Well I survived Prom without killing anybody, & I had fun! Unfortunetly in all the pictures my date isn't smiling! scream I think he is trying to be to be macho or something, & he dosen't think he looks good when he smiles, but I think he looks so much better when he smiles! gonk So, now for a picture I want to punch him & say 'Smile! OR ELSE!'. He may have a black eye, but he'll be smiling! rolleyes
I also survived my dance recital yesterday. I was with the most nevous bunch I could ever meet. But they are a fun bunch. Also I got to dance to a song I recomened! It was so much fun! But the one girl did mess up one part of the dance & the rest of us covered for her! stressed She is the kind who thinks she can always get her way, & that she's the star of the show & blah blah blah. Uggghhh. What to do, what to do.... neutral