I can hardly recall my normal life anymore... I wasn't always like this, a hybrid beast, of vampire and angel. I used to be normal, I had a family, a sister, friends...but it seemed that fate was against me, when they all died in a fire. No, they were murdered. The inferno was deliberate, as was my only survival. After that,...things only got from bad to worse. That's when he showed up. He was to become my step-father, and turn me into the monster I am now. He went by the name Giovanni, and he had planned everything from the beginning,....my lonliness, confusion, survival,...it was all part of his plan, to isolate me to becoming his perfect killer.

Funny, how it worked.

It happened with just a single bite, and before I knew it I was the one craving blood, and growing angelic wings from my back. He never let them grow completly, so I never knew or still know what they look like, he'd cut them when they got too big. I'd be lying if I said it didn't hurt, but he didn't want me to be an outcast, an obvious victim for the scorn of society. It was times like that I actually thought he was good. I was wrong.

As I grew older, that's when he bagan to turn me into a killer, just like him. My duty was to gather the souls, from an organization known as the Hunters. They have a large group of people stationed in almost every country, so that's how I became a wanderer, searching and tracking them down. This is how my life is now,...I even have a quota I must meet every month. It is a living hell. I am just a puppet, a condemed one, lost in an emty life of servitude.


Apperance: Having the pale complexion of any vampire, and crimson eyes to match, Jamie possesses the beautiful features as expected from his angelic blood. With a slim, lean, but not lanky frame, he has emense agility and can withstand the impact of a speeding car without a scratch. His hair, a deep midnight ebony, falls just short of his shoulders, often pulled back in a loose pony tail when stressed. His bangs usually obscure his vision as well when wet, but it's a minor distraction. His clothes consist of all black attire and combat boots. He always keep his weapon, a neatly costumized rifle, tucked in his pants.

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