and Sheldon's dad was briefing us over the case. Apparently the car was stolen by some chick named 'Brittany' ... and automatically me and Azzy knew who it was. Oh ho ho, the laughs commenced, oh how they commenced. I hope that skank gets her due time in jail. ^__^ Maybe it'll teach her not to be such a slut. ( Not ) BWAHAHAHA!

Well, we all fell asleep watching Monty Python because I absoloutely refused for them to put that stupid Dawn on the Dead on. They did end up watching that the next day, so I just went on the computer while they were doing that. They were also supposed to watch The Hills Have Eyes, I'm pretty sure ... forgot to ask if they did. I wanted us to go walking to Tim Horton's the day - though Tyler didn't really want to - but we couldn't anyways because a huge storm came over and rained puddles on the street. The aforementioned thunder storm.. approximately 5 days late. That's some prime predicting right there.

Well, that's about all there was to my super weekend. x33 Today was nothing special ... fell asleep in Art and History, ditched Science because I figured I was going to fail the damn thing anyways, and went to English and doodled. I really didn't do a thing today... didn't feel like it, because I felt like s**t this morning anyways. Still kinda do, I guess, and I can't even figure out the reason. The results for my blood test should be coming back soon, and about time because I almost blacked out the other day because I scraped my elbow on the friggin wall. Who the hell almost blacks out because of that? No one, that's who, my health sucks.

Maybe this weekend I can try to have everyone over again, and we can actually STAY at my house, and also maybe everyone can be there this time? Though knowing my luck, something is bound to happen to prevent someone from coming... -sighs- Eeeecccchhh, negative thoughts! I sometimes wonder if I really am pessimistic. Gotta have hope for then.. or something.

Okay, that's all for now. x3 Oh, another thing... 8 views? People still aren't leaving their names. This requires a confused face. Srsly people.. just comment or something... Wanna know who's reading these things. I won't get mad if you leave your name or something, even if you were really some 40-year old sitting in your basement reading about all the kinds of nutty things I do. ( Okay, that might be an exaggeration. ) MY BRAIN IS CURIOUS.

Alright, for reals now, Eternal out~ heart x3

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commentCommented on: Wed Jun 06, 2007 @ 02:36am
Get this,
Apparently the three teens were there to trash the party. Not real friends of the girl. Oh ho ho. I laughed so hard. And my mom loved it. xD I made a cheer to it later.
Heres a cheer to us--cause, as always, we're better then her. <3
Anyways, I hope we can hang out next weekend, though I doubt a certain someone would hate it if me and my boyfriend came.
And Brandon got a job. <3 He started work tonight. And will be working Friday as well.
Which kinda sucks, but now he can take me to the movies. xD Go Brandon.
Anywho, nothin' much to comment on. The weekend was a blast. Felt sick the next day though. x.x;
Talk to you tomorrow~
PS: I'm skipping. xP


commentCommented on: Wed Jun 06, 2007 @ 03:41am
Ohman, they're such losers. x3 They got what was coming to them, for real. And I wouldn't mind if you came, though so many people are asking lately.. things are getting crowded. @___@ It's good he got a job, maybe it'll give him some work ethic.. though, how did he get a job? I want a job. o_o;; I felt sick the next day too, by the way. x_x

Also, I bet no one is going to leave their name again besides you. XDD

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