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I'm going to complain, because I feel the need to. And, I'm not going to push the enter key and seperate the page like I normally do. [it'd make the page WAY to long].

As you all know, I have a FEMALES body. Yes, yes, yes. Get over it. =]
And, as my GOOD friends know, I prefer to be known as a male, I have more male hormones then female, the doctors are supprised I'm a female, and, so on and so forth.
So, the problem is... Who do I fall for?
What kind?

Yes, gay. I said it. And, the problem is... They are GAY. Get the picture? GAY. So, what chance do I have for being with them? What chance is there that they will return my love? NONE.

Does this suck? Yes, yes it does. It sucks very much so [and not in the good way]. It's hurtful. It's painful. And like I said, it REALLY sucks.
I'm tired of loving someone who's gay. Because, they like males, and the p***s. Yes, the p***s. Me, on the other hand. I'm not a male. I have squishie thingies near my neck, and, of course, I do NOT have a p***s.
And, yes, I do wish that I had one. It would very much rock.

But, as I was saying, it's painful. Because, it's not just a guy here or there that I like that's gay. No. It's ALL of them.
Yes, I have dated guys. But, the thing is, they were straight. And,no, I did not like them that way. I did it because I gave up, and I knew that it wouldn't matter. Because the guy I really do like is gay. I mean, hey, it's better then turning the straight one down and hurting him, right?
Even though I'm hurting myself in the process.

I'm starting to give up, on it all. It all, god damnit. I don't want to love, and, if I fall for ONE more that's gay, ONE more. I swear, I'll never love again. I mean, I love you guys all, for being my friend. But, I mean.. I'll never, love love.
It hurts too much. WAY too much. And, I'm tired of it. I want someone that will hold me, kiss me. I want someone who's kind, and affectionate. I want someone who's cute, and doesn't care how many sins that I have, how bad of a person I am. Who doesn't care that I havea ******** up brain. Because, in the end,I'm still me.

I mean, just once. I'd like to be able to go to the mall, go to SCHOOL, and not feel left out, because everyone is holding hands, and in couples. They seem so happy, and, I'm afraid that I'll never get to experience that.
It's just not fair.

Fag Envy
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Fag Envy
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