((Author's Notes: Yay! Another chapter from Goldilocks' POV! This one deals with how she reacts to meeting Mikey's family for the first time. Also, the title for this part translates to "Warrior's Heart"--since those who've been reading from the beginning might remember our little blonde's gift... wink Enjoy!))

I thought I knew what a real warrior was when I met Mikey. I thought I knew what a true hero's heart would look like when I looked into those sky-blue eyes.

Boy, was I wrong! Mikey's still a teen like me compare to Raph and Leo!

Leo...Leonardo's a leader; no questions about it. All the burdens that he carries--especially those that are self-imposed--clearly marks him as a leader. He has that "I gotta be strong for my team" attitude, but there's a poetic side to him that he hasn't shown much lately... But the largest scar on his heart, though, isn't from any normal enemy--it is that of a lost love. The poor guy thought he loved a girl, only to be spurned by her.

It must've been a pretty bad break-up, because I can almost say the name of the girl: Ku-kurai? No...KArai. Yes...that's the name.

It's not the first time someone's left a deep impression on a person whose eyes I look into--whose heart and soul I end up looking into. That kind of impression only comes from life-changing experiences, or from knowing that person very well for a very long time. Whoever this "Karai" gal is...I think she just missed out on having the perfect, honorable boyfriend.

Honor...that seems to be another trait in Mikey's family. That, and family loyalty. And of the three that I've met so far, no one's heart is more true to family than Raphael. Mikey and Leo have such deep impressions on his heart--especially Leo, as of late. Guess they had a huge fight lately and cleared the air between them. That's good--I hate to see such good boys fighting with each other. The other people to leave impressions are Donny--the genius brother that Mikey talked about--and someone called "Splinter"--their father, from the feel of it.

But the similarities between Raph and Leo end there. Where Leo tends to be calm and more of a leader, Raph's more...hot-headed and impulsive, I guess. He's not one to wait on the sidelines when something he knows to be wrong is going on. He wants to just get in there and get things done. He's got a very strong sense of justice, though--

"Ya gonna get in or what?"

Ah--I was staring off again. Bad idea, considering that I got an entire clan of ninja on my tail. I'll admit, it's kinda weird climbing into a machine that's floating above the water... How on earth did they figure out this kind of technology? Did this 'Donny' guy really figure it out on his own? If that's the case, then he really is a genius!

Okay...I'm buckled in. Leo's driving us through the main sewer pipes. Mikey's in the back seat, having Raph pull the arrows out of his shell. Ouch! That looks painful!

"You sure he'll be okay?" I can't help but ask Raph. I mean, he is pulling out those arrows rather hard...

"S'okay, Goldi-babe!" Mikey reassures me, smiling thru the pain. "Raph may be a tough guy, but he's still the best bro to have--OWW!! Easy!"

"Sorry; this one's lodged in there pretty deep..."

"Then, leave it be for Don to pull out, Raph!" Leo snaps at his brother, not taking his eyes away from his driving. "I know you mean well, but I'd rather not have Mike's shell cracked anymore than it already is."

"Of course; whatever you say, fearless leader!" The red-banded turtle replied sarcastically. But...he is pulling out the other arrows a little more gently now...

"So...who exactly are your attackers?" Leo asks me.

"To be honest...I have no frakkin' clue! I've never seen or heard anything about those guys until I ran into Mikey this morning."

"Ran into Mikey?"

"Yeah. You see, I was trying out this prototype for my dad's--I mean, my sister's company project." Still wish that Daddy was here and in charge, though... "It's an anti-gravity skateboard, and I was taking it on a real-world test drive to see if it really would work the way it should. Everything was working wonderfully...until it got busted and I slammed into Mikey."

"It was loooove at first crash!"

...I know Mikey's a sweetie and all, but...must he make comments like that? My cheeks are burning!

"Crash? You actually slammed into him?" Raph asked, sounding incredulous.

"Actually...yes..." Nervous chuckling usually helps in these situations. "I ended up ruining about six or seven pizzas he had made for his gig today, so we made a deal--I'd buy the replacements and help out a bit, and he offered to let his brother--Donny, I think--fix my board."

"Waitasec--you were PLANNING to bring her to us BEFORE you got attacked?!"

"She's the Golden Eagle! The coolest and most wicked skater in New York! Besides, she seemed to handle meeting a handsome turtle like me well enough, and since Donny probaby could fix her board..."

"Michelangelo, you know what Father had taught us!" Leo scolds my boy--I mean, his little brother.

"I know, I know! But she needs the safety of our lair now. So, no big deal, right?"

"Oh, no big deal, huh? I'd like to see Father react to that idea!"

"Raph! Ya ain't gonna tell 'im, are ya?! He'll skin me alive!"

"Iiiii take it that Mikey broke one of your ninja rules, huh?"

"I'm afraid so," Leo sighed. Wait...why is he slowing down--

Ooooohhh...he's parking it where it's usually parked. Smart move...really smart... And now, I'm nervous, because I'm meeting not only this so-called "genius Donny", but their father as well! I hope I make a good first impression... I mean, besides the fact that I need their help...

Well, I'd hate to get on the bad side of my boyfriend's family.

...did I just call Mikey my boyfriend?! Ooooh-kay, girl! First things first--get this new ninja team off my back for good. THEN deal with your newfound feelings for Mikey...

Though...he is cute...and honorable...